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    Sony MDR-V55 A ridiculously bass heavy sound but not a bad headphone for the price
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    My current rig, iPod Classic 120GB + FiiO E11 amp with L9 dock cable + Sony MDR-V55 phones.
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    iPod Classic 120GB, FiiO E11 amp, Sony MDR-V55 headphones
  4. Xplorer4x4

    Buying Advice

    I am new here but I glanced around and see you guys are die-hard audiophiles. I am not sure my personal audio tastes run quite this deep over all, but you guys are definitely the audience I would like to hear feedback from. For years I have used cheap ear buds for my headphone needs. Currently...
  5. ThSGM

    People from UK: What's competitively priced versus the US?

    I recently moved over from the US to the UK, and am balking at some of the prices for headphones. I'd like to pick up a pair of headphones that are about $100 (or £65), but I find that almost everything that is overpriced compared to the US. For example, I've heard good things about Grado SR60s...
  6. binks19

    Sony MDR XB-400 or Sony DJ V-55?

    Im looking to get new headphones but am undecided between these two models. I would just like to know the main good/bads on them and an overall verdict. They are for electronic music and dubstep mainly so i am wondering which would be better suited.   Thank you.  
  7. Helgen

    Sony MDR-V55 Broken Cable?

    Hey all, 2 days ago, my cord got stuck on a door knob. Stupid, I know, I usually keep the cord tucked into my jacket, but I was right about to go into my apartment and it got caught on my hallway closet door knob.   There's now no sound coming out from them, but there's also no rip on the...
  8. LugBug1

    What's the greatest set up you have owned so far??

    Thought it might be fun to rave about the best rigs that we have owned so far. Obviously most of these will be our current set ups, but there may have been times when you have sold stuff in the past in a rash desicion to buy something you thought was gonna be better... And wasn't..    ...
  9. DAM1

    First Pair(s) of Decent Headphones

  10. DustinBroke

    Just wondering about new Sony's I got.

    I decided to get the Sony MDR-ZX600 but are these good headphones? I think they sound great but do you guys think these are good for the price?
  11. HolyCheese

    Sub 20$ (€15) headphones as a christmass gift

    Hi there,   It's been a very long time since I have been on this site. Mostly because I'm content with what I have and don't need anything new. But now I need your help again. I'm looking for good closed back full sized cans with a bit of emphasis on the bass for under 15 euros. The only...
  12. Extreme1Bass

    On ear Headphone: What are the best bass head <$ 70?

    Hello, excuse me if I opened a thread on purpose, but it will possible to collect more opinions to the product I'm looking for. I have an mp3 player Creative Zen I want to buy headphones with heavy bass, deep, extended but not with...
  13. hankypanky2

    Which DJ headphones should I buy? Please help me out with this

    Sony MDR-V55 Specifications:  Weight (g)  220  Frequency range (hz)  5-25000  Driver type  70mm Dynamic Neodymium  Sensitivity (db/mW)  105  Impedance (Ohm)  40  Max Input (mW)  1000  Cable type  Straight/flat  Cable length  1.2m  Jack size  3.5mm  Foldable  Yes...
  14. DustinBroke

    Sony DJ headphones

    Does the Sony MDR-V55 sound close to the MDR-V700DJ? Or the V500DJ? I just don't know if the V55 is good as the older model.
  15. dipou

    Headphone under 150 $ for sansa clip

    Hello I am looking for portable headphone to use with a Sansa Clip (that i plan to buy soon). My budget is about 150 $ max (120 €) It would be my first pair of headphone so I dont have experience but in the other hand i am not looking for the finest ones... I spent a couple of hours looking on...
  16. DUBS73P

    igrado or soundmagic e10 or sennheiser pmx60

    My girlfriend wants another christmas idea so thought it was a good time to add to my headphone collection basically want a set of 'phones that are either a neckband or in ears I listen to alot of rock, rap, pop and other bass heavy music but I dont like anything that exagerates one area too...
  17. lebomb

    A steal? Bought Skullcandy Aviators for $52 on clearance my local Target store.  I could not believe it!!!  Brand new in box with the plastic wrap still in place.  They were even cheaper than the Navigators $75 on clearance.  They are black with chrome trim, removable cable, and a leather zip up carry bag.  The original price was 149.99, but...
  18. SoniMax

    Was it a good choice ?

    Hello, i hope there isn't another thread with the same question. At least i didn't find one. So, may i ask you guys, who have a lot more experiance with professional audio equipment than me, whether my graduation gift to myself was a good choice. I was planning on spending around 100$(shipping...
  19. AhsenStar

    Sony 10RC vs Sony V55 vs Marshall Major

    Hi All :) Sony MDR 10RC vs Sony MDR V55 vs Marshall Major ? All Three Of Them Are At Same Price Almost.  All 3 looks Nice. But which one is better ? Which on sounds better ? Which one would you buy ?
  20. AhsenStar

    Sony MDR V55 vs Marshall Major FX

    Both Looks Good, But Price are Same, But Which one sounds better ?
  21. AhsenStar

    Sony 10RC vs Sony V55 vs Marshall Major

    Hi All :) Sony MDR 10RC vs Sony MDR V55 vs Marshall Major ? All Three Of Them Are At Same Price Almost. All 3 looks Nice. But which one is better ? Which on sounds better ? Which one would you buy ?
  22. bassplz

    panasonic htf600 vs sony v55

    has anyone hear owned both?   which has more bass?   htf is disappointing.   that is all. thanks
  23. M1thr4nd1r

    Cheap Durable Full Sized Headphones under US$50 - Part 2 :P

    Hey guys,   Almost 3 years ago I asked for you knowledge to recommend me a headphone, and I eventually got the Sony MDR-XD200. Now it's time for me to update my headphone again, and I need your help :P   My main issue with it is that with time the cable took some damage (it isn't broken...
  24. Mantalic

    headphones for under 50 pounds?

    Hello, I am looking for headphones under 50 pounds as I live in england. I mostly listen to hip hop and dub step with some rnb. I want headphones with good pounding bass and crisp sound so the bass not overpowering mids and highs. So far I've found 2 types of headphones. Skullcandy Hesh 2.0...
  25. HYoussef

    Best headphones for EDM

    Hi everyone, This is my first post and I'm not by any means an audiophile. I'm on the search for a pair of headphones in the 40 to 70 USD I listen mainly to EDM ... The likes of daft punk, justice, deadmau5 and Wolfgang gartner..etc I care mainly for the headphones to have a clear sound and...