1. RotaryPhones

    Does the E07K sound "better" than the E10K? I'm confused.

    Does the E07K sound "better" than the E10K?  I'm confused.   Thanks!
  2. tordfuglstad

    USB cable Fiio E07k and Sony Z3

    I am looking to pair my Fiio E07k with my Sony Xperia Z3. It has an option in the settings to use high res audio out through the usb out. Will this cable work to pair the Z3 to the E07k?
  3. nibuoy

    Headphone/portable amp combo under 300

    Hey guys  I've posted this in the recommendations thread, but got nor responses. Anyways I'm looking for a headphone and amp combo for around $300   I need ,closed cans because I often work in quiet places such as the library. I therefore also need a portable amp, and preferably not...
  4. draacor

    headphone dilemma

    I loved hearing the grado sr80s a friend of mine had.  I thought the sound was amazing.  However my wife doesnt like them because she can hear them. So i ended up buying the AKG K271 MKII with a FiiO E07K amp.  Its on the way from amazon but then i got to thinking.  Basically what I use them for...
  5. draacor

    Wish me luck - Hope i did ok

    So after much debate and reading and mulling over I pulled the trigger.   My parents are buying me headphones for Christmas.  They decided to get me the AKG K272 HD headphones.  At the time on Amazon they were going for 240.  I wasn't aware of this nor was I aware how much they paid.  A few...
  6. Christopher

    Fiio E7 with E09K - channel imbalance and high pitched whine on output?

    I just received an E09K to pair with my (first gen) E7. I bought it given FiiO's confirmation that the post-September 2012 version of the E09K was fully compatible with it.   Unfortunately when I hooked it up to my PC and listened through the front output, this is what I heard:  ...
  7. teejmiller

    Question about compatibility between FiiO Products E9 -> E07K

    Morning! I've been lurking around the forum to determine if the older E9 works with the newer E07K I've come across this post, but I believe it is translated and doesn't give a straight answer...
  8. reddiger

    Help me narrow and critique my selections for personal headgear audio please.

    I am completely new to quality personal audio equipment and after a bit of searching and impromptu research, I have narrowed my choices. First off, the use will be for personal home audio use in a fairly noise environment while listening to music, movies, and occasional video games without the...
  9. LEntless

    Amp/Dac for Sennheiser HD598

    So I got hd598s recently. I am currently using on-board sound -alc 898. Should I look at upgrading to a Dac and/or amp? Would there be any difference?
  10. hirtmic

    New open back cans from $150-300

    So recently I've come to a bit of extra money and I'm looking into getting my first set of open back speakers for at home use. I currently have a Fii0 e70k so im hoping that will power what ever I get. So as the tittle says I am looking at headphones under $300 dollars. I am currently using...
  11. iEar

    Recommendations please

    Hey everyone, I'm in the market for a new set of full size phones.   I've read all about and sort of fallen in love with the Shure SRH940 but think the romance is doomed failure if the plastic cracks up - that would completely piss me off after spending the dollars on them!   So, it...
  12. roxorek

    IEM's - Help me

    Hello, Could you recommend me good IEMs for about 20 pounds?   I will use them with my galaxy s3 and andes e07k amp. I mostly listen to rap and house/techno/trance music.     Thanks in advance :)
  13. NirvashUltimate

    BASSHEAD headphones but also good enough for soundtrack

    I own a pair of beats studios and after 2 years of feeling bad for making a big mistake I finally have the oportunity to buy a new pair of cans. I am a BASSHEAD I can never get enough of bass but I also like to listen to soundrack, some pop, alternative, electronic and ambient type meditation...
  14. Fballboy23

    Upgrade Time. $300~ price range.

  15. Fballboy23

    Looking for quick advice about Pro 990 250Ohm.

  16. RotaryPhones

    Is Sennheiser HD598 worth keeping? Or should I return it to Amazon and get $99 back?

    I bought the Sennheiser HD598 from Amazon when they had it on sale for $99.(no tax, free 2-day Prime shipping)   After listening to it without a headphone amp, I also tried it with a FiiO E07K USB DAC amp.     I'm still not sure if it's worth $99.  Amazon's holiday return period doesn't end...
  17. Laubotje

    Sub 300 euro headphones that will work great on my Fiio E07k

    Hello Head-Fi!   I'm kind of new to this kind of thing so first off I'll tell how I got here: A year ago I heard about the Beats hype and I was sold. I was used to budget headphones and earbuds in the 20 euros price range and was convinced that Beats by Dr Dre was the best option out...
  18. epkrnftblluva

    Yes, this topic again. But new context. Beyer DT770s, 80ohm vs 250ohms. Which is better driven by E07K?

    Alright, there's tons of threads all over the web about the impedance on the Beyerdynamic DT770s, but I couldn't quite figure out that the amp I have personally, the E07K, could drive the 250 ohms. I'm looking to buy one of the models because I'm a huge HUGE basshead and I've heard unanimous...
  19. MatthewMellini

    Closed Headphones for $300 or under

    Title almost kind of says it all. I need a closed headphone for $300 dollars or under. I'm considering the Sony mdr-1r for a multitude of reasons. I have large ears so i'm pretty positive they'll be the most comfortable for me, and they're a pretty sexy headphone too(Brown and Silver.) The only...
  20. Bassicle

    Need advise on buying good headphones for trance

    After 4 years of using Creative- and Sony in-ear plugs, I figured that music sounds so much better through headphones. So now I'm looking for very good headphones that suits trance music the best. I almost always listen music on my phone, so I don't know if I'm able to use headphones like the...
  21. krismusic

    Who got headphones?

    Ok. So who got headphones for Christmas and what did you get? Doesn't really count if you bought them yourself but post anyway. Very Happy Christmas to all.
  22. AgentCw

    Grado sr225i VS Sennheiser HD25-1 Ii

    I need new headphones for rock and some rap for home use I also have fiio e07k amp Which phones would be the best?
  23. AgentCw

    V-Moda M80 Or ATH M50 ?(For rock)

    Which headphones would be better for rock? amped with fiio e07k
  24. DeadMerc

    Suggestions for new headphones.

    I have the Dt990 Pros right now, the left speaker is not working so I am sending them in for repairs. I am just going to try some new headphones though and sell these when I get them back. Really disappointing. I had them for 3 months. Anyway, I want headphones for gaming and music. I have a...
  25. HowToMLG

    Price:Performance Confusion ; HD600, Q701, Dt880/990

    So I've been reading through posts and threads to find all the comparisons of these 'phones, but there is never really a conclusion as to its price to performance ratio with specific numbers; In where I live, the HD600s are $500, Q701s are $279, and the DT880s/990s are $330. I get conclusions...