difficult to listen to AKG K81DJ - bass too powerfull
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Feb 18, 2010
I got the AKG K81DJ few days ago. Using it for hobby DJ training at home, and sometimes for a bit of regular listening to trance and house music. I am used to high-end in-ear monitors, and guess that my issues with the K81 are just part of me not being used to closed can headphones. Let me explain:
Being used to JH Audio JH16, I find the K81 bass response very disturbing. It is nice bass, but even at very low volume I feel there is too much energy projected into to my ears, and I may even feel some moving air inside the cans as you feel when standing in front of a full-size sub-woofer. Even though the bass is nice and not disturbing sonically, I am afraid that it may physically ruin my hearing eventually. When connected to my laptop I had good results removing the bass energy by reducing the EQ 62Hz channel by 11dB (!). The problem is that the bass lost all of it's beauty in the process.
Any advice ?
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In the middle of the pads is a foam insert, take it out. You don't need to take the pads off and it's totally reversible.

If your feeling adventurous open the cans and cover the inside of the cup with blu-tak.

Look for the K518/81 DJ/LE thread for impressions
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Blutak or dynamat, could experiment with some cotton stuffing if you wanted to.
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Also carefully bend the headband to loosen the fit. This will reduce isolation somewhat, but bass output as well.
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Cool, these have a similar recommendation for modding like the jvc harx900.  What is the comparative level of ease with putting the dynamat in the cup of the K81?  I'm looking to do a first-time mod.

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