1. deltawars

    Please help me chose a headset/headphones!

    I have a Asus H87M-Plus motherboard, it has a on board Realtek ALC887 chipset and 8 Channels audio jacks.   I want to get a headset/headphones for gaming, the main feature i want is to be able to hear the exact direction where gunshots come from and if a player is walking i want to hear the...
  2. maheeinfy

    AKG K551 OR K550?

    Hi All,   Trying to decide between K551 or K550. If i go with K551, i'd choose White. K550 has only one color choice.   Does K551 sound exactly same as K550? Did AKG took a fine sounding headphone like K550 and made it less of a headphone just so it will work with ipod/iphone?   K551's...
  3. 2satta2

    Looking for a neutral sounding closed-back circumaural - anything like Grado in sound quality?

    Hey folks   I'm trying to decide on a new set of 'phones for portable use (I have a Colorfly 3 mp3 player)   My music taste is eclectic, covering most basses, but I am particularly fond of country and bluegrass music, so any headphone will have to excel at reproducing stripped back...
  4. llamatimelord

    Closed Headphones for Classical, Rock, and Jazz

    Hi, as my title states, I am looking for some new closed headphones. I listen to about 40% Classic Rock, 40% Jazz, and 20% Classical. For these particular genres, in my opinion, good headphones would need to have: good detail and clarity/good sound stage. I also would like the headphone to be...
  5. DDKL

    I need a jack-of-all-trades headphone

    Getting right to the point.   Used for:   -producing music, especially electronic. -listening to music for pleasure (obviously) -gaming (counter strike, horror games, etc.) -closed-back -analog, not USB -as flat as it can get -soundstage not too important, but sure why not...
  6. ilpomo

    [REVIEW] Sony MDR-1R: the best < $199 headphones available

    Music: Basement Jaxx Burial Celldweller Daft Punk Massive Attack Rob Zombie The Chemical Brothers The Crystal Method Skrillex Setting: Files are all in Apple Lossless (.m4a) format, exept for Basement Jaxx and Celldweller that are in MPEG-1 Audio Layer III (.mp3 @320kbit/s, 44100Hz)...
  7. simonecosta75

    Fiio x3 new headphones under 150$

    Hello mate i need your help ... first time sorry for my enghish... i need buy a heaphones for my fioo x3 now i use fiio whit sony mh1c but now i like try new experience whit headphones i like open sound , more detail voice and high ... bass not invasive under 150$   thx
  8. Btd31

    Best setup for a trucker?

    As the title mentions I am a truck driver. I drive over the road and I am home maybe once to twice a year. I need some suggestions for some headphones that sound great but are very durable and if possible have folding ear cups like on my sennheiser hd8 djs. Having wireless or bluetooth...
  9. Kyno

    DT990 Pro/AKG K551/AKG K701 vs ?

    Hi !   First off, thanks for the beautiful forum and all the ones participating, it is my first post but I have been reading quite a bit    I would still need a bit of a help though.   I have purchased and sent back three headphones : DT 990 Pro, AKG K551 and K701. All of them were used...
  10. CasperBxl

    Android Music Combination: Samsung Galaxy S5 + 128GB MicroSD + PowerAmp Pro + iSyncr + FIIO E18 (+ Pioneer DJE-2000 in-ears)

    Hi all,   (I'm not an audiophile but I'm looking to build up ....)   Kit, so you know where I come from:    Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro 250 Ohm    AKG K551 38 Ohm    Pioneer DJE-2000 in-ear's      iPod Classic 160GB      FIIO E18 Amp/DAC for Android, PC and Mac (in combination with Samsung...
  11. SSandDigital

    AKG 551 vs 550 (sonic only)

    Hello,   AKG 551 can be found for much cheaper price than 550.  So I'm wondering sonically, is there a difference?  I'm not concerned about the difference in plug and cable.  Just sound.   I've read a few threads around the net and couldn't get a clear answer.  I'm assuming that the...
  12. Davidek


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  13. HiFiGuy528

    Petition to AKG to add removable cable to the K551 or next version.

    I love my K550 and now the K551 was announced but still no detachable cable it's a real missed by AKG.  We love the iDevice control, but we want removable cable as well.  Let's tell AKG by posting a comment that we want a removable cable on our beloved headphones.  
  14. FullBright1

    Review:.......Woo Audio Fireflies Dac vs Resonessence Concero HP Dac

    (Also see Music used for comparison *)   General impressions of the Woo Fireflies Dac/amp as compared to the Resonessence Concero HP Dac/amp.   using :   AKG 701s and AKG 551s. NAD Visos PSB M4U-1s Sennheiser HD 600s Beyerdynamic DT 880s Focal Spirit 1s Focal Spirit Pros   The...
  15. rivezico

    Westone w40 . Recommended source

    hello there ! i'm writing from Moscow , so sorry for my English ) yesterday I purchased w40 , it sounds great but I still got a question about the source thats better for obtaining the full experience. at the moment i'm using iphone 4 + google play full access subscription, for me its a...
  16. gdourado

    Are UE6000 na upgrade from philips or should I go AKG?

    Hello, How are you? I gave a question for you and would really love to ear your opinion. Currently I listen to music from my macbook, mostly ALAC, through a Fiio E17 and a pair of Philips citiscape Uptowns. I am thinking if upgrading to the UE6000 would give me better sound with my current...
  17. MetalElvis

    AKG K 551 vs K 550

    Is there a difference in sound between these two?   Does the K 551 have a coiled cable? I need to know this, because I hate coiled cables.
  18. hd800op

    The Best Portable Headphones EVER? (NOT A HELP/RECOMMENDATION THREAD)

    I want to know what head-fi believes is the absolute greatest portable headphone ever created, in terms of raw clarity. I'm not buying them don't worry, this isn't a help thread, I'm just curious. This does not include: The best value (they could be terrible value, really) The greatest...
  19. Snortyblog

    looking for a pair of closed back headphones (over ear) for use out of the house up to a price of £350

    Hi all, I'm currently in the middle of looking for some over ear headphones to use when at college during study time. I currently have a pair of Q701's but they no longer suit my needs and do not suitably fit the types of music I listen to. I'm looking for some headphones that have good bass (i...
  20. blackeaglece

    advice for buying headphones

    Hello everyone, I hope to do it right forum, I am writing because I have a suggestion to ask, that is, due to work and other services, I often make air travel quite long (10-12 hours) one thing that I always with me is my Galaxy S3 and the Google Nexus 7 and would like to listen to...
  21. uffen90

    Headphones for rock

    Hi there. Looking for a set of headphones that is good for a wide range of rock music (acdc, Marilyn manson, slipknot etc.) pricerange 150-250 $
  22. iBacon

    Help me choosing

    Hey :)     I am looking for a new pair of headphones. They need to be under 525 dollars (353 GBP)   I am going to use the headphones for pretty much everything. Gaming, music at home, music from iPhone, skyping, movies... everything.   They need to have/be the following:  ...
  23. TheSitarHero

    AKG K550 v AKG 551 v Sennheiser Momentum

    Hi,   I've been doing some research for my first pair of quality over-ear headphones. My budget is up to £300, but obviously the cheaper the better. I'm pretty sure I want closed back, but I've read that the sound from open-back headphones tends to be better. Because of this I was drawn...
  24. Fluffy Muffinz

    Best closed Headphones within $300- $450

    Hey Head-Fiers!    im looking for a pair of headphones with preferably a detachable cable. I don't own a amp/dac so that may have to be included within the budget.     The type of music i listen to is hardcore/post-hardcore, alternative, metal/alternative metal, rock, techno, i do...
  25. gilsont

    Bought another headphone amp, I still hear no difference!

    This is my 2nd time posting about this ...   I got a AKG K551.   I first got the Fiio E7 USB DAC and it made no difference than the sound coming from my Alienware M11x R1.   Now I sold the Fiio E7 and hoping to get better sound ... I bought a Schiit Magni and Modi combo and again...