1. Chezzy79

    Need recommendation for a flagship-level headphone

    Over the last year I've been purchasing, auditioning, and selling headphones to search for my favorite set up.  These are what I've had the chance to own so far:   Ultrasone Signature Pro Beyerdynamic Tesla T1 Synphones Magnum V4 in Mahogany cups (made by Benjamin 6264) MCA Fostex T50RP...
  2. xnor

    Headphones sensitivity, impedance, required V/I/P, amplifier gain

    The following table is based on measurements, not manufacturer specs.   Target SPL is 110 dB SPL. The source is assumed to output 2 V. The amp is assumed to be a voltage source (0 ohm output impedance). Voltage, current, power are RMS figures.   What do the columns mean? S@1V is the...
  3. etys rule

    Want to compare Fostex T50RP modded - either Mr. Speakers or any other modded pair - please read for details

    Ok.  Here's what I am trying to accomplish.  I own a pair of T50RP's modded by Tyler at Mayflower Electronics.  However, in reading the various threads, I have come to believe there are significant differences between the modifications made by Mr. Speakers, Tyler, and LFF, as well as the...
  4. Dead Ghost

    Should i keep the Fostex T50RP and try to mod them OR buy something else for less than $500?

    Ok, so, i have recently bought some unmoded Fostex T50RP, that i listen to from the onboard audio; i haven't yet decided on an amp and dac for them. They sound decent (though i don't have anything to compare them to), but sound isolation is pretty poor and they are uncomfortable (really sweaty...
  5. Jakoul

    Fostex T50RP vs Brainwavz H5 (and variants)?

    Hi, I made a thread a few days back and thought I had decided on a pair of headphones to order but ended up putting it off a few days. Now I've stumbled upon the T50RPs and see all of these wonderful things about them. I know the T50RPs will need (at the very least) a amp and new cushions but...
  6. rage3324

    Fostex T40rp/T50rp ZMF and Mad Dog mods vs DT770 for gaming?

    I am looking for closed headphones for gaming and movies. I will be connect the headphones to my Denon 1910 receiver which probably has a very high impedance output   How do the T50rp mods and DT770 compare in terms of:   1. Soundstage 2. Bass impact 3. Bass accuracy ( I hate big shallow...
  7. Halimj7

    Best Headphones for low volume listening?

    The latest thread on this topic was from 2006 so I figured it would be good to bring up this topic again. Like me, im sure many of you are concerned about your hearing. Without our ears we can not fully enjoy this hobby. As I get older I get more concerned and low level listening has become a...
  8. Axiomatic

    Best option for ~$150 closed headphones

    Hey all!   Well, I'm new to the site, and also generally new to the headphone game, so I would love some input from some more experienced enthusiasts. Right now I am looking to buy a good set of headphones for some around-the-house listening. I'd like to get some closed, full-sized...
  9. TK277

    Advice for a detail-oriented setup

    Hey all. I'm looking into my next set-up, dream or otherwise. Over the past year I put a lot of my money into exploring portable iems. I think I found my preferred sound in the process. Of all the gear I have been able to experience thus far, my ATH-CK100PRO iems are my absolute favorite. I find...
  10. Shiny-Lights

    Which pair of closed headphone should I get for under $150?

    Hello everyone,   I am fairly new to head-fi and I did do some search around the forum trying to get the best closed headphone for under $150. I only have a pair of HD 203 that I brought from e-bay and honestly speaking my in-ear JVC HAFX1X xtreme-Xplosivs headphone sounds way better than...
  11. jasonb

    Debate: Soundstage vs Imaging. Which is more important and why?

    I thought this may be an interesting debate. Recently I modded a Fostex T50rp and have been primarily using it instead of the Q701 I had been using. Now, comparing the two, it's obvious that between these two traits the T50rp wins in terms of accurate imaging, and the Q701 wins in terms of...

    How do you paint T50RP headphones?

    I was wondering how people paint their T50RP's. Also, how do you braid your own cable? Some people make them look really nice.   This is what had me wondering if you're interested:
  13. Fungus

    Best recommendation for budget closed full size over the ear headphones under $25

    Must be extremely durable (must last for many years), preferably with detachable cable, easily driven straight from laptop, very comfortable and similar in performance to:  Akg 501 Goldring dr150 Superlux hd668b . Akg k240 Fostex t50rp
  14. sfwalcer

    The Nickerfied Fostex T50RP...................... Impressions and Mod Thread.

    IT'S OFFICIAL!!! This thread is dedicated to nick n's awesome sauce modded Fostex T50RP all the way from Canned Land to SF and now hopefully across the world as well. Just spreadin' dat lovin' for these nickerfied ones so for those head-fiers that's in my mini-nickerfied audition tour please...
  15. tussinette

    Are the Fostex T50rp really worth 200$ ??? (ready for controversy? :-)

    Lets have a bit of controversy over here :))))   The thing is that when I read posts from two years ago, people are speaking about 75$ cans. Well, when I check on Amazon US, they are available between 120 and 150$.   Where I am they are available for about 160 Eur so about 200 USD. That's...
  16. Butthungrymonke

    Will my modded T50RPs benefit from DAC + AMP?

    I've been researching for a solid week and I've been finding a lot of conflicting information and need some help. I've been reading and some people say that as long as you dont hear any background noise from PC interference and your volumes are loud enough, you will not benefit from a DAC+Amp.  ...
  17. AzraelDarkangel

    Best headphone driver element you can buy for DIY?

    The best I've seen are the Turbulent-X drivers from Turbulent Labs. Most of the other headphone elements I've found for sale are for lower end headphones. Can you buy high end Beyer, AKG, Audio-Technica driver elements?
  18. ShooterMacG

    Fostex T50RP with Asustek Xonar Essence STX

    Hi  I've got the sound card in the title, is it worth my while getting the t50rp? I'd love to try them but I hear they might be hard to drive. Thanks!!
  19. ricksome

    Arrived @ Lower Budget End Game By Surprise

     I will buy a piece of equipment after doing much research on Head-Fi or Amazon. Usually the novelty wears off after a day or two. The disappointment sets in and the search continues. I have always been one to stay in lower budget territory since my source are computer files and certainly they...
  20. phosfiend

    Need some new versatile Home 'Studio' cans with a bit more precision

    So, my trusty Beyer DT250-80's that I've used for years are finally starting to go :( and I'm looking for replacements to use in my very non-pro home studio. I do sound design for videogames & when I have time, make IDMish music. I do my critical work on monitors, but being a home studio, lots...
  21. joel96

    Koss PRODJ 100 vs Fostex t50rp vs KRK KNS 8400 vs HF5 vs RE400

    The application is for streaming gaming audio, so isolation is a requirement, even though it might hurt the soundstage. I am going to be using Polk 6750s for music, movies, and most gaming, and closed circumaurals (which I've found are generally, although not exclusively, superior in comfort to...
  22. Newguy7

    Questions about the "MrSpeakers Mad Dog (T50RP Mod)"

    Hey Everyone, I was wondering if the "MrSpeakers Mad Dog (T50RP Mod)" really compare to high end headphones such as Sennheiser 600's or even LCD-2's as some people would claim. It seems unlikely, however, what would these headphones stack up against? I'm very interested in buying a pair and...
  23. MuppetFace

    LFF's Enigma (new from the maker of the Paradox)

    the EnigmA       Presenting a new closed-back orthodynamic headphone: the Enigma.    This is the latest creation from head-fi member and sound engineer, LFF.   No official launch yet, but folks have listened to these at the recent Bay Area Meet, so I thought I'd go ahead and start...
  24. -xX-Mew-Xx-

    Fostex TH7BB : REVIEW * New FOTM ! Best Sub $100 Full-sized

    Heey Head-Fiers ! I will be reviewing the Fostex TH7BB! If you have never heard of them then give them a chance because they are good and really they impressed me!  And I would like to give Fostex a big thanks for sending me a pair of these! So lets get started ! :)   Isolation &...
  25. cottonchipper

    Volume settings when using PC + DAC + Amplifier

    My setup for headphone listening is PC > Hifiman HM-101 line out > O2 > Fostex T50RP.  Since adding the O2 I now have plenty of power for my headphones, but I'm wondering about the correct way to set the volume.  Should I set the PC volume all the way up and use the O2 to adjust to the level I...