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need help buying new headphones (:

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by dok1230, Oct 21, 2012.
  1. dok1230
    i am having troubles purchsing new headphones beacuse of the huge sellection...
    i had been searching a lot but it just made me more confuse.... 
    so i thought maybe you can help me!
    it's not the first time that i buy 100$ headphones, i have in ear headphones by apple
    and sennheiser hd 428 but i am disappoint from the lack of bass like all do.
    im not looking for boom bass like in the beats but i do want real bass...
    so these are the things im looking for in "full size headphones":
    -balanced sound (but with good bass...)
    -quality sound and construction
    -detachable and strong cable
    -100$ budget
    i thought maybe the shure srh440 is good for me but im open
    to other suggestions...
    tnx a lot!!! and sorry for my bad english...:)
  2. dok1230
  3. Zoom25
    panasonic htf600 came to mind for a real cheap option. At $100 budget, it's hard to get everything you said. Do you have an amp or a dac? M-Audio Q40 has good bass, if you can find that used or a good deal on it.
    The Sony XB series offers good punchy mid bass and sub-bass models at this price, depending on what you need. XB 500 for really punchy mid-bass. XB 700 for sub-bass and treble. It won't be completely balanced but still fun to hear. It also depends on the genres you listen to.
  4. dok1230
    tnx for response...
    well thats the problem, i listen to everything...
    i do not have amplifier or dac, if money is problem, i can raise the budget to 150-200$ top...
    and i can say that i will be a lot outside on the way to base-home, so i will need closed headphones.
  5. Zoom25
    Depending on your needs, I highly suggest getting Fiio E10 and E11.
    For a balanced sound, KRK KNS 6400 at $100 is good. It's also sold at Best Buy (assuming you're in North America) and you can try it out there to see if it fits your tast. The KRK's are quite solid in build and have decent isolation. 
    E10 (DAC + AMP) - If you're going to be playing music out of a laptop/desktop (only for computer)
    E11 (AMP only) - Use with Ipods and other portable digital audio players.
    Both of these are great values.
  6. rayyy
    try a pair of audio technica ath m-50s
    they seem to be popular in this forum, and you can get them for around 130
    then shell out the rest of your money on your budget for a e10 or e11 like the above post said.  though since youre on a budget get the e11
    no need for the dac if youre just using it as a portable amp
  7. Roller
    Ultrasone DJ1 Pro fits your criteria, and after your budget stretch, it's below 150$. They have balanced sound with a strong bass presence that's of high quality and not overemphasized, they have 2 detachable cables (1 straight and 1 coiled) and they're (IMHO) reasonably comfortable. However, I do recommend adding a headphone amp to help drive them properly.
  8. dok1230
    fiio e5 or e3 cheaper, are not they good enough? 
  9. Roller
    Not really. They add very little (many times, nothing) SQ, but they do add background noise and sometimes distortion. Aim at least for a PA2V2 or a Fiio E11, for portable amps. With desktop amps, go for an O2 or a Fiio E9.
  10. Parula
     I was listening to M-50's from a Fiio E-11 yesterday from a Sansa Fuze + while doing yard work. Sounded nice with good bass. The E-11 has 3 EQ settings so you can increase the bass if you like.
  11. Roller
    ATH-M50s don't have that great bass quality and boosting it will only bring out its flaws, and their midrange isn't good at all.
  12. Parula
    They sounded great to me from the E-11
  13. Zoom25
    Ah yes, totally forgot about the bass boost options. I use to sometimes turn the bass boost on with KRK KNS 8400 for more mid-bass hump. Sounded quite nice.
    The E10 has a +3 dB bass boost and the E11 has a +3 and +6 dB bass boost option.
    If you get something like KNS 6400, you'll always have a nice balanced sound and when you want more, you can always get the extra thump with the EQ bass boost.
  14. Parula
    For the OP, the Beyerdynamic dt-770 in 80 ohms is a nice option. Closed, nice bass, but well over your stated budget I'm afraid. Perhaps a used pair?
  15. syryanyang
    Sony XB300/500 

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