Closed portable <300 $ to replace K81DJ
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Sep 6, 2004
Hey folks,
Need your help to replace my K81DJ that are falling in pieces. I'll expand on my headphone journey below so that you can better figure what I'm looking for.
But in a nutshell, I'm looking for
- A closed can (must really block outside sound, as much or better than the AKG K81DJ. Must leak out as less sound as possible.)
- But it should not have a clamp comparable to the K81DJ. I've got a biggish head and suffered from headaches so strong was the pressure those AKG were applying.
- With a cord that's absolutely not microphonic (I just cannot stand it) (or let's say extremely moderately microphonic if need be).
- Somewhat portable (let's say that Senns HD-25 would be ideal, AKG K81DJ OK. Bigger... let's say it can be discussed.)
- Powerable by an iPhone
- With neutral sound (no shrills on the high-end, no bumps on the low-end). 
- Bass should not be inexistent, though.
- With an "easy" sound (I love details, but I also love to be able to get on with the music)
- The more soundstage the better (but not a defining factor).
- To listen to... about everything. Loads of podcasts, electronic music, experimental music, some rock, lots of pop, some hip hop, some classical, jazz once in a while.
- Price should be <300$. I've seen HD25-1 II around 200 bucks in Switzerland where I live. That's a sweet spot pricewise but I'm willing to go higher if needed.
So, any suggestions ?  HD25-1 II are definitely on the list but what else should I look into ? And if you've got links to relevant threads or reviews, it would be dandy. Also bear in mind that prices and availability tend to vary on the European side of the pond.
Now, to get a better picture of what I knew soundwise up to this point...
I own Alessandro MS-1s. Love them except for the total absence of soundstage, the somewhat fatiguing and painful wear (nothing compared to the K81DJ, though). Almost never use them so strong they leak. A nightmare.
The K81DJs were probably the cans I've used the most for eight years. Hate their grip of death. Love the details (maybe a bit too analytical but somehow they lost this feature with the years, weird) and the soundstage. Bass is too powerful. Isolation was very good.
Had a pair of Panasonic RP-HTX7 for a while. They were quite comfy, looked great. Sound was two notches below the AKG K81DJ but very easy (not detailed enough, though but involving). Isolation wasn't sufficient.
Did buy an Equation Audio EarTools RP-21. They were huge ! But the sound was very good. But I returned them because the cord was so microphonic. A nightmare (again).
So maybe now you see better where I'm heading at. Gradoish neutral sound with some bass, very comfy (the more portable the better) and with a great soundstage. Excellent isolation and some details.
Hope you'll be able to help.
With my thanks.
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AKG k181dj's xD
No um I think HD-25's are good for what you're looking at though I would also consider Phiaton MS 400's.

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