Want to compare Fostex T50RP modded - either Mr. Speakers or any other modded pair - please read for details
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Nov 17, 2003
Ok.  Here's what I am trying to accomplish.  I own a pair of T50RP's modded by Tyler at Mayflower Electronics.  However, in reading the various threads, I have come to believe there are significant differences between the modifications made by Mr. Speakers, Tyler, and LFF, as well as the others.  I would like to be able to compare the "sound signature" of the other modified headphones to my Mayflower modded Fostexs.
I'd like to temporarily borrow the other headphones in order to determine which I enjoy the most.  I'd be willing to send cash or another pair of my headphones (Senns, Beyers, Ultrasone 900) as collateral.  And I am more than willing to send along my headphones once I've spent some time with them so that the other party could do the same.
I have consistently positive feedback on Head-Fi and I believe it would be easier for this to work if we kept it inside the US.
In a perfect world, I'd like to hear two, maybe three other pairs and this would give me the chance to decide which mod I like the best.  As some modders don't disclose their mod's, we are left with having to decipher for ourselves.  And, I'd be willing to post my impressions for others to benefit from.  And I'll gladly send off mine if the other party was interested in doing the same once I've tested them.  Think of it as a kind of "pay it forward".
I think this would be a great opportunity to see which mod sounds best to each listener.  Obviously it's completely subjective, but that's fine with me. 
PM me, or post replies if interested.  Like I said earlier, mine are about two months old, and have been listened to about 3 hours a day everyday since receiving them.  They were modified by Mayflower Electronics, who I believe doesn't use any sort of measuring equipment.
PS.  In order to keep this fair, let's use the HF's we have.  I wouldn't want a modder to sneak in a new pair last minute.
I am really looking forward to this.  As I don't have the resources to buy every set myself, this is a great chance to hear for ourselves.
Please let me know if anyone else is interested.
PSS I've decided to raffle off my Qusp built iPhone/iPod mini to raffle winner.  I don't ever use it, and I Would rather someone else use it.  Depending on the number of people, I figure i'd choose a number, share it with Qusp himself, and the person who comes closest to the number wins the mini IC.  Only condition to enter the raffle is you must share your headphones with me/us.  The mini connect was $95 when purchased by Qusp originally.  I do not know if it will fit your iPhone/iPod.  Check it out first.  i know it fits iPhone up to 3G and Nano (the square Nano).



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Mar 10, 2012
I think this is a pretty wonderful idea.

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