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Headphone noob looking for headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by corycc, Nov 29, 2012.
  1. corycc
    I'm brand new to the headphone world, and I want something with better quality than my two year old skullcandys. I'm looking for headphones that look fairly good (able to wear out in public) for around $100 - $150
    I mainly listen to rock/rap/house
    Any suggestions/advice is greatly appreciated
    Thank you in advance!
  2. JmanOfIsrael
    Check out the Ultrasone DJ 1 Pro. They are $143 new on B&H (I'd get them used on Amazon for cheaper). They have good sound isolation for public use, can be driven by a portable device, are sexy, and will blow your ass out of the water compared to the Skullcandies. Check out Ultrasone in general. I am currently using the Pro 900 and love them (although a little out of your price range). The Pro 750 or HFI 780 are closer to your price range and are also good choices. I stopped using my Skullcandy G.I.s several months ago... Couldn't have been happier becoming an audiophile! Happy hunting!
  3. dmort
    Howdy - I don't own any ultrasones but I have demo'd a few pairs - I like them, but I would highly recommend trying them first, if you have the opportunity. S-Logic isn't for everyone.
    Many people recommend the Audio Technica ATH m50 has a good pair of starter audiophile headphones. They come in a little under your price point at B and H (a great and very reliable retailer) for around $117. There are lots of versions of this headphone (coiled cable vs. straight, white anniversary edition, etc) but they all sound the same so if you don't care about looks go for the cheapest!
    You could also consider Grads - specifically the sr60i($69 i think) or the sr80i ($99). Grados don't have the most conventional looks but they are nice headphones and there are lots of easy mods you can do. I recently got my brother, for his birthday, a new set of earpads and a replacement headband for his sr80.
    The Audio Technica ATH AD700 comes in at $100 from amazon although it is an open headphone and might not be well suited to wearing it out and about. 
    A kind of cool option (if you are patient since shipping takes a few weeks) is to get a pair of JVC HA S500. They use a driver that is made from carbon nanotubes. I have personally ordered this headphone (you can only get it from retailers directly from japan - so check amazon.com and ebay) and am expecting delivery next week. With the shipping it comes in around $72ish and supposedly they sound great and compete well with more expensive choices.
    Anyways, search around the forum - many people have asked this question before and I am sure you would find more suggestions and ideas. 
    and finally - "welcome to head-fi.com Sorry about your wallet!"
  4. SHP53
    You can find AudioTechnica m50S for around $82 on Amazon.

    I highly recommend these headphones. They are very precise headphones but their base extends very far and its boomy, if you are into that.
  5. Supertoaster
    I would go with the Phillips Citiscape Uptowns over the M50's in terms of sound. The M50 has a little bit better portability because the earcups swivel if you want that instead.
  6. reload
    Ultrasone HFI-780
    Audio Technica M50
  7. charlie875578
    The audio technica M50 is a good choice, you can find it in a limited silver look our a cool all white, both of look more "street cool" than the standard black.

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