1. johnsoft349

    Looking to switch from IEMs to cans

    But I only want to spend 100 bucks, maybe a little bit more if necessary.    I've been doing a lot of reading and it sounds like the Grado S80i's are popular for that price range, and very good.    The one thing I'm worried about is that the sound signature will be too flat. I already...
  2. BestEarCN

    need advice for an good on-ear headphone

    Looking for a good balanced onear headphone, with neutral to warm tone, no harsh or bright sound, good details price is not a big problem as long as it has a good value, I tried noontec zoro hd and ue 4000, they have good sounds, noontec is better imo, 4000 is a little bit v-shape I think, but...
  3. chunli

    Can't find the perfect headphones...Would love some help!

    Hi All,   So I don't know if I can officially categorize myself as an audiophile since oh man are there some crazy music lovers out there. =)  But I come pretty close.  I live in headphones whether its listening to music, watching movies, tv shows, etc.  I feel like I'm going through so many...
  4. doublea71

    The Hassle-Free Headphone Recommendation Thread: Cans that sound great without amping, modding, or burn-in.

    I think the title says it all. What are the best headphones, open or closed, that need no amping, modding, or burning-in to sound great? If I just want to plug something into my ipod and be on my merry way, what should I buy?   Suffice to say, many will likely improve with amping, but let's...
  5. St0rMl0rD

    Which good headphones to replace Beats Solo HD

    Hi guys,   I'm getting a pair of free Beats Solo HD. I am selling them even before I'm getting them, and I'll probably get around 180 € for them. Instead, I want to buy a pair of audiophile headphones, something the range of Grado SR125i's, I was looking at Alessandro MS-1i. Are there any...
  6. B9Scrambler

    Tritton Kunai On-Ear: A Complete Gem (especially at 7.95 CAD)

    Greetings,   Just wanted to throw this out there for those who enjoy hyper-budget headsets.    I was perusing Best Buy here in Canada (always a great place for quality headsets....sarcasm) and came across a pair of Kunai Tritton on-ear gaming headphones, branded for the WiiU (plug size fine...
  7. archagon

    Replacement cable: 3.5mm male to 3.5mm male, long, 3-button remote + mic?

    Hey guys! I'm looking for a replacement 3.5mm male to 3.5mm male cable for my MDR-1RBT headphones. There's nothing wrong with the current cable, but it would be super nice to have 3-button remote and mic functionality for when the battery is down, or for when I'm gaming and need the lower...
  8. jbob181

    Looking to buy some Sennheiser headphones?

    My range is $100 and under I am a headphone noob I looking for comfort and good quality sound I will be using them on the bus to listen to music and to watch movies on my laptop.
  9. B9Scrambler

    J+- Stereo Headphones: "Blow you away sound!"

    Hello Head-fi,   Today, I bring you the J+- Stereo Headphone, yet another budget headphone from the Great Canadian Superstore's in-house brand, J+-.   This will just be a quick overview and first impression, with final impressions to be posted in about a weeks time, once I've had a...
  10. Extra

    Need Assistance Regarding Driver Flex

    So I recently figured out that every dynamic driver earphone I've used has given me driver flex, and it's come to a point where earphones are pretty much unusable. A couple months ago, I acquired a pair of Creative Aurvana 3's, a dual balanced armature, and received absolutely no driver flex...
  11. TezzaBC


    Hi,    I am new to the forum. Just purchased a new set of UE4000's , not the fanciest on ear phones but got a great deal and I think they sound pretty good, as good if not better than my old Sennheiser PX100's. Have been doing some research on mini headphone amps, have come across all the usual...
  12. FlyPenFly

    Good All Around for Cubicle around 100?

    I need a decent pair of headphones. Source will just be Spotify on high quality. Music is very eclectic from classical/instrumentals to things like Girl Talk and Hood Internet.   Needs to be closed so that I don't annoy people around me.    It will be powered from a Macbook Retina 15, latest...
  13. smsmasters

    UE 4000 vs Shure SE535 VS UE900

    How do the UE 4000 sound compared to the Shure SE535 and UE900?
  14. gilsont

    Advantages of On-Ear compared to Over-Ear and IEM?

    On-ear have an advantage (in my opinion)... ...to be more portable (but I feel like a lot of over-ear can fold away into a small package for travel [ex. UE4000 versus UE6000], so this doesn't seem like an advantage. Furthermore, IEM tend to be more portable than on-ear) ...on-ear models...
  15. Raitoneq

    Headphones for Japanese Music

    Hey, i'm looking for headphones to listen to a plethora of Japanese music(pop, rock. animusic etc ^^, if u need i can list samples). My wallet has only 100 - 120$ not more. I was thinking about shure srh440 but i'm not sure it's good headphones for me.     btw. my sound card is maya u5.
  16. zoink187

    Closed Headphone help!!!!

    Hello All, I have been reading the forums on this site for about a year. I find them to be an excellent reference point. I decided to be a member. I am the owner of two headphones that I have absolutely enjoyed for different reasons but they are very worn and rather dated.  So I am looking for...
  17. golfjija

    I want new headphone

    I'm interest in sennheiser but i don't know which can match my listening genre I'm like pop and r&b music sometime rock
  18. newphones

    The Very Best Headphones at $100???

    I'm in the category of listeners who are 'treble sensitive.' I love my details, hanker for them really, but simply can't listen for extended periods to any 'phones with a treble boost. I'm wondering what headphones offer the best compromise, ie offer clarity and detail while allowing for...
  19. Knucklez09

    Best "non" studio monitoring headphones

    I'm looking to spend $100-150.. 200 at the MOST for some good headphones that aren't necessarily monitors. I want some good overhead headphones for listening to mostly bass heavy music. I know the audio technica and some other monitors would be ideal, but I want my music to sound "good" and not...
  20. Knockout

    Best choice for Headphones under 100$

    I am looking for a new decent headphones for under 100 dollars which isn't much but its all I can afford right now and here are my options.   Koss PortaPro Grado iGrado Grado SR60i ATH M50   Need help!!
  21. Swimsonny

    [REVIEW] Logitech UE9000 - Ultimate Ears HEADPHONES Released! The UE4000, UE6000 and the UE9000 - Impressions Thread

  22. sofastreamer

    Did anyone compare ue4000 with beyer dtx501p?

    hi,   anybody here heard both? would be interesting, as both get good comments, but no direct comparo yet. oh, yes, and a comparison to the s500 would be great also.
  23. Somanyquestions

    Hd439 vs ultimate ears 4000 vs philips oneil stretch, OR other recommendations

    Hey guys. Im looking to buy my first pair of good headphones (i would like ones better than the 3 listed below though). Ive gone from having my mind set on the m50's, to my current situation. Im looking at the Hd439 philips oneil stretch SHO9561/28 Ultimate ears 4000 Other recommendations...
  24. BillsonChang007

    Noontec Zoro HD review

    In this review, I will be introducing what I believe to be Noontec Zoro's brother, the Zoro HD. The Zoro was a very successful headphone that get positive reviews on several big audio forum/website like the Innerfidelity and CNet. While I personally have not tried the Zoro myself before, but...
  25. akash neagi

    Sennheiser Momentum vs. Shure SRH 940 vs. Shure SRH840 vs. Sennheiser HD-518 vs. Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro vs. AUDIO TECHNICA ATH PRO700 mk2 vs. Sennheiser HD 449 vs. Audio-Technica ATH-M50S vs. UE 4000 vs. UE 6000

    Hi there I'm back and this time I have a long list of headphones to choose from.... The list is: Sennheiser Momentum Shure SRH 940 Shure SRH840 Sennheiser HD-518 Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro AUDIO TECHNICA ATH PRO700 mk2 Sennheiser HD 449 Audio-Technica ATH-M50S UE 4000 UE...