1. dok1230

    need help buying new headphones (:

    hi!  i am having troubles purchsing new headphones beacuse of the huge sellection... i had been searching a lot but it just made me more confuse....  so i thought maybe you can help me! it's not the first time that i buy 100$ headphones, i have in ear headphones by apple and sennheiser...
  2. footballguy108

    Best Headphone For Under 300$?

    Hey everyone, im new so please dont hate on me. I recently returned my old headphones to best buy (Beats by dre Solo HD). I got in store credit for them and i opted to upgrade to the Beats Executives because i likes the look and the comfiness. I think they are great but i want to see what other...
  3. Dirtyworks

    Will I like the AKG K142HD's?

    I'm not one to buy super expensive cans - I have modded Sennheiser HD428's, Klipsch Image S4's and the terrible Corsair HS1A's. However, I do like decent sound quality. I love my HD428's, but I wanted to try something new. I ordered the AKG K142's on sale for $99CAD. I already have a decent...
  4. radisto

    Noise cancelling headphones $100

    I'm searching for passive cancelling full size headphones. I'll use them only for my PC, I plug them in this becauce it increases the volume and the bass, Because I don't live in the USA and the prices probably don't match, this is a few headphones that are in my price range:  ...
  5. khalvinsur

    Best headphones for under $50? (Any Suggestions?)

    I'm interested in replacing my philips shp 805 which sounds great (to me). Now I want to upgrade to something better. I've researched and found Seinheiser 419 and 429 or 428 and Audio Technica ATH-M30.   I just want to know which pairs are the best? Or if you have any other suggestions...
  6. ec1ipse

    Audio-Technica over the ears questions

    Hey guys first post here after a few days of lurking/reading threads. Im looking to grab some over the ears that 100 bucks or less can buy, which I understand may be limiting me just a bit heh. Well I started out with "Sennheiser HD428/9"s in mind but as I read around here it seems like Audio...
  7. cian114

    Looking to upgrade

    I'm looking to buy a new pair of cans. I've been using a Sennheiser HD428, but I I am no audiophile (yet), and I need some advice. I've been checking out a couple of headphones; Sony mdr v6 or 7056's, shure 440's. Among these which would you recommend, or if there are other sets that I can check...
  8. Archangel83

    Audio Technica or Sennheiser

    Hi I have an old pair of Sennheiser HD 428 and have lost sound in the right ear and need to replace these headphones. My local music store sells only Audio Technica headphones and was think with the ATH-M30 would this be close to the sound of the HD 428? Or should I just look for a new pair of...
  9. Anggrian

    Opinions needed for first-time buyer!

    Greetings audiophiles! I am new to this forum and also to the world of headphones. :D To introduce myself, I'm going to confess I was one of those guys who refused spending a lot of money for a pair of headphones. First, because I'm a student so I don't have many of them. And second, even if I...
  10. a2q2

    Recommendations for some inexpensive Over-the-Ear Open-Air Heaadphones?

    newbie here, spent a lot of hours reading the forum for the past few days to try spot my next pair of headphones ($25-$50 range) to replace the very comfy Senn HD428 that I found a bit too flat when listening to pop/radio/tv/movie.     My preferences go to the full-size over-the-ear...
  11. tigerz5

    headphones < $80, comfortable, good sound

    Hi. My sony mdr zx600 headphones are bothering my skull after long hours. Obviously at this price i can't find "perfect" headphones but i just need something that has good sound as well as being very comfortable. Full sized earcups that don't squish my head, closed back, solidly built and has...
  12. hoyle600

    Sennheiser hd 428 cup detachment

    while moding my 428s my cable for the right earcup detached and now i have a detatched ear cup and i took off the silicone off the driver
  13. dcsquirrel

    Looking for headphones based on headphones I have tried and liked

    Ok I have listened to the sennheiser hd 428 and bose ae2 (The Over ear one) and I really liked the sound of these headphones. However both of them are over my budget around $50. The hd 428 are close but I am worried about the thin undetachable cable. Just as a comparison how do these two...
  14. warband132

    Philips SHP3000 vs Sony MDR XB500 vs Sennheiser HD 428 (need help with cheap-ish headphones)

    Hello! I'm new to this board so please go easy on me .   So I'm looking for some budget headphones for about ~$80 or less. These will be used mainly for listening to .mp3's on the go, some .flac files, and occasional PC gaming. Sound clarity with a bit of bass is kinda what I'm looking for...
  15. ShinReine

    Recommend me headphones (yes I've read the stickies, but...)

    Hi peeps. Been reading through the forums, and I need help on what to get. My Monster Turbine Coppers are broken, standard cable-wiggle-for-sound issue. I don't mind paying for good headphones, but I don't want to pay for too much either. Problem is, I live in the Philippines, so I don't have...
  16. Anewills

    Looking for a decent closed headphone for around 200 bucks

    I've been doing some research for a while and have barely narrowed it down.  I'm looking to buy a decent over ear closed headphone to upgrade from my sennheiser hd428.  I enjoy the 428's a lot but I'm looking for something that jumps out at me a little more and because I'm getting into the hobby...
  17. beatsbydresuck3

    Sennheiser HD 400 line: Thoughts on build quality

    I am curious as to other people's experiences with the Sennheiser HD 400 Line of headphones (HD 419, HD 429, HD 439, HD 448, HD 449) in regards to build quality.  I personally own the Sennheiser HD 439's, and while they are primarily built out of plastic I believe that they are actually built...
  18. S3VBR0

    M-Audio Q40 vs Koss ProDJ100

    I'm new to the headphone buying business, but I listen mostly to indie, electronic, and little bit of everything else. Which one do you think is better for me, the M-Audio Q40 or Koss ProDJ100?
  19. youngballer

    Sennheiser HD 428 - $39.95 eBay

    I have decided to get the HD 428. you guys think this is a good deal for a brand new one?   I know it is for $49.99 - $60 on amazon and J&R...
  20. kabingo

    Recently purchased the Sennheiser HD428s - Budding Audiophile on a Budget

    So, I like music.  I upgraded to FLAC audio files and am still learning about that whole business.  I love, when I can get an album that is cut up properly.  I scoured the internet about a month ago because I wanted nice cans.  (Ha.)  I came across these forums and used them in...
  21. unclemofo

    HD 428 problems

    Hi, I've got Sennheiser HD 428 headphones, last week they left hand side failed, followed by the right hand side a few hours later. I think I have isolated the problem to the jack, because when the cable is wiggled right next to the jack, sound returns intermittently. So to fix this I think I...
  22. mouba3

    Need Help & Opinion ( of Owners & Users ) of the Sennheiser HD428 - HD438 and HD448 ..... Thanks in advance

    sup fellas, i want your professional help and opinion cause I’m a newbie to the headphones world I want to get a sennheiser headphone but don't know if i should go for the HD 428 or 438 or 448 ( now i have the skull candy hesh NBA)  I have read a lot of helpful review and analysis here, I need...
  23. WarriorSl

    Good amp to use between TC750LC/uDac2 to HD428

    So, I've bought a Bravo audio tube amp to use between my uDac2 (or my TC750LC when I'm listening to records) and now that I've used it a lot it came to an end that for me it sounds terrible, the sound lose the sharpnes and it's too **** warm for me, I like the sound to be very crystal clear and...
  24. ExquisiteZero

    Amp for Sennheiser HD428

    I am wondering if the FiiO E5 will fit the bill. It's extremely cheap anyway.
  25. whisperingGM

    Anyone try the Sennheiser HD 428?

    Looking to get it for multipurpose use, computer, gaming, portable music etc.   I'll take recommendations on other sets in similar sound quality and price range.