Upgrade from AKG K518DJ (K81DJ), price up to 200 USD - suggestions?
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Jul 20, 2011
Hi! Not long ago I bought AKG K518DJ, but I'm not that happy with them. Can anyone here help me finding a replacement? :)

Sound: I don't know much about this, but the sound of the K518DJ is a bit "muffled", like there's a wall of bass, with just a few details of higher notes being able to break through. I mostly listen to progressive rock, jazz, classic rock and classical music, but also to DJ's like Bonobo, Pretty Lights and the like. I'd like a crisp sound where I can hear a lot of details - bass is important but not the most important, and I want it to be crisp rather than just loud.
Design: This is why I bought the K518DJs, they are great to wear, so anything of a similar design would be great. They are very comfortable and block out noise excellently.
A lot of people recommend the Beats Solo HD, but after reading a bit on these forums I'm doubtful. Any recommendations? I can spend up to about $200, although 150 would be optimal, but If you have a suggestion costing (a little bit) more, just go for it :)
Hope anyone can help, thanks a lot in advance!

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