Alternative to beats studios ; my headphones let me down
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Apr 10, 2013
Hello ! This is my very first post on head fi, although I've been lurking here and there for a little time. I am (was ?) an owner of beats by dre studios, which disapointed me. Not because of the sound quality, because they were the first "expensive" pair of headphone I tried, so I don't have any experience. It was because of their durability. I got some customer support so far, but now this is the end of the road. I had numerous problems with the cable snapping.
The first generation didn't had the "elbow" connector where you plug your music device into, so just by putting your ipod in and out of your pocket, the rubber/hard plastic section would snap from normal wear and tear, leaving all the cables exposed. Their second generation of studio's cable (with the elbow connector) did improved the situation, but not by much. When the cable move, I can't hear in my left ear-cup so I have to hold my ipod constantly to hear my music in the two ear-cups. The cable snapped at the connector/rubber intersection that plugs into the headphones aswell. 
The headbands constantly cracks. I have a big head, and just by stretching the headphones a little bit and sliding them over my head makes the headband crack over time.
The fake leather cushion is glued with cheap glue that will wear off after some time. Mine went off while listening to music in the bus. Sadly it's not designed to be removed and re-installed.
So this is where I am, registering on this forum to seek advice from you guys. I'd like to get a similar priced pair of headphones with:
-The same or better sound quality
-Better durability, and if possible, spare parts that you can buy
-No active noise cancellation
Concerning the sound quality, other than having a lot of bass, I couldn't tell any other remarkable caracteristics of the studio's. I like bass, but maybe having it more "controlled" or "tight" could be better. Sorry if my technical speaking seems awkward 
 When listening to hip-hop the bass was apreciable, but when switching to rock or metal for example, the bass felt annoying (guitar and drums were sounding "muddy" because of the overwhelming bass). So far so good I looked at the sennheiser 598, which looks totally different in terms of sound quality, but the open design doesn't make them very suitable for public transport, or doing homeworks in a library for exemple; which are the things I do the most with my headphones.
So if you have any product suggestion, I'd be glad to hear your opinion !
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Budget? I know a lot of people wil tell you the ATH-M50.
Denon D2000 will work too if you like bass. I think the Sonys also have a bit of bass. Maybe Ultrasone? sorry bass isn't what I look for in headphones so I don't know actually, just repeating what I've read about other headphones.
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Panasonic HTF600
Sony XB500 
JVC S500 
Philips Citiscape (SHL5905) 
I don't think it's worth for you going for a higher price range, where source, amp and good ear matters to justify it, but if you wish so, then ATH M50 to ultrasone pro 900. 
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ATH-M50 or V-Moda M80 are great headphones and built to last.  The M80 is on ear with a little more bass compared to the more neutral sounding and excellent ATH-M50.  Give those a try and write back with how you like them.
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For the Studios price range.

At the top of that budget  $250-$310 imo would probably have to be the M-100s from V-Moda.
Want a smaller budget with similar characteristics? $169-$200 you should check into UE6000
Want to save even more money? $100-$150 check out the ATH M-50s


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