Denon AH-7200

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by obsidyen, Jun 10, 2016.
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  1. obsidyen
    Apparently Denon has a new woodie coming up... It will be released at the end of 2016.
    It will be available in December and cost GBP 599 (about USD 860).
    There is a 50mm Denon Free Edge Driver within the new headphones to enable pure piston motion for what the company says will deliver superior sound, and the wood is also said to enhance the sound quality.


    Additionally, the AH-D7200s feature three dimensional-cut artificial leather ear-pads, a 7N purity cable and a 3.5mm detachable cable system. There is an Apple remote and microphone cable included and a cable jack floating system to stop cable vibration noise is also on board.

  2. AzraelDarkangel
    I would be more interested if they stopped making all their new headphones so expensive, more like $400-600. There are other headphones I would rather buy at $700+. No idea why they stopped making the D2000.
  3. XERO1
    These look great!  It'll be really interesting to see how they compare to the various Fostex's.
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  4. silverbox
    Are these using Fostex drivers or something else?
  5. kernel8888
    as far as I know all of the free edge drivers are DENON not fostex. the d600 and d7100 are denon free edge, like these are said to be.
  6. obsidyen
    Denon's own drivers as far as I know. That's not a bad thing though. Fostex drivers seem to have an inherent treble peak problem, they're not perfect. Maybe Denon can make better drivers? We'll see.
  7. pbui44

    Denon wanted to move away from Fostex designing their headphones. They did a decent job with the D600/D7100, though there were a lot of areas that needed improving, namely the huge headband needing only one or two notches for larger heads, large and stiff frame being labeled "portable", and lack of air from the sound signature. The headband and large and stiff frame were improved and some air was added to the sound in the MM400, though there were other smaller issues that others did not like, like the shallow ear pads for larger ears.

    The D7200 look like something many expected the D7100 to look. The gimbal design looks more sturdy than the gimbals that Fostex slightly improved...and are those mini-XLR connectors on the ear cups? Let's see how they sound.
  8. WillBright
    Massdrop Stay updated on Massdrop at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

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  9. Eudis
    Fostex's biocelulose are also free edge too. Honestly they look like Fostex drivers 100%, denon probably changed the magnet to be able to call it their own but it still looks like a fostex is the OEM
  10. gikigill
    A possible wooden replacement for the TH600? Wouldn't be surprised to see the 1 tesla driver in this one.
  11. Eudis
    See TH610
  12. pbui44
    Fostex TH610 thread:

    I still like the D7200 gimbals and ear cup connection terminals better.
  13. Eudis
    I was talking to gikigill and the cups look identical at the base and probably still has the same mounting design that dates back to D2/5/7k era but the same slimmer cup profile as apposed to the th610, and both are black Walnut.

    Anyways the more important thing is the sound.
  14. XERO1
    Here's a little more info and a couple more pics.

    I really like that these use flush-mounted 3.5mm jacks for the earcups instead of the ugly protruding jacks used on the TH-610/TH-900 2G.
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  15. pbui44

    And that is why I used the quote button. :wink:
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