Need some buying advice!
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May 22, 2011
Hi everyone! I just need some quick advice as I've been searching the internet for reviews of on/around the ear headphones (preferrably noise cancelling), which cost NO greater than $300, that look stylish and I'm stumped. EVERY set I come across has its' negative reviews and they are almost ALL rated as 4 stars on most sites (assumedly because once you get into this price range they're all going to sound "good" to most people). Here's the kind of music I listen to:
-About 45% of the time rock (newer rock, like incubus, blink 182, chili peppers, senses fail)
-45% of the time hip hop (need some bass here for this obviously)
-10% country and alternative (would prefer SOME clarity here)
Having said that, I've admittedly gone into this whole buying process wanting to favor a pair of Beats (I know how much everyone around here hates them) in either the HD Solo or Studio Beats set. The HD Solo have too much sound leakage for my taste, so I think in this case it would be the Studio Beats that I can get for $270. I'm a college student and I really want a pair of heaphones that I can take in public and not feel like an alien wearing them (one of the benefits of the Beats since they look so damn nice). Would these be appropriate for my wants?
The other headphones that I've taken a look at are the Klipsch Image One, which I can get for $128. People seemed to have similar reviews to thee as of the Studio Beats, but I'm not sure these quite look the part (although I'm willing to be talked out of this stance if they're THAT good).
I've also looked at the Bose Quietcomfort 15 and the AE2 (preferrably the QC15 since they're noise cancelling). I'm not sure these headphones have the bass or the style that I'm looking for, although, again, I'm willing to be talked out of this.
Can anybody help?! Thanks a lot for your time!
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Headphoneus Supremus
Jul 27, 2009
I would definitely give the ANC-7B a shot. Those are reviewed all over the place, as they are said to be the best noise canceling headphone for the money. Many that have compared them to the Bose say the sound quality is superior but the Bose wins out on the noise cancellation. I don't know how big the margin, but it may not be worth the extra few hundred bucks.
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Nov 2, 2010

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