Dr. Dre Trade - The adventure of bad Headphones
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Nov 28, 2012
My mother, being the wonderful person she is, gave me a pair of Dre Beat Studo's for my 23rd this year.  While I do appreciate her thought, they just.... fail.
I've had them waaay past the return date, (trying to give them a chance) so I can't return them....
So I got the idea to sell them on eBay and "trade" them for a better pair of headphones.
I'm guessing they will sell for $120 or less, so that's the price range I've been looking at, nothing more. (using eBay as a price guide)
Some features i've been searching for are:
Noise Isolation- Both leaking and receiving. I work in a studio environment, so I don't want my music to get out, as well as keeping all those gabbers quiet so they don't ruin my sweet tracks. 
COMFORT- I've been wearing my headphones for 5-6 hours almost every day...sometimes I fall asleep with them on. (The Beats make ears grumble after just a few hours.)
Tight Bass - not overpowering, but perhaps slightly above average.
Durability-  Can I toss them in my bag everyday and not have anything fall off?
I've been bombarded with a plethora of headphones. These are the ones that have boiled to the top of the soup. 
(In price order)
AKG K271 MKII ~ $120
Audio Technica ATH-M50 ~ $110
Ultrasone HFI-580 ~ $110
Fostex Audio T50RP ~ $110
KRK System KNS-8400 ~ $100
V-MODA Crossfade LP2 ~ $100
CREATIVE  Aurvana Live ~ $ 80
Noontec Zoro ~ $80
Shure SRH440 ~ $70
CitiScape Uptown ~ $70
Sennheiser HD 280 ~ $70
Sony MDR-V6 ~ $60
Koss Pro DJ100 ~ $60
Monoprice 8328 ~ $40
AKG K81DJ ~ $35
I'd like to know what you wonderful audiophiles think could become my new best friend, what pair would best suit what I'm looking for, and which ones I should probably just cross off the list right now. 
As of posting, I'd say my top 5 would be the: M50s, KRKs, V-MODAs, MDR-V6s & the Uptowns.
Let me know if I'm bass ackwords,or on the right track. 
Feel free to leave suggestions, but please make sure it's within the price range, and available in the US.
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Stay away from the HD280,  head clamp force from hell, also the bass is weak and overall the sound is,. lifeless, maybe a good "monitor" phone but not something i would grab to enjoy music.    The monoprice is ok but dark, i would add the JVC 500 to that list, happy with it and dont care for the rest of the phones on my sig.
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What kind of music do you listen to?

That's such a wide range.... XD
When I'm in the zone, electronic keeps me focused. Chillin out, I'll listen to a little Classic Rock or replay the recordings our Brass Quintet made. Often I'll pop in the 'ol musical or two.  
I play the Tuba and Bass, so I really tune into those low patterns. That's why I was looking for the headphones to have a solid low end.  
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Was very impressed with the Mad Dog version of the T50RP last meet, so if you're willing to do some modding those have my blessing :)
Maybe they are even good enough without the modding, but I haven't tried that.
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The KRK KNS8400, alternatively the Shure SRH840. Unless you're modding I wouldn't get the T50RP and I recommend getting a pair of proper headphones before you start diving around in the T50RP modding thread.
I think the M50s are overrated, especially compared to the headphones I listed above.
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I'd go with the DJ100. Unlike the KRK, I think it has slightly above neutral bass. If you have a "Tuesday Morning" store near you, you can buy the Tony Bennett version for $50. That comes with a case, removable cable etc.

I think it's better sounding than the M50, CAL!, SRH-840, 440, KRKs, V6. In my experience it also improves with a new dac or amp.

You could also spent an extra $50 on a nice portable amp.

BTW you can demo the DJ200 (same sound) at BestBuy in the pro audio department.
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Toss the Shure SRH750DJ into the mix at $110 on eBay.
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So far my 4 finalists are:
Audio Technica ATH-M50 ~ $110
KRK KNS-8400 ~ $100
Sennheiser HD 280 ~ $70
Sony MDR-V6 ~ $60
Pros cons of each?
Aso, any help in translating these graphs would be nice too...I think I understand them, but may be mistaken. 

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Another vote against the HD280, and the V6 weren't all that comfy on me. I borrowed a pair for a day and could barely last two hours with them because their pads pressed on my ears. Granted, I never tried them with velours, which apparently add lots of comfort. The K271 would have been perfect for you if not for the bass requirement. I don't really have anything to recommend unless you'd be willing to deal with the slightly sloppy bass of an unamped Beyerdynamic DT770. A used pair is within your budget last time I checked.
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If you can stretch your budget to 150, the vmoda m80s are pretty great for the price, and they are built better than anything i have ever used. You can throw them in your bag without a case and they won't be breaking anytime soon. I was never a big fan of the m50s, and the m80s blew them away. Imo, the best two headphones in that price range are the m80s and the sennheiser hd-25s, depending on what sound signature you like more. The hd-25s to isolate much better than the m80s though, as they are completely closed and clamp tighter, whereas the m80s have a small vent inside them. Still, they don't really leak unless you're playing really loud.

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