Looking for portable headphones
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Sep 19, 2006
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 TLDR version in the middle of the thread.
I am looking for portable headphones that I can carry around in my bag, and for my to use while I am out and working. A little background info would help, I am a real estate photographer, so I am out on the field alot, and I carry a laptop and a DSLR with me. This occupies about 90% of my backpack. When I am working at, say a coffee shop, I'm usually there for a few hours and I'd use my HD555's, but I find that open headphones just don't work, I need a set of closed headphones.
In the past, I've had the K701, Shure SRH440, SRH840, Beyerdynamic DT770, and currently I only own a set of HD555's, which I've been sharing duty as I'm on the go and when I'm at home. They've been fine, I've never been picky about sound, comfort and ease of use have always been my priorities. I will probably allocate the HD555's for home use. The K701's and SRH840's I enjoyed the most, I was really reluctant to sell them, but I would not purchase them again for this use.
TL:DR Version
-Looking for slightly portable closed headphones
-Preferably not too large, will be carried around in small backpack
-Does not need to be amplified
-Preferably sub $200, used is fine
-COMFORTABLE! Velour pads preferred
Thanks much.
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Dec 24, 2006
V-Moda V80 on ear(highely recommended), Klipsch image ONE, JVC on ear with NC(highely recommended), B&W P5 (used, highely recommended), Phiaton MS400 and Monster Solo.

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