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Best choice for Headphones under 100$

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by knockout, Mar 18, 2013.
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  1. Knockout
    I am looking for a new decent headphones for under 100 dollars which isn't much but its all I can afford right now and here are my options.
    Koss PortaPro
    Grado iGrado
    Grado SR60i
    ATH M50
    Need help!!
  2. viralcow
  3. Knockout
    I am newbie and looking for a headphone that does the job. I browsed through a few forums and this is all I got. Any other good headphone suggestion would be welcoming.
  4. GaryPham
    Another pair of headphones you should heavily consider are the Creative Aurvana Lives.
    Out of the headphones you listed, I've owned/listened to the Portapros, SR60i, and M50's.  M50's are probably the best headphones out of that list, with the Portapros being the best bang for your buck (amazing sound quality for the price, only gripe is the headband which can snag hair).  The Creative Aurvana lives have always been one of my favorite pair of headphones though (love the sound and comfort), and if you can get one for around 70 dollars, I think its about 90% of the M50's for considerably less money.
  5. BillsonChang007
    For the price, my favorite is the UE4000 from Ultimate Ears xD search around here and you might be able to find one or two review of these including mine. It is really bang for buck sort of headphone.
    Also do note that, of all the headphones you listed above (other than ATH-M50) the best is Grado SR60i but all of them are open. ATH-M50 are not comparable to those at all for being closed, V-Shape(A bit) and over the ear.
    I hope this help!
    Billson :)
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  6. Supertoaster
    Creative Aurvana Live!
  7. Knockout
    Is Creative Aurvana Live a better headphone than Grado Sr60i or Koss Portapro. I am really looking for a headphone which is clear and the least muddy with a decent low and a great Mids and highs.
    Probably I should go for open headphones.
  8. Knockout
    Thanks for the suggestion. Do you have any comments on Creative Aurvana Live?
  9. GaryPham
    You should definitely try to find a local head-fi'er who owns an SR60i to let you try them out before buying.  I think it really comes down to a matter of taste.  I've owned the SR60i for a few months and really wanted to like it, but felt that the high's were a bit too grating for my ears and the earpads very uncomfortable for long sessions.
    I'm still going to give a +1 to the Creative Aurvana Live's, but I've also listened to the M50's extensively and you can't go wrong with those either
  10. ThinkAwesome
    M50 is under $100? Normally its in the $100-150 range. Out of the ones you have listed, the M50 is probably the best all around. 
    I would also recommend the Sony MDR-V6. It's in the same price range as the Creative Aurvana Live. Compared to the CAL it's much better built, more neutral, more analytical (thus less forgiving). 
    The SR60i's, I would recommend not considering them unless you can listen to them first. They have a quite strong coloring to them that some people love and some people hate. 
    Actually, I would say the most important thing when buying headphones is to actually listen to them. We can't tell you if you are going to like a headphone's sound or not definitely, only you can do that. 
    Also, any other requirements other than sound? 
  11. Three9
    My slightly modded Superlux HD660 > Creative Aurvana Live! any day. CAL's driver really can't handle high volume, but I do agree that is sounds nice at lower volumes. My HD660 gets pretty much headtime, about 40/60% favouring my Fostex T50RP Mad Dogs, that's how much I like them :).
  12. Knockout

    I would like it to be portable but thats priority number 2. The important factor is the sound. Nothing too boomy but should be able to give a lively sound.
  13. Knockout
     Any Suggestions for Shure SHR440. Those seems to be pretty good considering the price range.
  14. jackwess
    They are studio monitors, and have a fairly balanced sound. Mids are not recessed, they are crystal clear. 
  15. Tsujigiri
    You could also look at the Koss DJ100's and JVC S500's, which have been getting a lot of attention around here lately.
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