1. LxJLthr

    Online Deals on AKG K81DJ and K518 LE Headphones

    I came across two vendors in my post-Christmas shopping that seemed to offer good deals on AKG's K81DJ and K518 LE line headphones.  I have been interested in picking up a set of my own for the last couple months (I have been borrowing a friend's set), but have been holding out in hopes of a...
  2. devwild

    K81 DJ replacement pads, better options?

    I recently found my K81DJ earpads were degrading rapidly from years in my bag. I needed a replacement set quickly because I use these on the bus all the time, and short of in-ears, which I can't wear, I've found these to be a great compromise of sound quality, isolation, comfort, and...
  3. cardboardhome

    Best IEM's around $50?

    I am looking to buy a pair of IEM's around $50, give or take some. But I do not want to spend more than $100. Also, I am looking for sound quality, build quality, and these are going to be my first pair of good headphones so I'm no audiophile. However, I'm still looking for them to be good of...
  4. libertine47

    AKG K81DJ vs Shure SRH840

    Help me decide Which is the ideal portable headphones:   akg k81dj Shure SRH840 ultrasone dj1 Audio Technica M50 Audio Technica Pro700 sennheiser hd-25-1 sony mdr-7506 ... ..Which one is better for house music and rock music????  Which one do you recommend me??? Escribe texto...
  5. DJSkinns

    Help please

    Hi guys   I am looking for a pair of headphones for my daily commute on the bus (an hour each way). I have been using in-ear noise isolation headphones as they cut out the noise of arguing school children, drunks and general loud conversation. However I find them a little uncomfortable and...
  6. uranutan

    Portable headphones for around $50-$60 with capable sub-bass?

    I got Audio Technica M50s a couple months ago. They're good, but the bass is totally underwhelming un-amped. They're also too big for portable use. I listen mainly to dance music so I'd like something with capable sub-bass unamped. I'm thinking about the Sennheiser PX100, especially because they...
  7. HecticVector

    Mid-low range DJ cans

    Hi all, I'm looking for some advice on how to fix my old cans or some new replacements.   I had just bought some AKG K81's. They're stylish and tight fitting, pretty light with good sound (better than my ear buds anyway) and isolation, but they broke. The jack was just too weak for my...
  8. Skrying

    Replacing D2000 With Something Smaller

    Hi there,   I love my Denon D2000. They've been great headphones, probably my favorite ones I've owned. There are two problems though... they're heavy and they're large. Heavy headphones can be stressful on the neck and when you where them often this can be a problem. Large because I'm on...
  9. globydudems

    I need help choosing new headphones! Please take my poll.

    So I broke my in-ear headphones and I've decided to move on over to over-ears. The problem is, these are going to be my first set and I have no idea where to start. I did some research, mostly from ...
  10. theminsta

    HelpANewb Thread: Finding Best Closed Phones for R&B/Rap/Hip-Hop

    Hey Head-Fi,   So honestly, I've been listening to my Apple earphones for as long as I can remember and I just feel like I've been missing out on life. I've seen and tried Dr. Dre's Beats Solos and some other standard(mine are low I guess) phones (most likely <$50) but Dre's have way too...
  11. geoxile

    What are the best portable headphones on a 50 USD budget?

    I'm a wannabe audiophile, but I'm way to poor/cheap to spend money on the better stuff. >_>   Can I get some advice?
  12. kilfrg7864

    $200 looking for headphone recommendations please!

    Hey all   I have $200 and im looking at getting a new higher end pair of headphones. Ive read a bunch of other posts, but none seemed to match what I am looking for in a headphone.   I listen to alot of trance, house, pop, and listen to musicals (wicked, rent, etc). I currently own...
  13. conduct

    Comfy all-around headphones for less than $200?

      I'm looking for a pair of headphones under $200 that would work well with a wide variety of music--classical (mostly baroque and modern), IDM, post-rock and noise, some acoustic and vocal stuff. I have no preference whether they're open or closed. I get migraines, so I need something...
  14. Tbeze

    K81 DJ vs. Sony MDR-V6

    what would be more enjoyable for a portable experence, from a DT 770/80 owner? this will be powered from the LDM+, out from my ipod if makes a difference. according to another thread, there both tanks, so construction a non issue?
  15. Angelic

    EH350 - completely dissappointed

    Hi everybody. Few days before I decided to buy some heaphones for portable and office use. Ordered AKG K81 - not bad.. but too much bass, and they sitted on my head like a small hat on big alien's head. THen I decided to change them... paid additional money, and bought Sennheiser EH350...
  16. FirsToStrike

    Looking for isolating portable headphones

    Ok, so let's get straight into business. I am looking for portable headphones with decent isolation (both ways) that are good for heavy metal and most of it's sub-genres, because that is what i listen to. I need them for running, along with other stuff, so i would like something that won't...
  17. yoyo59

    AKG K 81 DJ?

    I am looking for phones that will play rnb rap hip hop etc nicely with depth and clarity, and abit of bass! am i right in thinkin the akg are the best for its kind? i am thinkin also the HD650s but the price difference between them is so big and ill also need a amp to run them which would be...
  18. xgeom

    Sony MDR-V6 lack bass?

    I am very disappointed with the bass on my new MDR-V6. I can hardly hear the bassline on any song I listen to. One reference point: Daft Punk - "Around the World." The bassline is the foundation of the song, but it just sounds weak on these headphones. Has anybody else experienced the same...
  19. Ikarios

    Do people in Austria just have really small heads or what? (AKG complaint thread)

    Yes, of course sample size is small, but I just got AKG K701s, and, as before with my K81DJs... the headband is simply too small. I know I have a giant noggin, but all my other headphones are able to fit comfortably without needing to hit the max setting. On both AKG sets the biggest setting...
  20. alexpea

    Blue-tack mod on K81 DJ's

    I've seen it done before, and I wanted to try it out myself. The fabric recommended for this mod is blue-tack or plasticine. I bought blue-tack (Tack-It) 1. Removed the pads, which sits nicely around the cup. Makes me wonder why Ultrasone didn't apply this feature instead of that stupid...
  21. wermcran

    Good sound and isolation with a headphone- AKG 81, AT M50, HD280?

    Hello everyone,   Thanks for reading and for providing input.  I love headphones and I've been using my HD595s through my EMU 0404 USB for about 3 year, still loving the set up for it's comfort and soundstage.    I need to buy a set of headphones to wear on the subway (40mins twice a...
  22. phixeos

    K81DJ vs ATH-FC7

    I've always used canalphones, but recently, I've wanted to try some headphones instead. My 2 top contenders are the K81DJ and the ATH-FC7. I'll mostly be using these headphones for walking to work, on trains, etc. I want headphones that are fairly portable, comfortable, decent noise...
  23. chnsawBrutality

    Need some new work cans

    Hi everyone, I need to find some new headphones for work.  No IEMs or full-size cans please.   I listen to a broad range of music: metal, rock, hip-hop, electronica.  Stuff like In Flames, Blue October, The Prodigy, Aesop Rock, Sigur Ros, Bloc Party, Journey.. yadda yadda.  That kind of...
  24. Seidhepriest

    Roland RH-50

    First, a few words about the K-81. The Head-Fi K-81 appreciation thread made them look as if they were the "headphones for anyone", with a few comments about how they remind scaled-down, less detailed K-240 Studio. Trouble is, the K-81 are very unlike the K-240 Studio. The K-81DJ are just...

    AKG k81 VS. Sennehiser HD205

    hello all, i seriously need your help.   i need a good set of headphones for my player, and i wanna invest in a GOOD QUALITY set.   my two options now, suitable for my budget are:   AKG K81 for 69$. i love AKG and i wanna have a foldable set, but i know nothing about their sound...