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Testy question......

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Headphoneus Supremus

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    Testy question......
    headphones and more headphones...
    anything tat makes music.
    Headphone Inventory:
    D7000/J$pads/4pin xlr
    HD650/8strand Silverbraided cable/cheapChinastickovervelorpads
    Beyer T1/cheapChinavelorpads
    HE-6/ Hifimanvelorpads/german custom cable
    LCD2v2 /silver Toxic cable /stock leather pads
    Yamaha MT220/hybridflatpads
    FAD Pandora HopeVI /M50x pads
    Beyer DT150/DT100velorpads/window foam
    AKG K812, with magic squalene oil infused with Mt Fuji carbondust applied.

    Seinheisser hd800, HD650/Equinox,HD600/cardas/ HD228
    Ultrasone Ed8 Palladium, HFI-780/Lune, Pro900, Pro900/J$/4pin xlr,
    Beyer T5p, T1, t50p, DT880/600ohm, DT990/600ohm, DT770/600, DT1350, DT250
    Grado 225i, 325goldie woodied, Alessandro MsPro
    AKG K450, K271MKii , K702/Zu, Q701, K550
    Audio Technica W5000, W1000x, ESW9, AD900X, ESW10jpn
    Fischer FA-003, HM5
    Bowers P5,
    Sony Z1000,
    Klipsch ImageOne,
    Shure SHR940, SHR840
    Fostex T50rp,
    Denon D2000, AH1100
    TDK ST-700,
    KRK KNS8400,
    Bose AE2i, AE1
    Monster Ntune,
    Bowers P5,
    Philips Uptown,
    Skull DJMike
    Logitech UE9000 wireless
    Superlux 681 Evo
    Creative Auvarna Gold
    MartinLoganMikros90 both rested)

    JVC FX850 wood/spiral tips,
    Havi B3 Pro 1
    VE MONK, MONK+ ( $5 MustBuy!! )
    KZ-ZST, ES3, ED9, ATR

    (had : Monoprice 9927, Shure530 , klipschS4,
    TurbineGold, westone3, SM3,
    DBA2, shure535,FAD Piano Forte II,
    HJE900, NEP-XT1, W4,QJays,
    Monster Mile Davis, Popo, Hiphone
    Denon C710, Golden Crystal
    Zero Carbo Tenore, Namoo S1
    HisoundAudio Live earbuds ,
    FAD HeavenIV)

    MacAir loaded with Audirvana software,
    I-Pad, SamsungNote3,
    (had:RooCoo-A, StudioV, RooCooBA, RooCooP, Hm-601,hippo gumstick, sansaclip+),

    Xduoo X10 dap

    Dac : AudioGd NFB10.32 balanced dac+amp
    (had: E7, udac2, Dacport, DacportLX, Meier Stagedac, Nuforce HD, Fiio E18 )

    Amp :
    AudioGd NFB10.32 balanced dac-amp,
    DV336se, ( it is in a coma..shocked from Decware's hospitalisation)
    Decware CSP2+ ( hospitalised, life in the balance$$ )
    tiny SMSL SA-50 T-amp (50W x2) /for HE-6

    (had Fiio E9, burson ha-160, EF5, GSNovo,Meier Concerto, Arietta, LDmk3,
    X-Can V3, LittleDot Mk4se, Lyr, Lehmann BCL w/dac )

    Power stabliiser : the amazing RichardGray substation.

    Cable Infrastructure from www.Cabledyne.com :
    Silver Ref Usb cable, Silver Ref RCAs,
    Silver Ref Powercords, Copper Ref Powercords,
    (killed all my wireworld cords..:P )

    Snake oil : Squalene Diatonic Carbon No.1 ( BUY THIS !! )
    (think it is Mount Fuji volcanic dust collected in some oil,
    with some shark sashimi thrown in)
    Other Audio Equipment:
    in disarray...zzz
    Music Preferences:
    light classicals...jazz....light operatic vocals....marches...ballads....movie themes..gospel...anything that sends my soul a soaring...or snorrring...comes midnite.


    My postings r subj auservations on my setup,  dun lose sleep over them...
    my avatars r just avatars, u can dream but dun lose sleep over them too   :p
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