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Wish me luck - Hope i did ok

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by draacor, Dec 13, 2012.
  1. draacor
    So after much debate and reading and mulling over I pulled the trigger.
    My parents are buying me headphones for Christmas.  They decided to get me the AKG K272 HD headphones.  At the time on Amazon they were going for 240.  I wasn't aware of this nor was I aware how much they paid.  A few days go by and they noticed on Amazon the price dropped like 50 dollars.  They got upset so they ended up calling me and asking if these were good headphones.  I mean at the time I'm using some really old Bose Quiet Comforts that i have taped together because the headband broke.  I'm like ya but i would return them and get the cheaper ones that were currently 190.  So my parents decided to give up since they already told me what they were getting me they said he you pick it out, budget is 240.  I'm like OK!!! (worst mistake ever made haha).
    So I found this site.  Doing research, finding out what I would use them for, what would suit my needs more.  After asking around I decided that instead of spending the majority of the money on a pair of Headphones like the AKG 272 i decided to get the AKG K271  MKII and then buy the E07k amp to compliment them.  I ordered them on Amazon, done, right?
    Nope! lol a day goes by and I changed my mind.  I decided that I may love my music but I don't think I'm quite ready to love it enough to mess with an amp and have to carry it around.  At this point i would rather just have a pair of headphones that i don't need an amp.
    So then i did some more research.  Decided what I am looking for is a good open headphone for games and sitting at my desk listening to music.  What I also need is a good set where i can listen to movies and tv shows in bed while my wife sleeps.  Because of those two things I decided that two headphones would be better. So I ended up pulling the trigger on a pair of Audio Technica M50s and Grado SR80is.  I've listened to the Grados in the past and loved the sound they produce so I think I'm in the clear there.
    You would think the drama is over it wasn't.  While on Amazon I found the M50s LE for the same price and I liked hte Silver better so i cancelled the m50s order and got the silver ones.
    So in the beginning I went from getting the AKG K272 HD to the M50 AND Grado SR80i's.  Haha I should not be allowed on Amazon until I actually get these headphones in the mail.
  2. irishsammy
    It's an awful, wonderful hobby isn't it?  [​IMG]
  3. MalVeauX
    So you went from good headphones to the M50's.
    I hope you enjoy. At least you got some Grados, those sound great.
    Very best,
  4. draacor

    I went from the AKG 271 MKII headphones that cost about 140 and from what I understood works better with an amp, to the M50s which I got for 100 even.  For the price point it just fit what I needed.  Unfortunately I cannot listen to any of these where I live, nothing around.  So I have to gamble and buy them.  Great thing about Amazon is if I don't enjoy them I have no qualms shipping them back and getting something different.  I've heard the Grado's before and loved the sound from them but I needed something else to compliment them so I can listen to some good tunes in bed or when the baby is sleeping.
  5. CDewey
    Malveaux has some hate for the m50s. Don't let that make you second guess your purchase. M50s are a good set of cans. If everyone liked the same sound why would we have choices!
  6. Alexnova
    The M50S is the premium version of Dre's Beats.
  7. MalVeauX
    They're average headphones with an inflated price. It's almost grotesque how often they crop up. It's like "M50 & AD700" as the holy duo of headphones that are vastly outspoken. The M50 would be an excellent $50 headphone, and decent $75 headphone, but not a very good $120 (usually lately) headphone. And it's a good thing we have choices, because if the M50 was as good as the internet seems to think, no one would have bothered to make way better headphones. Thank goodness for that.
    Note: I own M50's. I'm not just some hater.
    The M50 is at least built well, that's the one big plus I put down on the M50's. 180 degree swivel cups, very durable plastic, low profile, and strong enough to withstand punishment. Beats scratch themselves and break, then they look like someone dropped a pokemon ball.
    Very best,
    Rockem likes this.
  8. CDewey
    I understand where you are coming from. It's just I see someone who is taking his first steps into head-fi and it looks like we are trying to piss on his cornflakes.

    I've worked in audio for awhile. One thing I've learned is that everyone has different ears. If someone likes a speaker or headphone I don't personally like so be it. Sure beats them using stock ear buds! No offence I just like to be nice to the new members. Feel free to beat on the forum veterans!
  9. Alexnova
    I'm with you MalVeauX, they are vastly overrated for budget headphones. Sure if they were 50 bucks it would be worth it, but at its price point I couldn't recommend it. I remember buying a Sennheiser 595 for the same price.
    But if you enjoy them then great. I wouldn't worry about what people say about it then. 
  10. Dyaems
    if m50 sounds 50usd, then ultrasones and beyers sounds like 30usd =)
  11. wolfetan44
  12. kookoo
    [​IMG] This is entertaining, ignore me and keep going
  13. DocTavia
    /me pulls up a chair beside kookoo
  14. draacor
    Hehe well I do appreciate the feedback :) both have officially been shipped so no turning back now. Hope I like them. One thing I've learned is there really isn't the perfect headphone. I wish there was would make this process a whole lot easier hehe. I'll update with impressions soon :)
  15. kookoo
    That's the beauty and frustration of this hobby. Rest assured though if you don't like it, you can always sell them and consider the loss in funds as the payment just like any other hobby. At most the stuff i've sold i lost bout $40 on them but when you consider 1 scuba diving session (roughly 45min) would cost me so much more than that... well it's a different perspective then

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