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Wow this is complicated stuff ! Have my choice narrowed down to four, or five, or maybe six choices.

  1. billyymc
    I'm only partly joking.  Total newb here - and I'm sure you get tired of these types of threads.
    Have done quite a bit of reading here as well as some other related websites in the past week and am waffling between feeling like I'm reaching a decent conclusion, and being thoroughly confused.
    Short story is I'm Christmas shopping for my early teen girls (2 of them) who of course want....yes you guessed it - Beats Solo HD headphones.
    Without even knowing anything, I assumed there would be better quality choices at or below the price point of the Solo HD, and reading here my suspicions were quickly confirmed.
    However, I do understand that they want something fashionable that also sounds "awesome".
    At this point I think I'm leaning toward the V-Moda M-80.  Looks like I can get them online for about $150 which is where I'd really like my limit to be, and the reviews are generally very positive. Plus I think they will satisfy my girls in terms of being fashionable - especially if I tell them they can replace the ear plates with a custom design in the future if they want.
    But I've waffled so many times in the past week - so much to read, understand, and weigh in this decision. THe only local place I can test any headphones is Best Buy.  Tried the Sol Republic and they liked the sound but didn't care for the styling.
    Other options I've been weighing:
    Noontec Zoro (they might see them as Solo knock-offs and not like that).
    JVC HA-S400 (after reading a thread here).
    Most of their listening will be on their iPod Touch (4th gen), primarily current pop and hip-hop type stuff. They do listen to some show tunes since they are both involved in theater, and one of them loves Elton John.
    Will the M-80 sounds as "awesome" to their teen girl ears as the Solo HD?  If so, they'll be happy with the look I think.
  2. koreanzombie
    To be honest, just get a pair of beats solo hd in purple for the justin bieber fans :wink:. Yes the headphones you listed will sound twice as good as the beats but honestly your daughters wont care about the sound and are only for the looks. I bet your daughters would be dissappointed opening a pair of m-80s and saying What are these! Just get the beats and your daughters will be happy.
  3. billyymc
    KZ - I totally get your point, really do.  I've talked with them about it, and they do understand that there are choices besides the Beats that have "better sound".  As someone who tries very hard to buy good quality tools, sporting equipment, camera equipment, and get good bang for my buck, it's really hard for me to toss down $400 on two pairs of Solo's.
    So  yeah - I'm weighing the "wow" factor vs the quality factor.  My opinion, knowing my girls, is that if the sound quality is good they will be happy with the M-80 (i.e. - they will like the style factor).
  4. streetdragon
    don't let them be a sheep in the mainstream crowd. the beats solo is a blatant attempt of putting a rubbish driver in a plastic headband with a 'b' logo on it to sell for hifi prices. the headband is not really durable too, since its pure plastic, even the hinge lock mechanics are plastic lol.

    the M80 should do good, its quality is good being a closed back portable. (only falls a little short compared to the full sized counterparts, but that's like comparing a mercedes and a ferrari of same price, its not fair) the styling of the M80 imo looks more matured and aggresive compared to the Solo where it looks like a toy.
  5. QuantumXL
    Look I'll be 100% honest. I don't really approve of beats, but then again we are talking about a teen girl here. All teens in general (especially if they are into hip-hop and pop music now a days) love muddy and not well defined lows with a mid range bleed. Which by no means is horrible; if you're a teen. I personally am not experienced in "headphones" per se however what I can tell you is that "teenagers" most likely want the beats... because they are beats. Not necessarily because they sound "Awesome" You can get them a pair of LCD-3's and they could care less about the $1000 headphones; because they're not beats. I don't know it is a personal opinion. The beats are about the fashion statement not a quality statement.
  6. HideousPride
    I actually have coworkers in their early 20s that love their Beats headphones. I brought them in a pair of V-Moda LPs and they were delighted with them in terms of both style and sound quality. The Solo HD is the worst of the Beats headphone lineup that I've heard - if both of your girls occasionally listen to show tunes, and especially if one of your girls listens to Elton John, I think the M-80 will perform significantly better with the different genres you listed.  
    I would be concerned about comfort though - they are on-ear headphones, and depending on the ears of the person may clamp with a decent amount of force. This can be uncomfortable for some people, although others can wear them for hours on end. They are also not really well suited for those with large noggins.
    I really liked the M-80 but could not wear it comfortably for a long period of time, so it wasn't for me. But there is absolutely great appeal there, and it would have been a keeper for me otherwise. 
    Beats are popular among teens in the US. I dont think its their liking of 'SOUND' which makes them popular, but the fact that they are expensive, common among 'superstars' & a sort of "Hey, I'm wearing the best headphones in the world like it or not they are expensive'.
    How many of us , when we were kids of the 80/90s frowned when Dad was going to buy walkmans by either Panasonic, Aiwa, Toshiba etc. when all we wanted was SONY.
    Give the girls what they like, it will bring a priceless smile to your heart!
  8. BaudlyDamage
    I second the V-Moda M80 choice. The design is slightly masculine but it sounds leaps and bounds better than anything "by Dre". 
  9. popcorn123
    Hello, I am sorry if i am a bit late on this thread i am a bit new here. Me being a teenager, I would never buy the beats... i wouldnt even go there. Personally i would go for the m80s because they still look cool in my opinion. If its looks they are concerned about you can buy custom plates for the headphones for 25 dollars of the website with custom colors and designs and you can create your own. I myself am getting a pair of m80s and am using them for portable use. I would recommend them.
  10. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I think M80 has much more fashion appeal than beats solo, especially worn by females. They have a certain style about them not only says I'm different, also unique. Go onto google images and have a look at some worn by females. They just ozze a sense of sexiness ( I mean that with true respect) Beats are getting old, flogging a dead horse now imo. I know which I'd be getting for my daughter especailly considering they understand there's more to headphones than Dre's line up.

    100% Vmoda M80 till the wheels fall off.
  11. billyymc
    popcorn - thanks for you opinion.  I ended up getting the M80's, and I'll tell them they can customize the plates in the future if they want. I think they will be thrilled with them.
    H20 - you almost changed my mind...Dad's don't want their daugthers oozing sexiness!! : )
    Thanks for all the input. Can't wait to get them - I'll have to try them out before Christmas day!
  12. kmhaynes
    JVC HA-S400 black for one girl, and white for the other.  About $30 each on Amazon.com  Good sound, looks almost like Beats.
  13. izaku
    or Vmoda M80 with beat logo in its custom plates :)

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