Good Looking Budget Cans !!! Appreciate Advice!!!
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New Head-Fier
May 6, 2012
I am looking for new headphones, my budget is not very big 70$, or 40 euros i could probably stretch it a bit if needs be.
The qualities im looking for are 
Good bass, on songs that are bassy songs i love the feel of the thump of the bass, but i also like the music to be clear not muddy.
I would be looking for an overall good sound.
The style of headphones does not bother me that much but open or closed, I would probably prefer closed but if the opens have better sound quality i definetly want to see them too.
Style of this headphone is also important to me this time im hoping for a good looking pair of headphones, but i would still like to hear about headphones that may not be stylish but produce good sound.
I currently own pans htf600 and i think they look ok.
Music i listen to varies from Tupac to The Killers to Bruno Mars to U2 ..... yes very broad haha
Thanks for looking guys!!!

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