1. gacyde

    [ASK] Headphone that good for electronic and rock music?

    Price under $150 Closed Over ear No need amp   Share your thought please... Thank you  
  2. nickman98

    Sorry but i need recomendations

    i posted in the big help forum, but only got one response. so heres what i typed plus i looked over the grado sr 225i     Well i have been doing a ton of reading already and my brain is numb. So im gonna be "that guy" and ask which headphone is best for me.   I will mainly be using...
  3. dantonmeh

    Need help making a decision

    I'm new to high quality headphones but I've found a few pairs that are in my price range and that I like. But I'd just like to know what you all think.   I want something balanced and portable. and around $300 or less   What's your opinion on them?  Could you recommend anything...
  4. 2Divine

    Newby needs advice!

    Hey guys, looking for a pair of on-ear headphones to replace by Skullcandy TiTans.    These will be my first headset, and i want to do it right. So, im looking for a good-looking, and well insulated pair of headphones with great sound for around $75. in my search i've come between the...
  5. lish14

    Klipsch Image One - Opinions?

    Deciding whether to get these or Bose AE2's. Im aware that there is a lot of hatred for bose on head fi but the thing that really appeals for me is there comfort. Opinions on Klipsch Image One or Bose? Thanks in advance for the help :)
  6. lish14

    Bose Around Ear or Klipsch Image One?

    Im looking for a new pair of headphones as an upgrade from the cheap 10 pound over ears I have now. My library consists mainly of rock but also some drum and bass and electronic. I've narrowed my choice down to Bose Around Ear and Klipsch Image One. Before anyone recommends Grado, comfort is...
  7. savan

    HELP with picking out a good headphone

    i was looking at audiophile entry headphones and this is what i got http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Audio-Technica+-+Open-Air+Dynamic+Audiophile+Headphones/9401211.p?id=1218099255236&skuId=9401211 and http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0006DPMU4/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1 and the kilipsch IMAGE...
  8. cam94z28

    Are the Phiaton MS300/MS400 decidedly better sounding than the Klipsch Image One's?

    I am deciding between these two. I really like the way the Image Ones sound at best buy through my S:Flo2, but I can't use them through this player. The iPod functionality makes music sound like a karaoke track unless the middle "call receive" button is held in.   The Phiaton's have a...
  9. cam94z28

    Help me decide what would be a good upgrade from HD203, and HA-RX700

    I've been pulling my hair out lately, trying to find the perfect cans. I just bought the Koss PRO DJ100's from BestBuy, and the Creative Aurvana Live's from Amazon (they're on sale for $60). Neither do what i was hoping they would do for me.   After hearing the Klipsch Image Ones at Best...
  10. Cpt5lImjIm

    Good Sound + Good Bass

    Hi there, new to the forum and I was wondering what headphones I should buy. I love over the ear headphones and I just broke my studio beats that my gf bought me, I have some Piiq Marqiis but the bass isn't good. What would be a good alternative? my budget is up to $200 and I would like for them...
  11. Bigalfast

    New headphone 150-200 dolar

    Hello!   I don´t really know almost anything about headphones, but i love music, composing, playing etc, anda i was hoping to buy some good headphones that give me confort, clear\clean sound and good isolation, in the range of 150 to 200 dolars. Can you help me with this? I have to buy in...
  12. mertdumenci

    220 USD budget Over-Ear Headphone + Amp ( if necessary ) recommendation

    Hello guys,   I just bought a Fischer Audio DBA02.    And I earned some money from my fake Beats by Dr.Dre sale. :P ( He got it with knowing that it is fake, I did not scam him )    Now I have 220 USD budget for this headphone thingy.   I am an intermediate ( !? ) audiophile and...
  13. cam94z28

    Klipsch Image One. Any way to bypass iPod functionality?

    I listened to these today at Best Buy through my S:Flo2, and was blown away. Bass was up there with my XB500's, but cleaner. There is only one problem. In order to not hear what I can only describe as Karaoke mode (faint sounds, voices muted), I had to hold in the center button permanently on...
  14. technologiq

    Nope. The Skullcandy Aviators are junk after all.

    First off, while I'm newly registered I've been a long time lurker.   For the past 6 months or so I've been considering getting a decent pair of headphones.  I enjoy listening to music and the certain level of relaxation that can come with kicking back with some good music and a pair of...
  15. BigBird

    To many fish in the sea what should I choose?

             Hello the rest of the forums!        Very recently I have broken my Koss PRO4AA and am searching around for new cans.  I am particularly interested in the Grado SR60i but i don’t know if they will suit the type of music i listen to.  A few examples are: -Gorillaz -Motown in...
  16. Quote

    Closed rock/metal headphones

    I've been looking for some for so long, but the only thing I've found is Grados, but Grados won't work as the design is 100% open. My house is somewhat noisy, so me having open phones is nearly impossible for it to be enjoyable at all. M50's are the only real headphones I have, but the bass...
  17. Gilly87

    MS400 vs Klipsch Image One

    Any opinions? Does/has anyone own(ed) both? Are the phiatons worth the extra $50 or so?
  18. Bradrj1029

    I need some really bass heavy cans

    As sad it it sounds I was thinking of getting the most expensive Dre Beats just because I havent heard anything with the amount of bass that they provide and I love it I have maybe $150 to spend for now, I need the headphones that have really heavy bass   this is an example of stuff I would...
  19. ddub965

    Need some buying advice!

    Hi everyone! I just need some quick advice as I've been searching the internet for reviews of on/around the ear headphones (preferrably noise cancelling), which cost NO greater than $300, that look stylish and I'm stumped. EVERY set I come across has its' negative reviews and they are almost ALL...
  20. audioKyle

    What should i buy? Bose ae2, Klipsch image one or monster turbine?

    So like the title states, i want one of those three headphones. They are pretty much in the same price range except the bose being the cheapest right now since they are on sale at best buy and monster turbine being the most expensive. The only on i have tried on in person was the klipsch image...
  21. Weberlino

    Portable Cans - K450 v ES55 v Image ONE... Or somthing else?

    Hi, I'm new here and after some new headphones for my iPod, but i need to fit them in my work bag so they need to fold as flat and small as possible, but I would like them to be closed and isolate as much as possible.   I was about to go out and buy some Bose OE, but when I noticed that...
  22. Mumbles119

    Klipsch Image One or AKG Q460?

    Hello everyone, I am at a complete loss after hours of trawling the Internet for reviews and info on decent headphones for use with iPhone 4. This is my first time here at Head-Fi so I apologise for any wrong terminology or lack of knowledge, but hopefully you can help? I have used my cheap...
  23. Bloodflowerz

    Help finding closed headphones with good sound stage for Metal music...

    Greetings all   I'm looking for a pair of closed headphones with a good sound stage for my Metal music. For me, sound stage is far more important than bass.   I tried a pair of Audio Technica ATH-CM700 ear buds and I was blown away by their sound stage. My Metal music never sounded so...
  24. warm apple pie

    Advice on portable on-ear or over-ear headphones

    I am looking into buying quality pair of headphones for portable use. I travel and weight lift a lot, which would be the primary use of the headphones. After several hours of researching and reading reviews on Head-fi I think I have narrowed down my selections to the following group:  ...
  25. diddy808

    iPhone headset?

    Looking for a good closed ear headset for the iphone.  Not super high end, anything under 2 bills is fine for me.  So far it's between the AKG Q460 and the Klipsch Image One.  I'm open to any suggestions or advice on owners of those two headset.  Thanks!!