Velour vs. Leather for earpads..
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Quite an easy one. I prefer Velour, because I find it more comfortable and furry.
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Velour since it tends not to sweat up like leather.
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Velour is running away with it. Where are the Team Leather Fanboys? Jk.

Velour is more comfortable and I love the look of it.
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I once had some velour ans some leather earpads for my Beyerdynamics.

The velour sounded more natural and the pleather a littme more artificial - mids inflatred.

Besides, since I wear glasses, the pleather made squicking noises when they moved on the "arms" of the glasses.
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Well, it affects sound signature, so it's different for every headphone. For the K81DJ the pleather pads work much better than velour. The DT770, on the other hand, sounds great with it's velour pads.

But I suppose if you leave aside the sound issue, I prefer velour for it's comfort and breathability.
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Originally Posted by Gaughtfried
If it's not pleather, then it's gotta be leather.

IMO, a well treated pair of leather pads are pretty hard to beat.

True, but you said it : 'Well treated'. A pair of velour pads is fairly low maintenance, just a wash every 6 months does the job.
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I prefer Velour to pleather. There is really nice pleather out there which is comfy as hell (A900LTD) but you get a little sweaty under it. Now real leather is something different. I heard the L3k just once but the pads were very very pleasant. Don't know how they are after several hours of use.
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I perfer Velour. The reasons are they are comfortable on your head, does not make my ears sweat after long use, and they look cool.
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Ergos have no need for your silly earpads.

But I voted leather. Cos the Omega pads are the shizzle.
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fuzzy wins all.


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