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Amp for Sennheiser HD428

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by exquisitezero, Aug 29, 2011.
  1. ExquisiteZero
    I am wondering if the FiiO E5 will fit the bill. It's extremely cheap anyway.
  2. Parall3l
    HD428? I doubt they'll improve much with an amp, but the E5 is cheap so why not, but you should wait for the E6 though. Same price and better SQ
  3. ExquisiteZero
    Ahh...I thought all cans will benefit from amps. Well, most of them anyway. This is my first headphones so yeah. I will be getting the AD700 or the M50 next so I can plan for the future.
  4. Parall3l
    What is your source? Without a DAC on the amp or a line-out, an amp is almost useless, because you'll be double amping (when using the headphone jack)
  5. ClieOS Contributor

    That ^.
  6. ExquisiteZero

    I'm listening music from my phone. Sorry because I'm new to amps and stuff. I am not in need of an amp, just want to know what to get. So I can wait for E6 no problem.
  7. ExquisiteZero
    Okay. I am burning in my HD438 because the 428s are all sold out and i don't want to go back empty-handed so I pop a 438 into mah bag. I feel like...overall, there are distortion and the music it's quite "rough". Mids are a little overshadowed by the bass. Anything to solve this? EQing? But I don't know how to EQ properly. Will always end up with undesirable sounds.

    Let's just say that the rough part...I don't quite know how to xP ain't it but it isn't like...CLEAN. Ugh...hope u get what I mean
  8. Parall3l
    Well if you are using the amp with your phone, don't. Unless its the iPhone or a nokia, I don't think it will work with an amp (headphone jacks are connected to the internal amp, if you use an amp with the jack you with amp the signal again, the SQ with not increase with that). Rough? what kind of music files are you using? To EQ, I presume that you are using itunes. Turn the Pre-amp part down all the way and increase or decrease what ever section it is you wish to change.  If you think the bass is still too much, return it and get the HD448? I hear they are less bassy
  9. ExquisiteZero
    For burning in, I'm using white noise and pink noise plus a playlist of songs. And I'm using android, not possible to EQ? I have e preamp option too. And the problem is...because the product is not a defect product, I can't change it...Rough as in, the somewhat distorted bass are bleeding into the mids
  10. Parall3l
    PowerAMP might be something for you. It cost a little bit of money though. theres are 10-band EQ on that
  11. ExquisiteZero
    Yeps I'm using that lol
  12. Parall3l
    Well if you don't like the bass on the HD438, and EQ doesn't help. You should just go for another headphone. No point trying an amp, since the HD438 isn't super hard to drive. There is a mod for the HD438, I'll go dig it up
  13. Parall3l
    Got it 
    Theres links to two other mods at the bottom 
  14. ExquisiteZero
    I saw that thread. And I have absolutely no confidence in modding my HD438 yet. I am the better-be-safe-than-sorry type. I will do it once I got bored of the can. I am hearing improvement in the sound quality after a while of burning in, not even 10 hrs though. I think it's just psychological problemslol
  15. Parall3l
    Theres no actual prove of the existence of burn in. The AKG Q701 was tested to have almost no change (can't be heard) in sound after a 125 hours

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