Dr. Dre Trade - The adventure of bad Headphones
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If you can stretch your budget to 150, the vmoda m80s are pretty great for the price, and they are built better than anything i have ever used. You can throw them in your bag without a case and they won't be breaking anytime soon. I was never a big fan of the m50s, and the m80s blew them away. Imo, the best two headphones in that price range are the m80s and the sennheiser hd-25s, depending on what sound signature you like more. The hd-25s to isolate much better than the m80s though, as they are completely closed and clamp tighter, whereas the m80s have a small vent inside them. Still, they don't really leak unless you're playing really loud.

I was looking at the m80s. They look pure awesome... and completely on the other end the 25's look kinda cheaply made. 
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That's such a wide range.... XD
When I'm in the zone, electronic keeps me focused. Chillin out, I'll listen to a little Classic Rock or replay the recordings our Brass Quintet made. Often I'll pop in the 'ol musical or two.  
I play the Tuba and Bass, so I really tune into those low patterns. That's why I was looking for the headphones to have a solid low end.  

You wont find that on the HD280 also its the most uncomfortable phone i can think about, followed by the Hd205

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