1. The Dan of Steel

    Queen fan looking for portable on ears UPDATED: looking for IEMs instead

    I figured the thread title summed up what I'm looking for the quickest. I've been around Head-Fi for some time. I've probably bought every budget everything over the years.   I am a huge Queen fan but I also listen to a lot of different things. From David Gray to Dark Tranquility, from ZZ...
  2. h8uthemost

    Need help choosing

    Hey guys,   After the right side of my Sennheiser CX 300-II crapped out(my fault, wax from a candle got in it, and barely any sound comes out of it), I'm looking to get something new primarily to be used for a portable player. I thought I was going to go with another pair of in-ears, but I...
  3. Fryde

    iGrado Modification

    Hello everybody   I have a pair of iGrado which have been broken for some time. It was the weak wiring who broke, and I fixed that with some other and stronger wiring. But I didn't do the job good enough course it broke after a few month. Now I want to fix them once more, but this time for...
  4. Frankrizzo

    igrados for the gym

    i was going to get some igrados for the gym but my problem is they are the back of the head kind. i have tried other head phones that are the back of the head kind and was not impressed. can someone recommend me a similar kind for the gym?
  5. BoxBoxBox

    igrado problem

    It seems this has happened with many of my headphones in the past---after a while (I've had iGrado for 8 months), music only comes into one channel unless I play with the headphone jack-to-mini, wiggle it around, apply pressure, but it comes in and out. It's annoying. I bought this iGrado...
  6. bassophile

    Bass-light portable open headphone?

    I'm looking for something PortaPro-sized (Grado SR60 is way too big) but with a nice lithe, bass-light sound signature.   Must be open backed.   The PX100 is the most usually suggested PortaPro alternative but apparently that is even darker!!   Was considering iGrado's but apparently...
  7. juntom10

    ugh...i become a fan of GRADO headphones LOL

    I was using an AKG headphone 172HD..   and I got Grado SR 80.. i love the sound alot...   sound is so tasty...i love it....   i really... like it..   so i ordered sr 60 for the portable usage..   and im about to buy sr 225...   wow..   GRADO headphone...
  8. Etnier

    GOOD over-ear phones for jogger???

    Hi- first post from newbie.   I'm an audio engineer and have owned some very nice headphones over the years, including various Grados (225's now) and a Stax SR-Lambda Pro / SRM-1/MK-2s system. My wife is now enthusiastically jogging with a new iPod and some crummy JVC HAS 150BX headphones...
  9. zzed

    My PX100's are breaking - What to replace them with?

    This is my first post on head-fi, so please be kind :)   For normal, every day use, I've become acustomed to my Grado SR60's.  For gym and portable use, I have my Sennheiser PX100's.   Problem: My PX100's are breaking.  I can see bare wire peeking out where the cord enters one of the...
  10. iAleex

    Neckband Headphones

    Hello guys, Alex here,   I'm looking for a neckband type headphone, similar to SteelSeries Siberia... (no luck finding it)   I've spent more than 3hours so far searching the web (I know...) and the website's forum (which by the way is AWSUM), and still didn't find what I wanted.  ...
  11. RLembke

    Beyerdynamics DTX 35s?

    Does anyone have any experience with the Beyer DTX 35s?  HeadRoom has a glowing review of these guys and for the price over at Amazon, I pulled the trigger on a set.     I won't dare classify myself as an audiophile in circles such as Head-Fi but I've experienced some of the better...
  12. mackat

    Headphones like portapros

    Hi I need headphones that have the same sound signature as the portapros, but better treble, and noise isolating. Under 100. Thanks mackat
  13. cactus_farmer

    Koss PortaPro vs Sennheiser PX100 vs iGrado?

    I've read conflicting things about the PortaPro vs the PX100. When assessed individually, people tend to say the PortaPro is dark and muddy, bassy and has somewhat rolled off highs. When the PX100 is assessed individually it is said to be dark as well, and laid back and lush...etc... But when...
  14. KingFontenette

    I always break my headphones! Time for new ones.

    Hello everyone! My name is Terrance Paul Fontenette and this is my first post here after lurking for about a year. Like the title says, I always break my headphones. I ride BMX. I buy headphones knowing they are going to break when I ride my bike. This does not bother me since I don't wear...
  15. headphonejunkie

    igrado impressions

    I am thinking of purchasing a pair of igrados and was wondering what peoples opinions of them were.They are supposed to have the sr60 drivers in them so I would imagine they sound pretty good.
  16. Mushrooshi

    Comparison of iGrados to iPod Earbuds from a new audiophile

    Well, since discovering Head-Fi, I've been finding myself more and more curious about the world of audiophiles and good audio equipment. The first 'audiophile' purchase I made was on these iGrados, which I found shared the same drivers as the Grado SR60s, and have been well received by lots of...
  17. dogwan

    Dr. Strangemod or: How I learned to stop wincing and love the iGrado. (56k warning!)

    Feeling inspired after modding my SR125i's I started eyeballing my iGrados. They've been hanging on a hook near my front door unused for the last year.   It was quick work to get them apart and in short order I had them quarter modded, damped the back of the magnets, and vented the drivers...
  18. darkangel9685

    igrado mods

    just got my igrados and im loving them! I was curious about what kind of mods are out there for these babys.... I've heard of the quarter mod, just scared to do it (lack of experience) any advice is greatly appreciated!!
  19. Vikingatheart

    Grado Fan Club!

    I searched and couldn't find a fan club for Grados in general. I have only listened to the SR80is and LOVE them. I love how these cans really bring rock to life. I hope to someday try some more high end Grados. I want to see how the Grado "house sound" changes throughout the line up. 
  20. D

    Grado iGrado Black

    These cool little cans make a dandy upgrade for your portable player. With a warm bass and smooth overall sound, your ears will thank you as the iGrados round out any harshness in your tunes and player. The behind the neck headband is nice for those wanting to wear a hat or keep from mussing up...