1. tacobff

    Sony XB500's vs. Citiscape uptown/downtown

    How do those two headphones compare to each other in terms of bass?   I know xb500s are a bass monster, however I'm not entirely sure about the uptowns and downtowns. I've only heard that the downtowns are bass heavy, but the uptowns are balanced with a tinge of bass.   Care to weigh in?
  2. Argus

    Alternative to beats studios ; my headphones let me down

    Hello ! This is my very first post on head fi, although I've been lurking here and there for a little time. I am (was ?) an owner of beats by dre studios, which disapointed me. Not because of the sound quality, because they were the first "expensive" pair of headphone I tried, so I don't have...
  3. Mantalic

    headphones for under 50 pounds?

    Hello, I am looking for headphones under 50 pounds as I live in england. I mostly listen to hip hop and dub step with some rnb. I want headphones with good pounding bass and crisp sound so the bass not overpowering mids and highs. So far I've found 2 types of headphones. Skullcandy Hesh 2.0...
  4. lubczyk

    Phillips Citiscape Downtown better than Uptown?

    Don't get me wrong, the Phillips Citiscape Uptown over-ear may be technically the better phone (thus more expensive), I seem to prefer the Downtown. The headband is uniform and rests easily on my head, while the Uptown's headband has ridges and seems to irritate the top of my head. Also, I find...
  5. Random Guy

    Headphones with Good Isolation

    Hey,   I was wondering which of these headphones isolate outside noise (such as on buses or in crouds) the best (please rate /10 of how well they isolate if you have heard them)? Note: I would not like on ear or IEM because i wish to use them over 8 hours and find they will get...
  6. pro1137

    Possible Chinese bang-for-buck headphone?

    Hey Head-Fi, I was derping around on Focalprice out of boredom, and I stumbled upon something called the Snike DJ-777.  Here - Anyone try these? They look magnificent (at least to me), and I'd like...
  7. arconreef

    suggestions for budget closed/sealed headphones with metal music in mind

    Hi, I've been looking around for a pair of budget headphones with a max price of about ~$150. I will be using them in noisy places, so they must have a closed/sealed design and have passive sound isolation. They need to be reasonably sturdy, and not prone to breaking under moderate stress, since...
  8. Pedro Oliveira

    Best Headphones for Prog Trance, Trance and Uplifting Trance (within my budget)

    Hi guys...   Sorry to bother but i am in a dilema here... Here's the deal... I love all types of music but i a lean a little bit towards EDM. Love House, Prog House, Prog Tance and Upfliting Trance, especially the last two genres (but i am going to ear other types of music such as rock or...
  9. S3VBR0

    First time purchasing nice headphones- Help

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a nice pair of headphones that: 1. Have nice sound quality (not an audiophile but I have a good ear) 2. Look somewhat stylish (I'm going to be wearing these out and about, and around campus) 3. Cost ~$100 4. Sounds good with indie, alternative, and electronic...
  10. antigen

    100 $: Open HeadPhones, Very High Quality, JVC S400 or SuperLux 681 or Philips UpTown?

    Hi,   I have a budget of 100 $.     What do you suggest with a superlative sound?   - headphones OPEN - with low impedance (for iPod) - hifi sound for FLAC file     I have see good review of:   - JVC S400 - Superlux 681   What do you think is better?   There...
  11. draggie8

    Philips SHL5905 (citiscape uptown) VS Pioneer SE-MJ751

    Hello. I'm new here and I got a question about this headphone. I'm dutch, so sorry if my English isn't very well. I want a new over-ear headphone. It may not be to pricy, so the Philips citiscape uptown looks like a good option to me. What do you guys think about this headphone? The sound...
  12. Anewills

    Sennheiser hd428 s vs stock apple earbuds

    I'm in no way an audiophile (very clear after you read this post), but wanting a decent pair of headphones I did a bunch of research for a couple days and completely overwhelmed myself being as it was the first time I heard any kind of "in depth" audio terms.  But anyways, I wasn't interested in...
  13. Adiokido

    HiFiMan EF-2A or Schiit Audio Magni + Modi

    Hey! I'm looking at getting a dedicated desk headphone amplifier. I currently use the Philips Cityscape Uptown and a Fiio E6 for my on the go use, but looking to get a set of open back headphones(AKG Q701 or Sennheiser HD 598, haven't decided yet, but keep those two in mind). I was wondering...
  14. visanj

    Looking for a Good 'MUSICAL' headphone

    Hi   I'm using CLIp+ with Brainwavz M2 as my main source (as you see in my profile picture). But I have FIIO E17 which I like it very much but I'm looking for a good 'MUSICAL' headphone which will complement E17's ability. Brainwavz M2 is good but I'm looking for a similar signature in...
  15. Oxyge

    Philips Uptown Vs V-Moda M-100 or else? For Electronic music

    Hey everyone, I'm new here, I dont have any High-End headphones or equipment, and I havent tried anything like that. At the moment I own on-ear ATH-SJ55 without AMP but I want something more serious! So I need advice from more experienced people.   I'm looking for balanced sound, with...
  16. soundisee

    Cheap Headphones vs Expensive

    I am curious to know how many of you (if any at all) who have higher end headphones (DT880/990, AKG Q/K 701/2's, HD600/650, HifiMan 400's, etc) have replaced their mid/expensive cans with a less expensive headphones under $100? It doesn't have to be that you have "replaced" your headphones but...
  17. falmouth

    Headphones like ATH-M50 and Philips Citiscape Uptown... but tighter clamp?

    So I have determined that I have a tiny head, compared to most people. The Philips Uptown are pretty loose on my head, the M50s fit better but could still use more clamp.    The main reason I want more clamp is because I feel like this would greatly increase isolation and decrease leakage...
  18. falmouth

    Will the ATH-M50 help me hear things in music that I haven't before...

    or will someone with extremely untrained ears not fully be able to appreciate them?   I mostly listen to music on spotify, maybe a few EDM podcasts on itunes, etc.    I am not a recorder by any means, and just want nice comfortable headphones I can wear for long times while studying in...
  19. Doyouwantaspoon

    Best sub-$50 over-ear headphones?

    My HA-RX700s just broke, and I hate buying the same thing twice in a row.. Is there anything better for around $50? I figure since these were $50 when I bought them, and can be found for less than $30 now, I should be able to get something better than them for $50.
  20. ShreyasMax

    Decent (read budget) portable Over Ear Headphone needed

    Dear Head-fiers,   Just joined this community, and as an audio enthusiast new to hi-fi audio gear (can't describe myself as an audiophile...yet :) ), am looking forward to getting good guidance from all the experts here.   Requirements: - I'm looking for portable closed Over-ear...
  21. esoteric11

    Headphones under $60

    I am new to the whole high quality headphones , yet I am very excited to get into this world and potentially be an audiophile. My first purchase was the Superlux HD 681's, which I like very much. I plan on slowly increasing my collection of hi fi headphones.     So my question comes in, I...
  22. zantaff

    Dr. Dre Trade - The adventure of bad Headphones

    My mother, being the wonderful person she is, gave me a pair of Dre Beat Studo's for my 23rd this year.  While I do appreciate her thought, they just.... fail. I've had them waaay past the return date, (trying to give them a chance) so I can't return them.... So I got the idea to sell them...
  23. corycc

    Headphone noob looking for headphones

    I'm brand new to the headphone world, and I want something with better quality than my two year old skullcandys. I'm looking for headphones that look fairly good (able to wear out in public) for around $100 - $150   I mainly listen to rock/rap/house   Any suggestions/advice is greatly...
  24. Dashakan

    New Headphones for gaming

    Hi all,   I have a Creative X-Fi Soundblaster XtremeGamer sound card.  I used to have HD-555's that I used with them.  Awhile back, my HD-555s broke, so I bought a Logitech G35 headset.  Well, I want to get back to headphones, so I am looking for a recommendation for a pair that won't cost...
  25. tacobff

    Sony XB500's vs. Citiscape uptown/downtown

    How do those two headphones compare to each other in terms of bass?   I know xb500s are a bass monster, however I'm not entirely sure about the uptowns and downtowns. I've only heard that the downtowns are bass heavy, but the uptowns are balanced with a tinge of bass.   Care to weigh in?