Cayin N30LE DAP: A Transformative Milestone (30th Anniv. Limited Edition)
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Nov 16, 2013
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N30LE, A Transformative Milestone
30th Anniversary Limited Edition Digital Audio Player

Cayin decides to celebrate its 30th Anniversary by introducing a special limited edition DAP that brings its portable product line to the next level. The DAP is powered by a fully-balanced headphone amplifier with a matched pair of KORG Nutube double triode vacuum tubes. It has incurred the renowned DAO (Dual Amplifier Operation, choice of Class A or Class AB) and Dual Output Mode (DOM, choice of standard P mode and high power P+ mode), and introduced an all-new HYPER mode that delivers the ultimate performance of the discrete amplification circuit in the DAP.

Bin Liang, CEO of Zhuhai Spark Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd., the parent company of Cayin Audio said, “Cayin R&D team has devoted a lot of resources to develop our Gen3 vacuum tube audio circuit. We solved the problems one after the other and finally implemented two unique vacuum tube timbres in one circuit. The “Classic” timbre is retro with a warm, full, and mellow sound while the “Modern” timbre is transparent with excellent speed and linearity. We also extended the vacuum tube timbre circuit to cover all analog outputs including headphone, line-out, and preamp output. This is also a nightmare for our engineers. It is a huge challenge and we are very excited about our final achievement.”

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The N30LE features two discontinued AK4499EQ from AKM and can natively decode up to DSD512 and 32 Bit/768 kHz. Ye Maosheng, our Lead R&D Engineer said, “We had spent a lot of resources to explore this chipset back in 2020, and we had a limited stock of AK4499EQ in our inventory that perfectly suited the N30LE as a limited edition anniversary product. The DAC chipset will be connected in Mono mode and programmed to provide fully balanced differential current output across 8 channels. We shall connect each 2 channels output in parallel and feed into a 2x2 current to voltage I-V converter network to provide a low-noise high-current DAC output stage. These will provide excellent driving capability to support the complete audio circuit.

Key Features

Digital Decoding
  • Dual AK4499EQ, discontinued flagship 32-bit DAC chipset, mono mode, paralleled current outputs
  • Decode PCM up to 32bit/768kHz, DSD up to 1 Bit/22.6MHz (DSD512)
  • Solid 2x2 current to voltage I-V converter network as low noise high current output stage of AK4499EQ DACs.
  • Two extremely low-noise Femtosecond Crystal Oscillators to ensure high precision low jitter digital playback.
  • Comprehensive digital interface option: I2S (mini HDMI), USB Audio Input/output (USB-C), and S/PDIF Coaxial (Embedded USB-C)
Analog Amplification and Connectivity
  • Balanced tube amplification with matched paired KORG Nutube 6P1
  • Fully-discrete fully-balanced NPN/PNP Push-pull headphone amplifier supports dedicated 3.5mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced phone output
  • Tri-Timber (Nutube Classic, Nutube Modern, Solid-state) from Gen3 vacuum tube audio circuit
  • Dual Amplifier Mode (Choice of Class A/Class AB)
  • Dual Output Mode: P (Standard) and P+ (High Power) mode
  • Hyper Mode: Combing Class A, P+, and numerous operation adjustments to deliver ultimate performance
  • Highly linear volume control through a pair of low noise, low distortion resistance ladder-based MUSES72320 stereo electronic volume
  • Desktop grade 3.5mm single-ended (2.1V, 1.6V, 1.0V) and 4.4mm balanced (4.2V, 3.2V, 2.0V) selectable output level Line Out
  • 3.5mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced Preamp output
Other Features
  • 470mF/5.5V ELDC (Electric Double-Layer Capacitor) ultra-capacitor as power reserve in the main power supply system.
  • Compartmented CNC Aluminum frame to improve heat dispersion, reduce internal interference and minimize vacuum tube microphonic
  • CNC machines TC21 Titanium alloy steel chassis for lightweight and robustness
  • Snapdragon 665 CPU with 8G DDR4 RAM running customized Android 12 with Google Player preinstalled
  • Storage capacity: 256 GB internal memory, one microSD card up to 1TB
  • DTA bypasses Android SRC, Hi-Res playback, and streaming to all applications
  • Multi-color smart glowing sampling rate indicator integrated below the gold-plated brass Volume control knob.
  • 6.0” 1080x2160 FHD+ Incell screen support double tap to wake and gestures
  • 12570mAh (3.8V, 48Wh) high-capacity polymer lithium-ion battery, support PD2.0 fast charging technology
  • 156mm x 89mm x 25mm, ~650g
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N30LE will be available in two versions. The N30LE standard package will be limited to 300 sets globally. There will be a special N30LE Amber Pearl version, only 99 sets are available. This a bundle package with UM Amber Pearl IEM. We have worked with the UM engineering team to fine-tune the IEM, and our engineers have fine-tuned the N30LE DAP accordingly for the best possible synergy.

N30LE (300 units worldwide)
SRP: US$4,999

N30LE Amber Pearl Combo (with UM Amber Pearl IEM)
SRP: US$12,999

Availability: 28 August 2023

The N30LE will be demonstrated in the following shows and events:

Hong Kong High-End Audio & Visual Show (11-13 August 2023)
(Booth C01, Hall 3, Hong Kong Convention Center)

CanJam London (19-20 August, 2023)
(Hifonix, Park Plaza Westminster Bridge, London)

China Beijing International Headphone Expo (26-27 August 2023)
Area B, Main Display Hall, 3/Fl, Asia Hotel, Beijing.




Functional Diagram:
N30LE Functional Framework.jpg

N30LE Power Supply Functional Diagram (Level 1).jpg

N30LE Power Supply Functional Diagram (DAC Amplifier).jpg

Cayin N30LE DAP Specification (Phone Out).jpg

Cayin N30LE DAP Specification (Line Out).jpg

Cayin N30LE DAP Specification (Preamp out).jpg

Cayin N30LE DAP Specification (Digital).jpg
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Cayin 30th Anniversary Banner RED.jpg

In August 1993, Spark Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary established by AVIC Technology Zhuhai Corporation, was officially founded in Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, China. Initially focused on designing and manufacturing vacuum tube power amplifiers, the company gradually expanded into a High-end Audio manufacturer that covers the complete audio system, ranging from solid-state amplifiers, CD players, and audiophile DAC, all the way down to audiophile cables and accessories. We are devoted to developing the best-sounding audio equipment at competitive prices and have developed around 500 products to date, all of which provide the same high-quality benchmark and attractive price-to-performance ratio. We deliver music diligently and we pay attention to detail because we believe this is what it takes to reproduce music naturally.

The company traded under the name SPARK AUDIO in its early days and has gained popularity among many audio enthusiasts. In 2009, the company's board of directors decided to fully adopt the Cayin brand and apply it globally, discontinuing the original Spark Audio brand. In 2013, Cayin further expanded its product line, introducing portable audio products (C series and N series), desktop audio systems (i series), and desktop headphone amplifiers (HA series).

Cayin has grown into one of the largest vacuum tube amplifier development and manufacturing facilities in the world. At the dawn of our 30th Anniversary, we are expanding our facilities and building a new Research and Development Building in our existing facility, and we'll be launching four 30th Anniversary Limited Edition products in the second half of 2023, one of which belongs to the "Personal Audio" category. We shall announce more detail within the next 10 days, so please stay tuned.

With Cayin, your music will never be the same again.






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Congratulations :birthday:

I look forward to the release of the 30th Anniversary Limited Edition products.
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Congratulations. 30 years is a milestone especially in today's marketplace. Can't wait to see what's announced.
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Thank you for all the good wishes.

Cayin is grateful that our users have been extremely constructive and we have gathered a large group of passionate friends in the HeadFi forum. Your support is sincerely appreciated.

We are working round the clock to finalizing the technical detail as well as video and photos of our 30th Anniversary products. I can assure you in advance that each of these limited edition items are unique and a solid showcase of our technologies and engineering. We call these transformative milestone for a good reason.

We are only days away from our 30th Anniversary celebration, so please come back and look for updates in between. :beerchug:
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