1. xnor

    Headphones sensitivity, impedance, required V/I/P, amplifier gain

    The following table is based on measurements, not manufacturer specs.   Target SPL is 110 dB SPL. The source is assumed to output 2 V. The amp is assumed to be a voltage source (0 ohm output impedance). Voltage, current, power are RMS figures.   What do the columns mean? S@1V is the...
  2. draacor

    Wish me luck - Hope i did ok

    So after much debate and reading and mulling over I pulled the trigger.   My parents are buying me headphones for Christmas.  They decided to get me the AKG K272 HD headphones.  At the time on Amazon they were going for 240.  I wasn't aware of this nor was I aware how much they paid.  A few...
  3. zKronos

    Help Me Get Started

    To begin with, I don't know a whole lot about headphones, which is the reason I am here. I have a few questions that I'd like to ask, and if anybody could tell me some things that I should know I'd love to hear it. I am trying to buy some high quality headphones but don't know where to start or...
  4. Ode2Joy

    Headphones for Classical music for person with minor low tone hearing loss

    Hi all,   As you can probably tell, this is my first ever post. I have a conundrum I am hoping to get help with. I love to listen to classical music (not an audiophile by any stretch of the imagination) but am tired of listening to it on Bose ie2's. I have some minor low tone hearing loss...
  5. rtruong15

    Best high impedance/ open back headphones under $200?

    Looking to upgrade from old AKG K 272 to open backs. I listen to a lot of indie electronica and folk music. I hate bass heavy headphones. Any impedance around 150-300 ohms would be great. Suggestions?
  6. Blinxat

    Over-ear closed cans with large soundstage?

    Hi!   I recently picked up this Denon AH-NC800 noise canceller with some cosmetic damage for cheap. There is a non NC model that looks very similar to this one in the Shootout thread where the soundstage is described as "cavernous" and I think the same is true for this NC one. And I love it...
  7. nutellarise

    AKG k272 HD any good?

    I've been looking around for a new pair, and I found the 272s rreally cheap on amazon for 108 http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0012XZAXG/ref=asc_df_B0012XZAXG2870229?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&tag=pgtvs-523-100-20&linkCode=asn&creative=395097&creativeASIN=B0012XZAXG   I dont see these mentioned a lot, so can...
  8. SAViii

    K272HD upgrade?

    So I have an K272HD which I love with folk/accoustic/singer songwriter music. At home I primarily use it with a WA2, and find the combination exeptional. I also use it with a TTVJ slim for a more transportable setup.   My question is what would be the next step upgrade wise?    The...
  9. Dobrescu George

    Agk k272HD/Akg271mkii Sennheiser 380 pro/shure srh 440

    as the title says, i need to get one or two from the list.....   i am deciding between akg k 272 HD and Akg k 271 mkii   and on the other row between sennheiser 380 pro and shure srh 440.......   i need one or two from those up there... i am looking to decide between akg's because...
  10. cactus_farmer

    AKG K272 HD vs AKG K271 Mk. II vs Shure SRH940?

    Would be grateful for you to post your impressions here even if you've only heard 2 of the 3 headphones mentioned in the thread title.   How does the K272 HD compare to the older K271 Mk. II - does it have the same sound signature but just does everything a bit better?   And how do...
  11. Razargh

    Bought AKG K272HD sounds no different?

    Hey guys i just bought a pair of AKG K 272HD cans and I really cannot tell much difference my old Roccat Kaves the sound is a lot "smoother" and a bit better overall but not by a significant amount.   So my question is do i need an AMP? I'm currently using them just plugged into my x-fi...
  12. iCupboard

    Any help with modding my K272HD?

    Dear everyone! :D I have a AKG K272HD, which I actually wanted to throw away, because of the cabling that broke.  But I read about a DJ version of an AKG (dont know which one), and they succeeded in making their AKG's have detachable cabling. There is a tutorial on there, but I am not good at...
  13. sirusblack

    Best neutral, closed, and not Made in China-Taiwan headphones ?

    Hi everyone,   Like the title says, I'm looking for neutral, closed and not Made in China (or Taiwan etc.) headphones. If possible that doesn't need amp, but not necesserily, I want to know both. And of course, less expensive it is, better it is.   I'm posting in full-size section...
  14. Mishalex

    [Price Drop #2]FS: AKG K272HD

    For sale are my AKG K272HD headphones in excellent condition, in their original box, with all manuals and warranty cards, and with no damage to the headphones.  They have been used for about seven months, and are actually the most comfortable pair of headphones I have ever owned, and also...
  15. MuZI

    AKG K272HD High-Definition Headphones

    I JUST purchased these about a week ago and they have no more than 20 hours on them. I was planning on upgrading to the K701 in the future when the HD650 Black Friday deal just came up. They're practically brand new. I would rather not return them to Amazon since I don't think it's ethical...
  16. viralcow

    AKG K272HD - Like New

    Up for sale is a K272HD that I recently snagged for $100 on eBay. Unfortunately I've gone a bit crazy on headphone purchases this past month... I am a college student after all, even a couple of new headphones strains my wallet too much.   I opened these, popped them on for 3 hours...
  17. iCupboard

    Help with MOD AKG K272HD.

    Dear DIY'ers!  I have an AKG K272HD, and the cableing is quite weak right now. It broke, when I pulled it with force (accidentally) out of my laptop, and it broke. I stumbled over the cable, and it bended.   I am asking for someone that is willing to make my AKG's have a detachable cable...
  18. dvorkru

    hifi or studio?

    I'm about to make an order to thomann with some friends... and I was about to buy some new headphones. I have some simple Sennheiser HD215's right now. When I use them for producing, I only use them for arranging and composing, not mixing, because I've had a bad experience from previous...
  19. Narrillnezzurh

    Looking for ~$300 audiophile headphones

    I was considering getting a pair of M-100s, but it looks like they aren't quite as audiophile friendly as I'd hoped. I'm looking for a fairly transparent set of headphones that will work with a wide variety of genres and are suitable for mixing, and from what I've been reading the M-100s don't...
  20. victordg25

    Need to choose a comfy headphone

    My english is ****, but I'll do my best. I tend to use headphones a few hours a day for listening to music while studying and comfort has lately become a necessity. My unit requires:   1 Closed back (library use),   2 Velour pads (to keep my ears from burning)   3 Confortable for...
  21. MuZI

    Which amp under $300 for rock?

    I recently purchased a pair of AKG K272 HD headphones since they looked nice and I managed to snag a pair for a good price. I haven't been in the audio hobby for a while so I'm a bit rusty on what the latest offerings are. I mostly listen to rock (Probably should have purchased a pair of Grados)...
  22. headphone man07

    flat response roundup (under $250 closed circumaural)

    flat response roundup, speaks for itself really, just a note, they have to be good quality and reasonable build quality, doesn't have to be v-moda style build, also must be able to use them on portable (home as well) decent isolation though (sorry denon fans)
  23. cactus_farmer

    Closed headphones with strong treble?

    I've been looking at the Shure SRH940 and the KRK KNS 8400 - but I've read soundonsound reviews of both of them which said that they've both got great mid-range response and ok (not bad by any means, but not stand-out) treble. I've heard similar things said of the AKG K272 HD and 271.  ...
  24. Psy8cho

    Headphones for Home Recording/PC Usage

    I decided to make a post on this forum, because I saw a lot of good info on here! And decided to make my own thread for some specific answers.   I want to start recording my guitar, because I want to make covers of songs and be able to mix my own. I own a Peavey Vypyr Tube 120W guitar...
  25. Typhi

    150 euro(190 dollar) headset, which to buy? (Gaming, trance/techno music)

    Ey guys,   I am thinking about buying a good comfortable headset for gaming and trance music for 150 euro (190 dollar). I also care abit about the looks (but that's personal ofcourse, so you can't decide for me) so I wonder what you guys suggest. So far I have been searching and I got this...