Can someone please help about the Klipsch - Image One warrenty?
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Sep 21, 2012
So I been a bose head for a few years now. My father use to give me all his sony headphones years ago and I loved them. Ended up sticking with bose somehow because of the great customer service and warrenty. I started with the triports which till this day, are the first ever headphone to make my head explode from the amounts of bass. I was younger and LOVED it. Still never recaptured that feeling with anything. Wish I had cans that had just a slight amount of bass less then that headset, but also with the clarity of the mids and highs. I had my original OE. I enjoyed them but they broke.  So I was sent the AE2. I personally do not like them. They have no bass at all, and there is a static sound to alot of songs when the volume is up that I never heard on my original OE. Almost as if the cans can not take it. Basically, they had no balls! It sucks because they were actually so comfortable. I only paid 60 bucks through the exchange program for them, so it was a steal for the price.
I called bose and said I did not like them, so they offered to exchange them for the OE2, but it would be a final exchange. Basically if I hate them, I am stuck with them.
So today I went to best buy to buy the OE2 and try them out before I sent my AE2 to bose for the exchange. I plan on returning the OE2 to bestbuy in 2 days. Only been using the OE2 for a little while but the bass is better with them, but the vocals feel as if there is a vale over them. Hard to explain
Funny thing was, while I was there. I heard the Klipsch Image One ( btw one side of them were snapped, but I still heard the sound ). I really enjoyed them. I felt more INTO the music then with the bose, and they also felt comfortable and looked pretty damn nice. ( Looks are not a big factor though ). So now I am thinking about just returning the OE2 to best buy, buy the Image one, and sell the bose ae2 to cover it.
Big question for me is, how is the warrenty and what is it like? If they are damaged during the warrenty period, will they send them out free of charge? How long is it? Most importantly though, what is the options AFTER the warrenty is expired? Bose gives you the option of a brand new set with another year warrenty for less then half the price. Ala the new AE2 or OE2 for 60 bucks.
Thanks guys! 
Also, do you think I will end up more satisfied with these over a bose product? Mainly listen to Rnb, rap, house, dance, pop, rock, some classical. Damn basically everything lol
EDIT: The cans are actually the Image ONE ( II ).The only difference I see is the emblem on the cups from the normal Image ONE on amazon. The normal ones say klipse on it, the ones I saw had the logo only. Also the one at best buy has a SINGLE wire. Not 2. The ones at best buy at the new ones. Is there any reviews on the Image ONE II on here? 
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Firr sound:
Trust your ears over everything else.
The klipse is better as your ears telling you.
Y R U resisting about stupid warranty as you will most likely upgrade headphones in future to a nicer onear like the vmoda m80 wich has better warranty if thats what U want. .

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