1. xnor

    Headphones sensitivity, impedance, required V/I/P, amplifier gain

    The following table is based on measurements, not manufacturer specs.   Target SPL is 110 dB SPL. The source is assumed to output 2 V. The amp is assumed to be a voltage source (0 ohm output impedance). Voltage, current, power are RMS figures.   What do the columns mean? S@1V is the...
  2. draacor

    headphone dilemma

    I loved hearing the grado sr80s a friend of mine had.  I thought the sound was amazing.  However my wife doesnt like them because she can hear them. So i ended up buying the AKG K271 MKII with a FiiO E07K amp.  Its on the way from amazon but then i got to thinking.  Basically what I use them for...
  3. draacor

    Wish me luck - Hope i did ok

    So after much debate and reading and mulling over I pulled the trigger.   My parents are buying me headphones for Christmas.  They decided to get me the AKG K272 HD headphones.  At the time on Amazon they were going for 240.  I wasn't aware of this nor was I aware how much they paid.  A few...
  4. DenverDrew

    My first Head-Fi post = Needing help selecting a balanced over ear headphone!

    UPDATED 12-30-2012!   Hello everyone at Head-Fi! I finally broke down and created an account here after stalking your forums far too many times.  I'm a fledgling audiophile just sticking my toes in the water for the first time at 29.  I can already see this is going to be another dangerous...
  5. Me x3

    What would you choose?

    If you have to choose between this five headphones considering sound quality, build quality and mainly what they are beyond how they sound. I mean, there are some products that is nice to have, no matter if they are perfect or not. An old mechanic watch for example, it doesn't matter how precise...
  6. Nargaroth

    Another "Best headphone for Metal "

    Hey guys i looked through a couple of forum but didn't find the answers i was looking for , so here it is . I'm looking for new headphone (over the air , i never had a pair but i want to try (Can't use In-Air Earbuds ( Inconfortable + OCD)  ) since my  Mx370 died (Left side not working...
  7. saskekun95

    Best Headphones for my taste of music?

    Hello everyone on Head-Fi! I'm new to this forums and I really enjoy music. (sounds atrocious, doesn't it)   I own  AKG 518 LE headphones but i am not satisfied at all... (my wire broke 3 times..., fortunately my father could fix this)   Now i want to buy new ones but my price range is...
  8. jackerpot

    Headphones for about $150

    Hi, mi starting to produce electro house/dubstep, and I need a new pair of headphones. I can spend up to $150, and I need them to be neutral (flat). I'm going to use them on a studio, so I dont care if they leak sound or dont block outside noise. What headphones do you recommend me? I think they...
  9. JR999

    Cheaper Headphones Suggestions

    Hi all, I am new to the forums and come to seek some info before buying a nicer pair of headphones.   I'm looking for a bang for your buck over the ear closed back headphones. Ideally something under $150 even under $100 that has great sound quality and are comfortable   I'd be using...
  10. yashkedia

    Want to buy a Headphone within the range of 100-150 US$

    I want to buy a headphone within the range of 100-150$ with mic. If it is without mic, no problem also. Need sugestions
  11. mk4gtijoe

    i need help deciding....

    Right now Im stuck between the ath m50s the the k241mkii and k240mkii and the ultrasone dj One pros pro 550 hifi 580 and 780... Im deffinantly a basshead... But I want a balance.... Not all bass... I still want eartuake enducing bass but powerful mids and crystal but slightly recesed...
  12. syntheticfish

    Sub $150 headphones for classical music in coffee shop use

    Hello! I'm looking to buy my first reasonable pair of headphones. I listen to mainly classical music and these will be for use in a coffee shop powered from a laptop or iPhone etc. I'm on a tight budget of $150. I have no problem buying second hand to get in under this figure. I currently...
  13. KB24

    Can AKG K271 MKII be driven by a Macbook Pro?

    Can AKG K271 MKII be driven by a Macbook Pro?
  14. zoenphlux

    Best headphones under 200$ for father's day gift

    Hello all,    Long time lurker, but I decided to ask some questions.  As the title says I am in need of a father’s day gift(yeah i know...belated).  Headphones would be perfect.  I will provide a little bit of info that will help the more educated offer appropriate options.   My dad records...
  15. FireSlash

    Improving pad depth on AKG K271 mk2s?

    I just picked up a K271s from amazon.   Now, they need to go back anyway since one of the pads has a tear on it (bad sewing), but this gives me the chance to change my mind and just return instead of exchange them.   I really like the sound of them, but even the velour pads are a bit shallow...
  16. thyironman

    Closed cans for critical listening to replace Beyer dt990 (600 Ohm) AND AKG k271 mkII

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for a pair closed cans for critical listening to replace (upgrade) Beyer dt990 (600 Ohm) AND AKG k271 mkII. The best way for me would be to sell the two one-trick ponies and get a quality swiss army knife.   I'm a singer-songwriter and i record/mix/master my own...
  17. brad34221

    Closed headphone alternative to HD 800

    First, I need to disclose I am a headphone semi-noobie. I recently upgraded headphones from a AKG K271 MK II to the Sennheiser HD 800. The fidelity is night and day!!! The problem is I listen to my music so loud, that when using the HD 800, everyone in the room can hear what I am listening to...
  18. ihearnoises1981

    4!!! AKG k271 mods that can greatly change your experience with them!! EARGASM (PLURAL) AWAITS!!!

    bounjour, hi-fi community            Before you even start doing these three mods MAKE SHURE YOU BURN IN YOU K271 FOR 200HOURS!!!!!!NOT WITH MUSIC EITHER!!!! or else it will render some of these mods pointless!! i did my burn in with pink, white noise with 2 frequency sweeps running all at...
  19. ihearnoises1981

    q701 and k271(k702 cable differences?

    hey hifi community lately i have been alternating cables (since they identical terminations) between my q701 and k271(same cable as k702) and the difference came to me in the first listen, since (not to be modest or anything) i and my fellow audiophiles around town believe i have "golden ears"...
  20. ihearnoises1981

    Why don't the AKG K271's get more love? + AKG K240 and AKG K271 chart comparison( page 2)

    hi i'm somewhat new to this hifi website but i've been a long time audiophile(27 years to be exact) since i got extremely inclined and interested in audio when i was 15 and i decided to join the audiophile bandwagon. back on topic, the akg k271 is always looked down on 240 owners and also non...
  21. Kingonly

    Portable Amp for K271 MKII

    Hey folks I just recently bought a pair of k271 MKIIs (thanks to the suggestions of the wonderful people on this forum) and recently worked out some kinks on my iPod classic. Now I am on to the next step, a portable amp.   I have been looking at the Fiio E6 on amazon which seems like a great...
  22. isaac1357924680

    Review of AKG K271 Mk2 (coming soon)

    Coming Soon!
  23. isaac1357924680

    Does the AKG K271 Mk2 benefit from an amp?

    i have tried to find an answer to this for days but no luck!   anyone have any experience in this area?
  24. Claritas

    Closed Grados - A Compilation of 30 Threads (+ Poll)

    I use SR80i for baroque organ and heavy metal. Because 80i is too open to leave the house with, I looked here for a closed alternative. I found at least 30 threads with recommendations, most of them short. I am compiling them here so you won't have to look so hard. I'm not including every...
  25. Notflywhiteguy

    Upgrade from sennheiser HD280s to something else for Metal

    HI I'm looking for a new set of headphones in the $80-$130 range to replace my Sennheiser HD-280s I'm looking for something a little more durable seeing as I would have to travel with them as well, I like a little more treble but nothing too crazy and if thats not possible would like to go for a...