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new cans for home.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by justlog, Jan 19, 2013.
  1. Justlog
    Hey everyone, I need a pair of cans for about 100$ for listening at home.
    Thoose will be used for listening to alot of generes of music.
    from Rock to Dubstep, from Jazz to Rap.
    Comfort is a crucial detail so please, no cans with known comfort problems.
    I want to be able to wear those for a couple of hours and not have ear cramps.
  2. seag33k
    There may be others, but I got a pair of Grado SR 60i's in a trade a number of years ago and they sound great.  They are very light and comfortable considering their simple design.  Happy hunting!
  3. Justlog
    Thanks but thoose seem too small for me.
  4. Justlog
    Anyone else?
  5. Aaron94
    Logitech UE4000
    Fostex T50RP
    V-MODA Crossfade LP
    Noontec Zoro
    Sennheiser HD 280 Pro
    Audio Technica ATH-M50
    All of these can be found on Amazon for less than $100, except the ATH-M50, which is $106
  6. ocnlogan
    While I'm still a bit new to things, I have been doing lots of research in that price range (and under) and I finally settled on the CAL! (Creative Aurvana Live!).
    They're actually rebadged denon 1001's and are outstanding for the price. One of the main things they're known for is comfort (low clamping force, and very light).
    I've only had mine for a full day so far and haven't done any "serious" listening to them yet but I can tell you that my initial impressions are pretty good. They're pretty well balanced, with a slight emphasis on the bass, and (to my "untrained" in headphone terms) with a "fair to middling" soundstage.
    They're worth a look at the very least.
    Good luck man :).
  7. Justlog

    I did put my eyes on the ATH-M50 but I'm still in doubt..
    Which one would you take if you we're in the same position?
    I'll look them up, thanks a lot for the long post!
  8. Aaron94
    I just recently picked of a pair of the Noontec Zoros, I was looking for the on-ear variety though. I absolutely love them, they have a very flat sound and respond well to EQing. 
    I personally wouldnt mind having a pair of the UE4000s though, and I already own a pair of the V-Moda LP2s, not the LPs.
    I have read that the UE4000s are very comfortable because of the lightweight material they are made of, combined with the removable cable and thickish ear pads.
  9. Justlog
    My only problems is that I have a pretty big ears so if I need to take measures before purchasing any one of these..
    The Logitech seem rather small for my ears..
    Which one of those you suggested have a bigger ear cup?
  10. Aaron94
    The Fostex T50RP, V-MODA Crossfade LP, Sennheiser 280 Pro, and ATH-M50 are all over ear designs, so they are made to cover your entire ear. The Noontec Zoro and UE4000 are made to just sit on top of your ear.
  11. Justlog
    People seem to say that the Crossfades have a very long burn in period..
    Do you have any reviews on the fostex?
  12. Aaron94
    Honestly I dont feel that the burn in is 100% required, mine sounded perfectly fine out of the box, and I just burned them in through use instead of actually setting them down to play some pink noise or something though them. If you really want to burn them in you can just hook them up to a source like a laptop at night while you sleep and play some pink noise, or even your music, through them. Do that for 2-3 weeks and it should be fine. But like I said, the change is so small that it isnt even worth it.
    As for the Fostex reviews, just search Fostex T50RP review in the search bar and you will find them.
  13. Justlog
    Well I don't want to seem too mainstream :p
    But it seems that the audio technica come on top of all of the others cans..
  14. Aaron94
    Well, the V-Moda are bass heavy, the Noontec are flat, the UE4000s are flat. But Ive heard the Fostex and the M50 and I feel the Fostex are better, their bass is more controlled, and the treble is superb.
  15. Justlog
    Still, I see people mention that the fostex are pretty amp depented(excuse my English, I am writing from an iPhone)
    While the M50 gets a lot of good responses about going solo without depending on using an amp.

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