1. antigen

    Monoprice 8323 vs ZORO NOONTEC vs JVC S400: What do you suggest?

    Hi to all,   I want a good pair of head phone, I have read very good review about:   - JVC S400   - ZORO NOONTEC   - MONOPRICE 8323   What do you suggest?
  2. antigen

    Jvc s400 vs koss porta pro vs other? What the better solition?

    Hi to ALL!!!     i news your help, what is the better headphones into this list?   koss porta pro   Superlux 681   JVC S400   Creative Live aurvana   Please help me to chose the best solution!   audio source: iPod Classic with ALAC and iPhone with spotify  ...
  3. Justlog

    new cans for home.

    Hey everyone, I need a pair of cans for about 100$ for listening at home. Thoose will be used for listening to alot of generes of music. from Rock to Dubstep, from Jazz to Rap. Comfort is a crucial detail so please, no cans with known comfort problems. I want to be able to wear those for...
  4. redme

    Please Put Me Out Of My Misery and Help Me Decide!

    Hi guys!  So right now, I am currently looking to buy a new pair of headphones (finally upgrading from stock ipod earbuds!) and thus have been researching all over the internet (especially these forums) to help me decide which headphones to get.  After a couple of weeks, I have basically...
  5. Bboy500

    Headphones for radio?

    Since I enjoy listening to radio when I'm on the go, and am not really fond of carrying around a bunch of equipment with me, what are some good headphones that I can buy for this use specifically.   They obviously have to be easy to drive and be very forgiving while still sounding good.  ...
  6. billyymc

    Wow this is complicated stuff ! Have my choice narrowed down to four, or five, or maybe six choices.

    I'm only partly joking.  Total newb here - and I'm sure you get tired of these types of threads.   Have done quite a bit of reading here as well as some other related websites in the past week and am waffling between feeling like I'm reaching a decent conclusion, and being thoroughly...
  7. shipwreck276

    Trying to decide between some headphones - never bought any quality ones before

    Hi, I haven't ever had any even semi-nice headphones before and am looking to buy some. My cousin got a pair of beats mixr for Christmas and I thought they sounded really good. Then again the nicest headphones I've had probably cost $15. It sounds like those aren't really highly regarded around...
  8. ShreyasMax

    Decent (read budget) portable Over Ear Headphone needed

    Dear Head-fiers,   Just joined this community, and as an audio enthusiast new to hi-fi audio gear (can't describe myself as an audiophile...yet :) ), am looking forward to getting good guidance from all the experts here.   Requirements: - I'm looking for portable closed Over-ear...
  9. ANIM816

    Noontec Zoro

    I've been looking for some stylish, efficient, portable headphones and I found Noontec Zoro, which has been widely praised in comparisons with Beats by Dr Dre. I'm really interested in buying them, but there's not much about the bass. Does anyone know if the bass is good enough for dubstep...
  10. zantaff

    Dr. Dre Trade - The adventure of bad Headphones

    My mother, being the wonderful person she is, gave me a pair of Dre Beat Studo's for my 23rd this year.  While I do appreciate her thought, they just.... fail. I've had them waaay past the return date, (trying to give them a chance) so I can't return them.... So I got the idea to sell them...
  11. vincenzo79

    Noontec ZORO

    Hello, My name is Vincenzo. This is my first message I post and sorry for my english I write this post because I have to buy back my headphones. I had seen the Monster Beats Solo HD but they cost too much for me. While surfing on the internet I have noticed these Noontec Zoro ...
  12. lakersfan2424

    Ath m50s le or noontec zoro

    I am deciding whether to buy the ath m50s le or the noontec zoro, leaning a bit towards the ath m50s le. I listen mostly to rap, pop, and alternative music through an iphone 5 without an amp. I want comfortable headphones tha have good sq and sound stage, a bit more bass than usual but not too...
  13. lakersfan2424

    Ath m50s le or noontec zoro

    I am deciding whether to buy the ath m50s le or the noontec zoro, leaning a bit towards the ath m50s le. I listen mostly to rap, pop, and alternative music through an iphone 5 without an amp. I want comfortable headphones tha have good sq and sound stage, a bit more bass than usual but not too...
  14. three4me

    Best headphones for a 13 year old?

    I want to get my son headphones for Christmas for under $100. He will use them pretty much for his ipod to listen to music and ipad to watch movies. The ones I have looked at are Sony MDR-V6, Sennheiser HD-280 pro headphones and Sony MDR-XB500. Which one of those would be the best fit for him...
  15. Destiny520

    Fiio E11

    Hi, I am a noobie about headphone, i want to ask u guys that is Fiio E11 a good choice to be with itouch 4? im using SE215 and Ue6000 right now.  i like to listen to all kind of songs as long as i think is good.  Thanks! ^^
  16. da32065

    Noontec Zoro & ATH M50

    Hello everyone! I'm not an audiophile and I confess that I like some extra bass when it comes to music (I listen to hip-hop, dupstep...). I have an ATH M50 and the level of bass is ok for me (a little bit more bass would be better, but..). Now I'm looking for a more portable headphone and I...
  17. BRSxIgnition

    I seem to be a picky Head-Fi'er... (Upgrade from ATH-M50)

    Hi,   I've been looking around for the past few months to replace/upgrade from my dying/dead Audio Technica ATH-M50's. As a result, and after seeing all the possibilities, I ended up creating the "Mid-Fi Closed Portable Battle 2012 Discussion" thread, seeing as many people were in similar...
  18. Tom22

    sub $100 dollar headphones

    Hi i'm a student commuting back and forth from school everyday approximately 3 hours, subway and bus. i'm aiming for a neutral sounding, good isolation, modern look headphones. i was just debating between the Philips Citiescape Downtown and the noontec zoros.   I see the downtowns for...
  19. Tom22

    Noontec zoro any swappable earpads

    hi there i just recently ordered the noontec zoros and i was wondering if anyone can direct me earpads that provide more isolation?   any website with earpad dimensions would be fantastic.   How does everyone find out whether earpads fit or not other than buying it?
  20. marky2299

    Headphones for Dubstep/House?

    Hey, im new here, just a heads-up lol. Anyway, im looking for a pair of headphones, not earbuds, that have great bass and look stylish too. I also ask that they be no more then $150. Right now, i have a pair of skullcandy hesh, and they suit my needs, but im looking to step it up a notch...
  21. Trojacked

    Headphone comparison. (Noontec Zoro or Sol Republic Tracks HD

    hello there,   which headphone would suit me best. I listen to all genres.   The headphones are the:   The Sol Republic track hd Noontec Zoro   Please do not reccommend any other headphones i am only interested by one of the posible two that I listed.         IMMORTALMUSO
  22. jekyll919

    I love the design of the Beats Mixrs, but absolutely hate the image Beats have, any advice?

    Hi,    This is my first post, so please don't rage on me too hard. I'm still new to quality headphones =P.   I'm looking to upgrade from my SOL Republic Tracks. I've had them about a year, and personally think they're great. However, I'm looking for a step up in sound quality. To be...
  23. beaker1977

    On Ear Headphones with iPhone Remote - recommendations?

    Hi,   I'm relatively new to this forum and was hoping I could get advice. Basically, I'm looking to get a replacement set of headphones for my iPhone for commuting to and from work. I'm using some Audio Technica ATH CKS55i in-ears at the moment and although they are quite nice, overall I'd...
  24. Tom22

    Having trouble finding a sub $100 headphone. Please help!

    Hi there, i'm a student commuting on the subway and train everyday for about 3 hours. i'll need good noise isolation, to block out ambient noise. i'm looking for a pair of headphones under $100, that have a slightly modern look to them. i'm currently using the monoprice 8323s, their great but...
  25. iliendo

    Best portable headphones for under $50

    Hey Guys, I'm looking to buy a new pair of portable headphones (so no earbuds or in ear stuf please!), it will mostly will be used outside my home so I do care how they look like and want something a bit stylish (it doesn't have to be $300 stylish). I mostly listen to rap/hip-hop music (mostly...