Fostex TH7BB : REVIEW * New FOTM ! Best Sub $100 Full-sized
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Jan 29, 2013
Heey Head-Fiers !
I will be reviewing the Fostex TH7BB!
If you have never heard of them then give them a chance because they are good and really they impressed me! 
And I would like to give Fostex a big thanks for sending me a pair of these!
So lets get started ! :)
Isolation & Comfort:
These are Semi-Open cans and before I got them I expected tons of leakage and mediocre isolation, But thankfully is was the not like that at all! 
I was surprised that they were semi-open because of the leakage, they seemed closed.
Along with the isolation, although it does let a fair bit of sound in , in places like the train, bus and school. 
I am giving the isolation/leakage an 8/10.
The comfort is not as impressive unfortunately but I have big ears so this whole part on comfort may not apply to you.
Memory foam pads and urethane filled headband though.
So keep that in mind well I talk about the comfort!
At first they feel like clouds sleeping on your ears and an angel resting on your head, but for me, in about 1 hour it is like thunder and lighting on your ears.
The top of my head stays very comfy for hours! 
They have fluffy fur on the inside of the pad and I like that!
Build & Accessories:
They didn't come with that much but I didn't expect a whole lot from a $70 can.
Only a 1.5m cable/adapter with a 1/4" at the end.
The ones I got come in a black box and the other ones come in a purple container.
Black cable with 1/8" at the end ,quite short and is nice and rubbery/tough feeling!
Great for the daily commute !
The headphones themselves are built with high-quality plastic, metal, memory foam and urethane!
Metal inside the headband covered in urethane.
The pads are probably going to need to be replaced within 1 year of use.
They feel very sturdy and kind of heavy in my opinion.
The bass reminds me of a kid punching a pillow, slow and soft.
Goes very deep!
Nice and balanced but i'd have to say that they have more sub-bass then mid-bass.
The bass is soft and balanced, not basshead, but not even close to bass light.
Before burn-in, the bass is distorted and kind of muddy, but after burn in, it tightens up!
Very clean but lacks a little in control.
They handle dubstep very well! 
House and Trance is also done superbly. 
Rap is almost perfect and R&B as well!
Not trying to be discriminating or anything, but they accent a black mans voice very well !
The mids are natural, separate really well and aren't that muddy.
They could be a little more clean and refined though!
Pretty balanced until about 6Khz when they dip a little.
Natural timbre and soothing voices.
Not too forward and not too laidback.
Bass is very far away from the mids and equals for no bass bleed what so ever! 
They handle jazz , folk, grunge, rock and country almost perfectly!
If they were just a little more refined, then they would be one of the best headphones I have ever heard , In terms of mids!
Metal and alternative sounded a little boring.
Vocals are just so realistic and that is why I love these cans so much, I think they follow behind their big brother, the T50RP !
The highs are detailed and clean!
Rolling of right before 20Khz .
I know this sounds cheesy but I heard things I have never heard before!
They are not bright and not dark, just in between!
Very controlled  and really image well! 
They are elevated around 8Khz which gives guitars a life like feel! 
In terms of highs, better then SR80s ! 
Jazz is again, very elegant and beautiful! 
Classical is surprisingly amazing with these, because the highs only come out when needed! Unlike most Ultrasones which make classical sound fatiguing.
Again, like a mini T50RP !
The soundstage is tall and deep but lacks width and openness.
Makes symphonies sound like they are above you :p ahaha!
Imaging is amazing ! It makes the guitars come to life!
It helps them sound natural and real!
It sounds like your in front row , looking above at them and cheering, and the sub-bass really adds well to imaging and sounding natural! 
I really suggest these to anyone who listens to a lot of different genres!
Very comfy, light, sturdy and very beautiful looking :)
Sound is close to perfect in all categories !
I really hope you go and buy a pair right now :) !





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Oct 11, 2009
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I couldn't read it all the way through with a straight face. 
All those exclamation marks!!!!! 
I read it as though you shouted every other sentence. 

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Mar 28, 2012
Vaguely interested, mostly because I still haven't found a pair of portable headphones I like more than my CALs and sometimes I don't want to use IEMs. Have you got any other points of reference with regards to headphones? It's been so long since my T50RP was stock that I've quite forgotten what it sounded like, except I didn't much like it.
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Sep 20, 2004
What other sub $100 cans have you compared them with?... Lots of competition in this arena, and some really good sounding cans too... MS1, HAR-X700/900, k240s, SR60/80, CAL, M50, Koss tony benett, superlux...etc?
Lots of subjective opinion without a stated reference point.
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Jan 29, 2013

Well I am kind of a 1 headphone at a time guy.
But my memory is great and I can say that they are like a CAL with taller soundstage and deeper bass, I suspect a peak around 30Hz .
A more bassy Grado SR60i.
A less refinded T50RP.
They remind of a AKG K81 with less foward lower-mids.
They sound like a Shure 440 with a little more spacious mids and sub-bass.
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Jan 29, 2011
Is there a difference between this model and the TH-7B Headfonia reviewed two years ago?

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