Headphones under $60
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Nov 27, 2012
I am new to the whole high quality headphones , yet I am very excited to get into this world and potentially be an audiophile. My first purchase was the Superlux HD 681's, which I like very much. I plan on slowly increasing my collection of hi fi headphones.
So my question comes in, I am looking for the best quality headphone you ladies and gentlemen would recommend. I have no specifics in brand, I am looking for the overall best balanced headphones for $60 or less. I will be buying off of amazon.
If you have any questions that would help provide an answer let me know. Thank you in advance for the help.
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Keep on eye on Amazon for a used Shure SRH440.   I bought mine new for $65 (lucky), but I've seen them as low as $40 used.
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So I shouldn't be hesitant to buy used headphones? I understand and have heard that headphones actually increase in sound quality after prolonged use but you never know if the previous person took care of them or not. Maybe I am just paranoid buying used products over the internet.
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Well look at the rating.  Go for "Like New" ones.  My last two headphones were rated as "Like New" and indeed they were.  I don't take care of my electronics, so I'd rather beat up some used ones so I don't feel so bad if they break.
For example, I bought the Shure SRH940 for $200.  Those MSRP for $300 and I treat them like they owe me money.
If you are just going through headphones by the groups, I see no reason to pay full price.  Once you go higher up the quality ladder, you might just end up getting rid of the ones you don't like.
That's just me, but do what you like.
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If you buy a set of used cans in good condition, you can save a lot of money, especially since if you end up disliking it, you can sell it back for minimal loss.
I've bought almost every headphone I own used. Most of them came from this very forum, or from Amazon, which has fantastic return policies. I've found that Head-fiers 1.) take very good care of their headphones and 2.) are quite easy to communicate with, transparent, respectful, and in general a bunch of nice people.
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I just gave this can a listen, for it's price..it sounded BIG without it's bass being loose...out of my fone.
Hard to lose money on this can...shure srh240 :)
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The Philips Citiscape Uptowns can also be found for far less than their $150 MSRP, even close to $60.  For that price they are a great deal.  And if the 681s are anything like the 668Bs, the Uptowns are far more comfortable.

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