Queen fan looking for portable on ears UPDATED: looking for IEMs instead
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Feb 13, 2006
I figured the thread title summed up what I'm looking for the quickest. I've been around Head-Fi for some time. I've probably bought every budget everything over the years.
I am a huge Queen fan but I also listen to a lot of different things. From David Gray to Dark Tranquility, from ZZ Top to Zebrahead, Nine Inch Nails to Norah Jones. A lot of progressive too Rush, Queensryche, Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree and Blackfield. But I also like my bass, sometimes Kanye sometimes old Dre but then I'll throw on The Format, Fun. or Jellyfish. So what I'm looking for is something that can handle all of that if possible.
Closed or open shouldn't be an issue. Right now at home I mostly use my MS1. I already own Portas, Sportas, KSC75 and 35, and PX100. Closed might be good if I decide to take these to work but I don't listen loud enough to disturb others if they are open. Open is also good so that at night when my son goes to bed I can still listen for him if he cries. I'm looking at supra-aural rather than circum-aural for portability and heat. Circums tend to make my ears hot. Plus I have the Sony MDR-V6 with Beyer velours that I love. I've owned PX200 and I didn't like them. Once upon a time the K81DJ was a big thing but I never got on those and I know they've been replaced. I kind of like a pancake pad rather than a circle pad again for comfort. I'm at the moment leaning towards the B&W P3 but when I auditioned them quickly at Peach Mac they didn't sound that good. Granted it was a quick listen from an iPod Touch and some songs I wasn't familiar with. But the good reviews I've read have me wanting to go back and take a listen. Since I love my MS1 and also have a Headphiled SR225 I'm thinking maybe an iGrado would be good. So pricewise, obviously I am cool with spending a couple of bucks but I never mind saving a few either.
Thanks everyone.
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InCase Pivot. Sounds like the SR80i at around $20.
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Thanks for bringing this thread back around for me. However I've kind of changed gears.
I'll be working from home soon and this will all be a moot point. But for the moment I have gone the IEM route. I did pick up a pair of Pivots along with a Philips SHL9705A for $7 a piece at Marshall's and they are both great, believe the hype. I am intrigued by the JVCs though. I would love to audition these but that's unlikely I think unless I can make it to a meet where someone has them. I miss NY.
I wound up finding my old SF5PRO and TF10 from way back. I recently bought SE215 off of Craigslist for $40 and recently got Etykids from Amazon for $25. I use a DIY CMOY I built when I first came to Head-Fi in 06 and a Fiio E5 mostly. I also got an SHE3590 from TJMaxx for $7. I switch em all out throughout the day. But I keep going back to the Etys. I don't know if it's fit issues with the UEs or what but olive foamies rule #1 and the Ety sound is really growing on me. Since I've been around a while I also have the IM716 and I felt like there was just something not right about them so I tried the Etykids since they were so cheap. I think I may just save up for the ER4 at this point. I was also looking at the VC02 and received some good feedback on them. If anyone has any other suggestions that would be great and thanks again.

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