1. mrlolftw

    Help deciding a good pair of ultra portable on ear headphones?

    I need a good pair of ultra portable on ear headphones since my M50's are a bit too large for everyday carrying around. I took a look around, and all the ones i have listed seem to be in my price range, but the PX-200II's seem to be the ones that are the most ultra portable, my only problem with...
  2. danquoc

    Looking for a new pair of cans with bass

    Hey, I'm lookin for a new pair of cans. I got the beats solo last year as a gift and were my first pair of on ear headphones. It wasn't long ago that my brother got te M50s and I couldn't believe the quality difference. I was going to buy the m50 as well but I did a last comparisson with that...
  3. cam94z28

    AKG M80 MkII any good?

    These are on sale for $29.99 at music123 (add to cart for price). I can't find any word about them here at all. The only post was dated 2007, and probably for the non MkII model. I'm wondering if they're worth trying for the price. Then again, I like my bass, so maybe not... they are semi-open...
  4. mattia

    Best AKG bass response?

    AKG k242 hd good headphone about isolation and bass response or i have to chise an other...like sennheiser 280 pro? thanks
  5. sml1226

    Need something new again... AKG, Beyer, Grado? What should I do?

    I'm looking for something new now that my plans to eventually snag a set of orthos has fallen through. I definitely want a new set of open cans if I'm getting something full sized. I'm looking for some mids similar to what Grado gave me, not necessarily the same mids tonally, just somewhat...
  6. Houou

    Headphones under 50$ (I need your help)

    Hi guys. I'm new in this headphones thing.... I'm looking for headphones under 50$, so maybe you could help me with that. Would be great if headphones would be comfortable, good sound isolating, good sound quality and maybe nice looking... P.S. What you thing about Razer Electra or Orca?
  7. XxTearGodxX

    Shopping for new headphones need some advice

    I finally decided I'm going to pick up a pair of good headphones. I want something that sounds great yet looks stylish. My budget is $50-$60. I want over the head headphones NOT EARBUDS! I can not buy online only in store, some stores I have access to are ( best buy, j&r, kmart, radio shack...
  8. kevinzone

    under 50$ with good bass and looks nice?

    Hey Im new. Im looking to find headphones that have good bass and look nice too.
  9. ytisawfulnow

    Headphones that sound better than beats solo for $50 or under

    I know what you're thinking, "Oh no! not another beats thread..." I would like to say first off i am not interested in beats by dre, i just want to ask something. I always hear people say that the Beats Solo HD are really bad for $200 (which they are) and you can get headphones for around $50...
  10. Malav

    V moda lp vs lp2

    So which has more bass and head shaking power? I have already tried out my friends lp1 and has great bass but what about it compared to lp2? I can get lp1 Nero for 102 on amazon but 200 for lp2 so should I spend that 100$ extra for lp2? Feel free to add some other headphones for about 100-200 I...
  11. Don Workinson

    AKG K81DJ VS Audio-Technica ATH-T44

    Hello every1. I need a little help. Since my planed purchase failed and I don't want 2 wait 4 a new shipment and deal with that store ever again [since it took them 6 days 2 tell me that they don't have that HP and give me my money back] I was thinking on getting some PORTABLE HP for iPod...
  12. Antic

    Where to get Headphones Recabled in Austin Texas?

    Hey so I need to get some AKG K81's recabled at some point. Not being an experienced electrician or never having done any similar project i'd like to get someone to re cable these for me. Anyone know of a place local or is anyone in Austin that would be willing to take up this task for me?  ...
  13. Hayezer09

    $60-100 Headphones

    Hey I'm new here and this is my first post so I'm quite the amateur when it comes to headphones! I'm thinking of getting a new set of headphones within the $60-100 range, but preferably lower. I'm looking for decent/good sound quality and somewhat stylish design(I've been looking a Urbanears...
  14. spacebar

    First Time Headphone Buyer

    Hi, everyone. This is really the first time I have been looking for a solid pair of headphones to buy. I have been perusing the internet for a couple days looking for different headphones to get. So far my criteria for a pair are as follows:   -I will be using them for indoor listening only...
  15. Sneakily

    First over ear heaphones help.

    So I have been looking at a lot of heaphones that have a nice bass response for hip hop and rap type genre that sounds clear and delivers pretty hard. I have come up with a list of a few I am interested in, my price range is to about 150$ including amp if it would help.     XB500 Sony...
  16. Hemn

    iem with AKG K81 Soundsig

    i like the soundsig of the k81 , now i want some more portable phones up to 80 € which iem's with good isolation should i buy
  17. murky44

    Need help finding comfortable headphones in ~$50 range for music and gaming.

    Hello Head-Fi,   I just started my second year of college, and I'm having some trouble looking for and deciding on a pair of good headphones to use in my apartment. I'm currently using an old Creative HS-980 headset for everything, and it just isn't cutting it for me anymore.   They'll...
  18. Masquerade1

    Portable H.P choice

    I am interested in purchasing some portable H.P for use when running around town.   Narrowed them down to these 4   Senn PX 200II AKG K430 Beyerdynamic DTX300P Audio Technica ES7   From what I read on head-fi the K430s seem to have a durability issue with paint flacking off...
  19. project86

    Review: Yulong U100 compact USB DAC/amp

          INTRO   Anyone browsing this forum has probably already had their formative experience with music. Maybe it was a live performance. Maybe it was a demo at an audio dealer, or a nice car stereo, or maybe even a pair of headphones. Whatever it was, it sparked an interest into...
  20. Assault

    In a Headphone slump..

    Hi guys, I'm looking to buy some real good headphones, I can use around $175 USD.   I'm an up-coming DJ for music known as "Gabber / Hardcore Techno"   The genre consists of heavy bass drum sound, usually distorted, generally 150-220 bpm.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7KSWeTqi1M...
  21. mart1

    Bassy stylish headphones for a female friend

    A female friend of mine is looking for portable, bassy and stylish headphones, color white preferred. The best match I found was AKG K181 DJ. Gogo suggest some :)
  22. Funky_Junk

    HD555 vs HD280 Pro

    Im in the process of purchasing new headphones and I was wondering which setup you would suggest for listening for ROCK music. Heres what I was thinking: 1. Sennheiser HD555 + Onboard Sound 2. Sennheiser HD280 Pro + Audigy 2 (Possibly ZS, but would that make a difference) 3. AKG K 81 DJ +...
  23. sinafl

    Bose Headphones

    I am considering on buying the Bose Headphones. I mainly listen to rock and rap. The only problem is that I hear there are better headphones for this price. I looked at the shure e3c but I dont like earbuds. Is there anything that looks as good as the Bose and is better?
  24. pukism

    Less leaky alternative for Sony XB500

    I would like to buy a general purpose headphones with some emphasis on bass. The XB500 appears to be great in many ways except for sound leak. What would you recommend in similar price / quality range?
  25. Sadiew

    Keeping my new headphones in shape?

    A few hours ago I purchased a part of Audio Technica ATH-M50 headphones after I was recommended to them for my music listening purposes. I got them at a pretty good deal from a Hong Kong based operation (which worries me that I won't even get them but different point all together) so I'm really...