Will my modded T50RPs benefit from DAC + AMP?
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Apr 21, 2014
I've been researching for a solid week and I've been finding a lot of conflicting information and need some help. I've been reading and some people say that as long as you dont hear any background noise from PC interference and your volumes are loud enough, you will not benefit from a DAC+Amp.  
Right now I'm using my PC (Realtek ALC889 codec) to play FLAC files through the headphones and they sound great. The volume at 60% is comfortable to listen to for hours and these headphones are just the best headphones I've ever heard. There is no static or hissing that I can hear either.
Since I've never listened to a high end pair of headphones through a DAC+Amp, I want to know if I can improve on the sound that I'm currently getting with my setup. So with my listening experience now (clear audio + comfortable volume @ 60% max volume) will I perceive any noticeable changes in sound if I buy a DAC+Amp?
Will I hear things or experience sound differently so that I'd call the DAC+Amp a necessary upgrade?

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