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  2. superfritzy

    which closed headphone?

    So I need some help choosing headphones.  I have read alot on this forum and I am stuck between a pair of Audio Technica ath-m50 and Monster Beats Studio.  Right now, you are probably going to say not the beats, but I can get them for $80 from a friend, perfectly good and everything.  I mainly...
  3. Increesingly2

    Looking for BASS and clarity, recommend me an IEM... <$200

    Long story short I like bass. I have been struggling to find good earphones since forever... all I want is an IEM that will provide.   My short history:   I had 3 cheap pairs of Phillips SHE3570 which gave me somewhat what I was looking for, but being cheap they broke fast. Then I...
  4. Parall3l

    SOL republic headphones ?

    Hey guys, just found this article on Innerfidelity (Great site BTW) about Kevin Lee (son of Noel Lee, aka the Head Monster) starting his own headphone company called SOL republic.  
  5. jackqjkjk

    Beats by Dre Studio vs Sennheiser HD 280 Pro

    I am looking to buy  a good pair of headphones, I know that the Studios are a lot more expensive but they are currently on sale for the same price at best buy. I do care about style, but I care about sound quality more.  
  6. kzhlin

    What's a good headphone in the $300-400 range?

    Hey guys,   I have a beats wireless that I got as a gift, and I really don't like it. I'm planning to sell it and get a better quality headphone.  Some that I am thinking about: - Sennheiser Momentum - Bose QC15 - Beats Studio (I listened to it for a minute, and it was noisy...
  7. myap2328

    Help Please! I need to buy a headphone. Guidance wld be much appreciated

    I am looking for a headphones that are bassy and yes i did visit the bass head club already and yes I have already read tons of forums on headfi, visited inner fidelity, read a gazillion reviews on many many numerous websites, but I really need an answer and please be helpful thanks! I have a...
  8. ShinyRaichu

    Beats sound leakage.

    I know Beats Studios are awful, but I recently lost my current pair of headphones and I have to share with my friend who apparently owns them, I dislike bothering people so I was wondering exactly HOW bad would they be to someone 2-5 feet away from you?
  9. AlbanianBoy

    To be honest, i really like the v-moda lp

    so i am looking for a pair of headphones who is exactly the same thing as the v-moda lp (sound quality and bass), but i want them to be able to fold   (   and i would like a mic on them too. thank...
  10. stauren1203

    Suggested Over Ears

    Greetings all, I am new here and I don't think I am by any means a true audiophile, although I like to think I am. What I mean by that is I can hear a headphone and like or not like the sound with 0 consistency as to what is universally agreed upon as "good" or "not good."  I use my headphones...
  11. santtosz

    Another Beats VS X Product

    Hello, i just started in this world of music quality, and now i have a doubt, before buying my headphones i did a research here in head fi and realized that beats just suck, so i bought a Sennheiser MOMENTUM, these are my first "PRO" headphones ever, so i think they sound pretty good, but my...
  12. frascona

    Best headphones for bass and noise cancelling

    I am looking for a set of over-the-ear headphones that have great sound fidelity, good noise cancellng for flights, and nice bass reproduction.     I was looking at the Bose Quiet Comfort and the Beats Studio, both around the $300 price range.  But I am reading that those cans are over...
  13. RevinNerd

    What are the real specs of Beats by Dr. Dre? (NOT planning on buying them)

    I am aware that beats does not publish anything beyond their frequency response. Is there any way to obtain this information? I want to be able to have solid evidence against beats when someone approaches me about it.   Thanks, Revin
  14. beatsbeaten

    beats studio now mono

    Brand new over the ear studio beats. Sound has disappeared in left ear (which has source plug - go figure) but still strong in right ear. HELP ANYONE?!?!?!?!?
  15. Topcat9H

    Closed Headphone Replacement

    Hello.   Read multiple threads and posts, found it incredibly helpful here and wondering if you guys can help.   After breaking my SoundMagic E10s and my great Panasonic HTF600s, I have been searching for a pair of IEMs under £80 expecting a well-built pair of headphones that would...
  16. HiFiGuy528

    "First Look" Beats by Dr. Dre Studio headphones – EKOCYCLE Edition

    Just received this a few minutes ago.  I am very excited to show you guys.  I really like the idea behind it.  Can't wait to get home.  Stay tuned for unboxing video and impressions.  ...
  17. nites

    Sony MDR-V6 or Audio Technica ATH-M50?

    I mainly listen to Hip-Hop (Lots of 90s stuff) and also I will be using them to watch movies as well. I use to own the Beats Studios but I found that the bass was way too overwhelming and sounded too artificial. Also, I was wondering if I would need a headphone amp to power any of these two...
  18. KingHova

    Need some help upgrading from Beats Studios - $1000 budget

    Hi, I currently got the Beats Studios, and the sound is quite **** to be honest. The only thing they have going for them is design but I don't wear them outside the house anyway so I figured I might aswell ditch this piece of crap and move on to something with better sound quality. My budget...
  19. cinek

    beats by dre studio alternatives?

    are there any good alternatives to the beats studio? I'm looking for a great punchy base, like the beats, modern stylish design, don't need to have active noise cancelling, passive is good enough - price range more or less the same. Android compatible if possible
  20. heimeimei

    i find the monster beats studio mini headphones

    i find the monster beats studio mini headphones, but i don't know if there are fake, because the price are cheaper. anybody help?   thanks
  21. ilikedonkeys39

    how do the v-moda lp2 compare to beats studios

    ive heard the studios but not the v-moda, do they sound similar? Like have that huge bass much and are they comfy?
  22. brent03

    Beats???? Mehhh...other options??

    So here is my dilemma. I do not consider myself to be an audiophile, but I do consider myself to be someone who enjoys good music and a good set of cans to deliver it.   I've been surfing the forums for a pretty good while now, and figured I would post a thread of my own.   First off, I...
  23. ilikedonkeys39

    lp vs lp2? is there a difference

    i can get either one and its a $40 dollar difference. What are the differences between the two
  24. Octose

    Beats vs. V-Moda Reviews

    I already know V-Moda are the clear winners, I've owned a pair of M80s and Crossfades for roughly 2 years now. I always get a bunch of sh%t from my friends them saying that Beats are the clear winners. I show them one review and they tell me that "oh man, its just one guy, other people know...
  25. willpayne

    Best Headphones for $100-150

    Hey guys. I'm looking for the best headphones that you can get for around $100-150… I listen to mostly hip-hop/dub/alternative/etc (mainly a lot of bass). I have a pair of Beats by Dre Studios (yes, I know, not worth it at all ) and am looking for an alternative to those. Thanks, and comments...