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    in and out of an office :p
    Tube amp mods:
    Was a senior member at TP2 phone forums,
    Created graphics and ROMs for window mobile, then jump ship to Android.

    Now I only read at phone forums,
    and only hack my family phones with their software.

    Also repaired cracked phone screens and various laptops.
    Still have a few to repair.

    Current member of and
    I have about 5 top collector boom boxes to still repair and sell.
    Fe free to Inquire.
    Headphone Inventory:
    HiFiMan HE1000V2 (very supple detailing & lively sound which has closest soundstage size to an hd800, with a more accurate layering and tonality which gives me a more realistic Soundstage over any HD800.

    Senn HD800 with my 800S mod:
    (Removal of stock connectors, installation of mini XLR connectors, metal ring removal, dynamat extreme mod , special thin liner in rear grill, bass seal pad mod, my own resonator mod to simulate 800S signature and outperform the 800S, NOT the 800 "SD" mod,
    internal silver rewiring, unique one of a kind paint job..
    So far it is the deepest bass and lazer sharp imaging sounding HD800 I heard.)

    Dennon7200 (driver mod & damping mod)

    Dennon mm400 (driver mod & damping mod)

    Eikon (sweet perfect pauduk wood grain and latest zmf new cables )

    Bowers&wilkins P5V2 (over ear mod with P7 type damping technique)
    Has advantages of using a paper/felt speaker with real surround. Just like Dennon biocellulous type drivers, so no cheap plastic drivers here).

    Bowers&wilkins P7 body with planar drivers of a Realistic Pro30 (old portable with tiny planar drivers.)

    HiFiMan Edition S (wood cup & bass mod.)

    T50rp (stock, still waiting to be transformed into a hyped version of member "Nick N" mod, complete with repainted & special sony Headband)

    Beyer t51i ( nice small headphone a bit dark sounding but great realism)

    m100 (still in family, with my son. needs over 1k hours to balance sound before sweet yet bassy sig tames down more balanced V shaped with nice spity trebles)

    AKG k545 (portable great sweet sound but also amazing with shure pads to give bass power like an m100 with soundtage similar to a Focal Spirit Pro.

    ------- ----- -----

    Past: (ranked in order of preference)

    Code-X (very realistic sound wich also very close to the HE6. Unbeatable tonality)

    Ether FLOW (excellent realism and alive sound a bit too forward for me)

    Grado HP1000 (original version first top model with polarity switch, which has a very neutral fast electrostatic feel to sound)

    Oppo PM2 (with velour pads they're better to me than the PM1.
    I since modded them internally to close to Ether level performance.)

    Sennheiser HD650 (newer version, only mid-tier headphone that can climb to "top-tier" status with mod and gear upgrade.)

    Ultrasone Edition 8 (Slight V shape signature but very detailed and large sound.
    Redefines what a portable can be. On par with best large closed cans, IMO.
    I since modded it to be closer to the ED5 Limited. I would place it between a stock ED8 and an ED5 Limited that I compared it with)

    Ultrasone Edition 12
    (Incredible angelic presentation/view of sound with very well nuanced mids and extremely neutral yet impactfull hitting bass without being heavy only solid.
    Trebles have a touch of shimmer and long to break in but I noticed changes)

    ath-w3000anv (omg! Euphoric mids in a reference closed can sound now with AlphaPads makes unit grander and more balanced excellence.
    Only poor reason to let go was for future upgrade to a planar/ortho, still will regret this choice forever)

    Ether (turning out to having the most potential in a planar I owned yet, which I modded to have a large detailed sound, from 70% to about 90% of an HD800 soundstage, with more open bass and more resolution by reducing surface reflections with replacement of all stock surface materials and switch to vegan pads .)

    HE560: (top of "mid-tier" level sound which when modded can reach almost top-tier level. Still lesser ability than the Ether, yet natural sounding.
    Balanced cable and more power recommended)

    Fostex th600 (tremendous powerful BASS with realistic detailed large fast dynamic sound with very impressive soundstage for a closed can. Trebles great only after considerable burn in.
    U shaped SIG but gets a bit too bassy so I modded it to sound balanced and superior to the new THX00 wooden, and no longer be U shaped, with nicer trebles)

    Audeze Sine (excellent dynamic performance but on ear a bit heavy. Waiting for over ear version)

    Ath-esw11 w/ BTG Audio 8 Strand SPC cable (my 2nd best portable period, only my ed8 a notch above yet this signature more balanced and smooth supple signature)

    Ath-esw10jpn (simply beautiful & some of the best mids in any smaller portable I ever herd)

    Audio Technica esw9LTD:
    I prefer this to the fabled esw10jpn and the esw11. Just a wonderfull sweet relaxed detailed sound.

    T90 (best open can owned, amazing clarity)

    Senn HD800 with custom cable (reference sound but no bass impact and more "air" than substance as I prefer LCD type sound)

    Ultrasone Pro 2900 (This was very unexpected. Amazing life, realism and clarity and instrument separation. It is what I was looking for in the T90. Not larger stage than an T1 or hd800, but A top excellent open can)

    Audio Technica:
    Ath-w1000x (very polished and quality sound)

    ath-ws99 (wow linear and large sound but needs amping sound as lively as an es10 yet darker more chocolate broother to the es10)

    ath-es10 (I restored to new condition nice big dynamic sound for a portable)

    Onkyo m300 (really nice similar signature to an ed8 in clarity & bass ways.)

    Martin Logan Mikros90 (very high quality small portable with easy modding capabilities nice sound, hd25 pad swap solves fit issues )

    ath-es700 (cork&foam mod, very dynamic sound)

    ath-esw9 (older early production slightly dull)

    ath-esw9 moded (polyurethane coated wood cups & foam/cork ring mod with clay dampened on edge housing!
    it sounds bigger and better than any esw9 period.)

    ath-m50LE (actually very nice sound yet not at same level in mids & treble as an es10 or ws99)

    ath-es7 (had three. Excellent forward fun sound!)
    ath-FC700A (too lean and bright sounding small portable :p)

    T50rp (modded to sound like HD600)
    vmodex.!! (T50rp drivers modded into a vmoda LP! Sounded very nice yet lacked impact as it needed to be amped)

    ZMF Vibro ( musical midrange and beautiful wood cups closed can reminded me of an audio technica woodyness like the superior w3000anv, but I prefer both the Slants and Nickerfies version of this t50rp mod)

    Shure SRH-940, recabled with Moon audio Black Dragon balance and single ended termination.
    The only shure headphone I had is also one of the best closed headphones I ever tried.
    It has the large stage of the Focal Spirit Pro, yet it has a super sweet delicate sound signature.
    Easily besting the Sony 7520 in trebles and mids.
    Bass was good but not as impactfull as the Sony7520.

    NAD HP50 (nice monitor can good for mids and voice)

    Alessandro MS1 (with Padded Headband & HD414 Quarter Modded Pads, amazingly good, clear, large and lively sound from such a small can but timbre was off for me)

    Dennon AH-D2000 Mark L Mod (shockingly good bass and sparkle but is a "V" shape sig so mids were recessed)

    m80 (amazingly good sweet sound for size)
    Crossfade LP (bassy, muddy & dull)

    Oppo PM-1
    (organic musical & candy like sound. No harsh trebles. Trebles about -3db deficient or noticeable. Great bass. Very natural honey smooth sound.
    Unfortunately the "honey" tubey sonic overlay obscures ultimate instrument separation and clarity for me)

    Sony 7520 (great monitor can. Sonys best, great bass, shiny near sililant highs and lively mids, although maybe too dynamic! As dynamic range incredible)
    Sony MDR 1r (nice but lackluster performer let me down because so beautiful but no power or weight or clarity except nice mids)
    Sony ma900 (still in family excellent open can sound)
    Sony MDR-V6 (top end sizzle & clarity, and subbass but lifeless mids not sound balanced )

    Q701 (nice soundstage but too much airy distant lightweight sound)
    Tiesto167 (impressive bass and sparkling trebles but mids came last)
    Tiesto67 (very nice but mediocre overall)

    Focal Spirit Pro (good monitor can with large soundstage, great for a final mixdown but too flat a signature for me)

    Ultrasone Pro 750 (nice overall but nothing special and not lively enough)
    Ultrasone Pro 900 (worst sounding muddy turd of garbage that I would not give to my worst enemy as it was so hidiously bad. Even the devil could not phantom a worse torture).

    HA-s400(modded to sound like akg67)
    HA-s500(with ws55pads excellent lively sound)

    Klipsch One (had three decent sound)

    Beyer DT1350 (too sterile for me)

    ath-em700ti (excellent clarity in a clip on,
    I lost it..)

    Koss TBSE, (actually very good & like a $300 sound level)
    PortaPro (good starter 4 student on a budget)
    SportaPro (same with less bass)
    UR40 (more balanced yet sibalent)
    KSC75 (nice sparkly clip ons)

    Senn HD485 (first nice can)
    Sennheiser Amperior (fun sound)
    PX200, PX100. (Blah dull sound :p )

    Monster DNA (very efficient detailed and nice sound yet compressed mids image)
    Diamond Tears (similar non compressed sound yet more dull!)
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Little Dot MK8se
    Modded by me to extreme levels (with colaboration of Redge78), in order to compete with all "end game" TOTL headphone amps..
    A successfull project experiment currently under more experimentation as I learn more about tubes..
    Don't be fooled by the overdone outside visuals as the important mods are inside...
    Circuit design changes, tube type changes, and bias changes done as well.

    APPJ PA 1502A:
    This is a cute lil hybrid tube amp is a sleeper killer amp.
    When modded it will keep pace with any good tube amp out there.

    1970s vintage Lafayette stereo mixer (modified by me)

    O2 amp,
    Fiio E11,


    Oppo HA-1 Dac/Amp combo...

    Woo Wa7 & waTP power supply both with upgrade tubes..(Sold)

    Schiit Vali (sold)

    ALO "The Continental" V2 (portable tube hybrid) (sold)

    Little Dot mkIII with slyvania "Gold" tubes (sold)

    hud-mx2, (sold)

    Cmoy18v (sold)

    Carver M500T amp (sold, sad) :(
    Source Inventory:
    Yggrasil: end game dac.
    Has ability to deliver most spacial cues & details.
    Seems more invisible and spectacular as months go by.

    Rotel RCD-1070 ( nice heavy top CD player at the time)

    Rotel 855 cd player

    A TOTL Lynn Systemdek turntable moded with special acrylic tonearm platform and Rega arm.


    Oppo HA-1 Dac/Amp combo..

    Arcam irDac (smooth, clean, deep, clear sound, after break in smoothness gives way to sheer transparency)

    Cable Inventory:
    Silver cable

    Draug2 cable best copper I tried.

    I only recommend either all silver, or all copper.
    No mixing type cables.
    Power-Related Components:
    Furman power strip.

    Panamax conditioner.

    Hospital grade Isolation Transformer...
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Sony VGN-P25T , wad my mini laptop dedicated music storage source...
    Replaced by New laptop.
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Every can & every component can use a tweak..
    Music Preferences:
    I have wide preferences.
    All styles & genres of music
    Samsung Note4
    Just a dude in electronics.
    4yr electrical engineering.
    1yr Center Media Arts for
    Audio Engineering..

    The human ear can detect sound as small as an hydrogen atom hitting the eardrum, yet your brain filters what you hear.
    So when naysayers say, it can't be herd, tell them the problem is all in their minds!
    That's what piano tuners, musicians, and recording engineers do...
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