1. KetchupNinja

    Budget on ear? K81 DJ? Or go all out with the Amperiors/25-II?

    I'm usually out about 5-12 hours a day and I need a headphone that I can carry with me in my backpack.  I chose these two primarily because they both provide excellent isolation and they are somewhat durable.  The K81 DJ's are currently going for $33.98 at Best Buy right now and the...
  2. hegoru

    Sennheiser HD-500 - Faulty headphone wire

    Hi guys, Just happened to stumble upon this forum and it's great! To be honest I don't really have the vocabulary or nuance for a lot of the things I hear in the discussions but I am very willing the learn. Anyway back to my problem. I bought hd500s about 4 years ago and they've been...
  3. Ragwolfe

    Looking for £50 (amazon UK only) over ear headphones any recommendations.

    My PC gaming headset broke, so I am not looking for a set of over ear headphones for gaming (I have obtained a modmic) can anybody give me any recommendations. I am looking also for a more flat sound signature I like quite balanced headphones but too be honest a lot of headphones will be better...
  4. mike hifi

    Noontec Zoro or AKG K 81 DJ

    I'm buying a set of headphones to use at work but I'm really new to this thing so any comments would really be helpful.   I listen to jazz, blues, rock and some metal and want to spend less than £50 ($75). I also want them to be portable and to not look too big so over-ear are probably best...
  5. Captain ?degard

    Bassiest headphones ever, which?

    This might sound very shallow, but I really like bass, so I started wondering: what are the bassiest headphones there is? Also, which ones are bassiest ones that desn't require a headphone amp (to be run off the D2 in any case). Oh, and headphones, not IEms or plugs ^^
  6. sagiweis

    Need help choosing

    Hello, Im looking for a set of portable headphones for bus rides and etc., that im also gonna use in my pc. i narrow the list down to 3 models: AKG K81dj, AKG K450, Audio Technica ATH ES55. I need your help choosing between these 3 (of course if you have a better suggestion, im open to it -...
  7. JayJayz

    Velour vs. Leather for earpads..

    which do you prefer and why?
  8. Zaiver

    Comfortable and Cheap Circumaural Headphones

    Hello Folks,    I am looking for cheap ($20-$30) and comfortable circumaural headphones. I am planning on using these headphones for watching TV and for sleeping, so I must be able to wear them for long periods of time. Due to the shape of my ears, on ear headphones (lke AKG K81DJ or Grado...
  9. markl

    REVIEW: 3 Closed Portables Compared—AKG K81 DJ, Audio Technica ES5 & Sennheiser PX200

    REVIEW: 3 Closed Portables Compared—AKG K81 DJ, Audio Technica ATH-ES5 & Sennheiser PX200 Pricing Sennheiser PX200: Street Price: ~$50-$60. Audio-Technica ATH-ES5: List Price (in USA): $169. Street price (imported from Far East): ~$90-$110. AKG K81 DJ: List Price: $99. Street Price...
  10. Andrea

    AKG K27i very early (but final) impressions

    I bought a pair of AKG K27i yesterday. I tried it briefly without any burn in, directly driven by my Panasonic SL-CT720 headphone out. This PCDP has a good, clear sounding headphone out, and more than powerful enough. I listened to Tom Waits's "Closing Time". The sound was a little...
  11. jdimitri

    AMAZING headphone shop experience at Jaben, Singapore

    Hi all, i'd just like to share my great experience at Jaben network in adelphi! I was in singapore for 3 days and i visited uncle wilson and his friendly shop Service was the FRIENDLIEST i've ever had, thanks uncle wilson! We talked about music and headphones, i tried out firestone's amps and...
  12. Claritas

    Closed Grados - A Compilation of 30 Threads (+ Poll)

    I use SR80i for baroque organ and heavy metal. Because 80i is too open to leave the house with, I looked here for a closed alternative. I found at least 30 threads with recommendations, most of them short. I am compiling them here so you won't have to look so hard. I'm not including every...
  13. dcfitjar

    Upgrade from AKG K518DJ (K81DJ), price up to 200 USD - suggestions?

    Hi! Not long ago I bought AKG K518DJ, but I'm not that happy with them. Can anyone here help me finding a replacement? :) Sound: I don't know much about this, but the sound of the K518DJ is a bit "muffled", like there's a wall of bass, with just a few details of higher notes being able to...
  14. Gambit

    Closed portable <300 $ to replace K81DJ

    Hey folks,   Need your help to replace my K81DJ that are falling in pieces. I'll expand on my headphone journey below so that you can better figure what I'm looking for.   But in a nutshell, I'm looking for   - A closed can (must really block outside sound, as much or better than the...
  15. rotane

    Looking for IEMs similar to AKG K-81DJ

    Hello everyone!   Long time reader, first time poster. So let me begin by saying thanks to all of you on this forum for all the advice and interesting topics.   Now, on topic. My current phones are a pair of full-sized AKG K-81DJ, and i love them. However, since they are too warm to wear...
  16. The Dan of Steel

    Queen fan looking for portable on ears UPDATED: looking for IEMs instead

    I figured the thread title summed up what I'm looking for the quickest. I've been around Head-Fi for some time. I've probably bought every budget everything over the years.   I am a huge Queen fan but I also listen to a lot of different things. From David Gray to Dark Tranquility, from ZZ...
  17. Bboy500

    Headphones for a friend.

    He doesn't have a account here, but hes looking to buy the Razer Carcharias, I'm trying to get him to not overpay.... so here's some info: Genres He listens to: Electro, Rock, Metal, Hip-Hop and Rap. Budget: $70-$80 (Preferably $70, the lower the better for him.) Priority's: 1. Gaming (By a...
  18. Balgheet

    Best Value Headphones Under $30? Help.

    Edited to remove.
  19. tacobff

    Question about the term basshead headphones

    What differentaites a basshead headphone from a really crappy bass heavy headphone? Like what am I supposed to be listeninig for?
  20. zantaff

    Dr. Dre Trade - The adventure of bad Headphones

    My mother, being the wonderful person she is, gave me a pair of Dre Beat Studo's for my 23rd this year.  While I do appreciate her thought, they just.... fail. I've had them waaay past the return date, (trying to give them a chance) so I can't return them.... So I got the idea to sell them...
  21. Asr

    How my journey for closed portable bliss came to an end

    Let's start with the pursuit: ever since I first came to Head-Fi, I've always been looking for a closed portable headphone that I could use at work. So in the interest of tracing history I'll go back to the beginning and explain why I tossed out each one I ran into: - Senn PX 200...
  22. Minarets

    Aviator, MDR V6, or M50

    I am looking for something for my ipod/iphone and fashion isn't of up-most importance. Leakage doesn't really matter. I had the V6s many moons ago and loved them. Tried the Aviator at a Target the other day and was suprised at how good they sounded. And their warranty is unbeatable. Lifetime...
  23. yanival

    difficult to listen to AKG K81DJ - bass too powerfull

    I got the AKG K81DJ few days ago. Using it for hobby DJ training at home, and sometimes for a bit of regular listening to trance and house music. I am used to high-end in-ear monitors, and guess that my issues with the K81 are just part of me not being used to closed can headphones. Let me...
  24. dilshant

    Which one of these headphones would match my requirement? :)

    Hi everyone!   I am a newbie and basically my requirement is: - Headphones under $50 - Good bass with decent highs and mids - Listen to pop, rock, gospel, hip-hop, rap - Should be comfortable to have on - Should work without needing an external amp - Source of music is a Creative...
  25. JVineaux

    Confused by Akg names - k81 = 414?

    I've seen some stuff in forums about AKG model names that led me to believe some models have multiple names, possibly in different territories. Can anyone tell me if there's a list of the alternate names for models? I'm interested in the k26, k81, k451 and a few others models, but in researching...