1. tomraymo

    Help choosing next headphone please and thanks!

    Hey,   So I've come across some extra money and I would like a new pair of headphones. I'm no audiophile, or anywhere near one. I Just like to listen to music. I love EDM music. It's pretty much all I listen to at the moment, but I do enjoy listening to all other genres.    I have the...
  2. Polar1s

    Best full size headphones for <$30

    Hi so im not much of audiophile but I know how to distinguish sound and all of that. I am currently looking for some over the ear headphones around $30 (I can stretch it up to $35) Ill be using them for music such as alternative some electronic not too much and gaming. I have seen the superlux...
  3. dok1230

    need help buying new headphones (:

    hi!  i am having troubles purchsing new headphones beacuse of the huge sellection... i had been searching a lot but it just made me more confuse....  so i thought maybe you can help me! it's not the first time that i buy 100$ headphones, i have in ear headphones by apple and sennheiser...
  4. soundisee

    Headphone upgrade $200 budget

    I currently own Panasonic HTF600's with Beyerdynamic valor pads and I feel it's time for an upgrade. I currently have them plugged into a Mbox 2 music interface and I don't think they are bad for the price but I get an annoying rattle buzzing sound with certain sounds especially bass. When I'm...
  5. VVhitewolf

    Pc bass help

    Hi guys, So I have been spending a lot of time reading through the website on many different topics and i ordered a pair of Panasonic RP-HTF600-S . I would like to think im a bit of a basshead. I was really looking at the the MDR-xb500 because i used them for a while and really liked them. I had...
  6. bukowski

    budget full-size headphones

    Due to the 2 PM's limit, i was "forced" to create this thread...    I asked Dsnuts for a budget full-size headphones by PM, but then i got stuck with the 2 Pm's issue. i hope he doesn't get upset i'm getting this public...     Hi Dsnuts, my name is Carlos and i'm writing you from...
  7. sigmac123

    good phones for under $40

    hey looking for some good phones for under 40$   i Want clear sound and I dont care much 4 bass   dont care if there closed or open
  8. Jim McC

    What are some headphones with the LARGEST ear space?

    I'd like to get your info on this, about full sized, circumaural "open" or "semi- open" cans that you've actually tried or own. I'm talking about the ear opening size and depth. I have average size ears, but I hate when the driver or pads touch my ears. I just received the Panasonic HTF600 a...
  9. espijosh

    hifiman purchase decision

    Hi guys, I am looking to make my yearly equipment purchase and would love some advice. I want to try something from hifiman and with my current living situation(gf moved in) need a pair of closed back cans, the most isolation I get from a pair of HP's are my portapro's. I am also buying a e17...
  10. PhoenixRisen

    Stepping up from "budget" headphones to something nicer..

    I stumbled upon this forum a year or so ago and thus began my initiation into the headphone world. I have mostly purchased headphones in the "budget" king killer type posts that were on the cheaper side. I own the Samson 850's, the monoprice cheapies, Panasonic htf600's, Brainwavz HM3. My...
  11. Robeto

    Headphones for Grandfather under $50 dollars?

    Hi guys It's been awhile since I was last here (I didn't want to get jelly and star buying an assload of cans after my ATH-M50s). But I digress, I am here because my grand parents have asked me to get them a pair of headphones to use with their iPad as they are a little hard of hearing.   So...
  12. Young4

    Newbie buying first headphones

    I apologize if I post this in the wrong section as it is suppose to be for full sized headphones, but I am new to all of this and don't exactly understand the difference. I am looking for my first pair of 'nice' headphones for preferably under 100$. So far I have bee looking at the sennheiser hd...
  13. mystvearn

    Are there headphones that allow in ambient noise? (for office use)

    I work in an office, but I want to listen to music, without disturbing people. I also need to be able to know when someone is knocking at the door. So far the only method I found is using cheap Sony MDR earbuds/earphones which came with my mp3 player (or was it cassette walkman). I tried my Sony...
  14. vivalacarlo

    Should I get the Koss ProDJ100 or the sony mdr-v6?

    They seem to be similar prices in amazon so i thought comparing the two was appropriate. I have owned the xb500s so i think i am a basshead. So i think that is one thing to consider, and also from owning the xb500 i am annoyed at how big it is so i am looking for something portable. 
  15. Argus

    Alternative to beats studios ; my headphones let me down

    Hello ! This is my very first post on head fi, although I've been lurking here and there for a little time. I am (was ?) an owner of beats by dre studios, which disapointed me. Not because of the sound quality, because they were the first "expensive" pair of headphone I tried, so I don't have...
  16. acmebricks

    A reasonably priced alt headphones

    Could anyone please give some good alternatives to beats solo hd? I like the look but I don't like the sound quality.  Please try go keep it under 60 dollars as I am not rich. I don't like my skullcandy earbuds after I got one gel piece stuck in my ear (stupid of me to do that )  Thanks
  17. Povell42

    "For the will not find a better headphone" !?!

    Is anyone else sick of reading/watching headphone reviews to hear the reviewer say...."For this price range, you will not find better" ?     I know some of you may be mad () that I am making a thread about this topic.  However, I am making it in hopes to point this out to whoever reviews a...
  18. guitaristanime

    Seeking advice from this wonderful community.

    Hi All,   Please bear with me, I'm no expert on this subject, I just enjoy music and have a limited budget and want some help from you friendly people who know these things.   I've got a few issues surrounding listening to music out and about, mainly walking to and from the train station...
  19. davez0r

    The elusive Technics RP-F600

    Hey all,   I'm trying to find some Technics RP-F600 headphones. I understand these are simply Panasonic HTF-600-S, but with the Technics label. I'm trying to find some with that marque. It appears that no one sells the Technics version of these 'phones in the US. I found a few online...
  20. Walrus159

    Bass and MORE (looking for headphones)

    Hey guy I've been looking around at headphones and haven't found much of what I am looking for, head phones that deliver bass (I'm a BASS PHILE) and also good mids and highs, other then the Audio-Technica ATH-WS55BK Solid Bass. If there is a better fit for me, for under $100, I would love to...
  21. jamiek123

    Good Looking Budget Cans !!! Appreciate Advice!!!

    Hi, I am looking for new headphones, my budget is not very big 70$, or 40 euros i could probably stretch it a bit if needs be. The qualities im looking for are  Good bass, on songs that are bassy songs i love the feel of the thump of the bass, but i also like the music to be clear not muddy...
  22. RPGWiZaRD

    Picked up M-Audio Q40 - WOW

    I just got these but I already felt like having to write something about them.    These are what I'd call "refined" basshead headphones. Big punchy well controlled and accurate bass that's well separated from mids. The mids and highs are very neutral sounding except for a slight peak around...
  23. Hamodakillah

    Need help on a predicament!

    Hi im starting university at the end of this month and im looking for a pair of headphones that can do it all for me, i would like to use them at home and out and about, however i kinda came to conclusion that there inst really a headphone that can do that (based on my research) so id even...
  24. bassplz

    panasonic htf600 vs sony v55

    has anyone hear owned both?   which has more bass?   htf is disappointing.   that is all. thanks
  25. mendo52

    best headphone for 90$

    hi, I have Panasonic HTF600 and I am looking for upgrade. I will use it for my PC only, so no amp is required.   I am using the headphones for music (trance, pop, rock) and I love bass.   these are the headphones that I think they are the best for the price range ( not more than 90$ from...