1. NosRokanaske

    What are some good on ear headphones? (Poll included)

    Hello everyone, I am new here, but I've been reading a lot of forums trying to decide which headphones i would use. I did compile a relatively large list of headphones that i am considering and i would love some advice from you guys for purchasing my first set of pretty legit headphones. The...
  2. Ckc4043

    Questions about suggestions of amplifiers for Sennheiser HD428

    Questions about suggestions of good fiio or other Amps for Sennheniser HD428 Do you guys have any suggestions of Amps for this headphone? My budget is $40-$50 for the amplifiers. I only heard fiio amps are quite good. I am not familiar with other brands. I currently use my headphone to listen...
  3. squelchy451

    Best isolation headphones for under $50

    Hi.   My old Sennheiser HD 428 gave out this week. I am not a big audiophile, and there would be too much background noise to fully appreciate the audio quality anyhow. I have a budget of $50 and I'm looking for the headphones with the best isolation of outside noise. As long as the...
  4. sesame

    Philips Citiscape Downtown vs Senn HD428

    I've read several reviews of the Citiscape Downtown, but haven't been able to find any comparing it to the HD428. The Downtown is on a 24 hour sale for $40 here:, bringing it into a similar price point as the refurbished HD428s. They'll be used...
  5. maxlice

    Need some help to narrow down my choices

    Hey all,   I'm quite new to the headphone world and just decided to start looking for a good quality headphone after listening with my friend's Grado SR60i back in July of this year. I know for sure that I will get an open can sooner or later, but as of now, I've been looking for a good...
  6. aud3nz

    Help deciding for new headphones under 200 usd

    Hello, I currently own the Hd 428 and Hd 419. I mostly listen to Rock.  (For example: Metallica, Blink-182 and The Killers.) I would like them to have punchy bass. under 200 please.    How big is the jump from Hd 428?   I was looking at the M50's  Are the sutiable for my taste/needs...
  7. thanp

    Sony MDR-XB500 vs AKG K518DJ vs Sennheiser HD-428

    I would like some opinions about these headphones. I want to buy one of them for watching movies on my macbook pro. I tried the sony mdr-xb500 and i really liked them...nice sound very good bass.
  8. Amenoyouni

    Headphones that would play these songs good HELP

    Okay so I have sennheiser 428s and not so much bass i did the dubstep mod and it made it sound bloated on non bassy songs. anyways.. what headphone preferably under 100 would play these songs good (I'll put times to watch and what i want :) btw if you hate dubstep these are origins of it uk...
  9. FFF92

    Amp for Sennheiser HD 428 Circumaural Headphones

    Hi! Newcomer here, hunting for some good an advice on a decent entry-level amp I can purchase for my Sennheiser HD 428s. I'm looking for the best value, sub $100 if possible. Really, the question is whether I'll see an improvement by using one. The impedance is 32 ohms, so I tend to think...
  10. Jebril

    Need help deciding on what headphones to purchase.

    Hey guys this is my first post here, I actually just registered here just to ask this question since it seems this site has a good reputation on knowing what's what when it comes to headphones.   I want to get headphone for around 200 or under if it goes over 200 that would be fine too as...
  11. dcsquirrel

    Help Finding me some headphoens

    So I went to best buy and I tried on the sennheiser hd428 and absolutely love them. However the cord stopped me from buying them. I would like something a bit more sturdy and removable would be nice. I am looking in the $40-$60 range and would prefer something from amazon (Christmas gift cards)...
  12. Rocko1

    Bassiest $30ish Headphones?

    Looking for a inexpensive set for my 15 year old sons Bday. Bass would be the priority over accuracy.  I have been looking at the Sony MDR-XB300. Are there any others in this price range that I should look at? Thanks.
  13. maximilians

    Sennheiser HD 558 vs 598 which is the best overall?

    Hei im newbie here, i had my first cans was sennheiser HD 428, its not bad at all, but just like all music lover, my standard begin to rise.. I felt my 428 became dissapointing. If i want to buy beetwen 558 or 598, which one do you think is the best? I like accoustic, etc. most mainstream music...
  14. diiggidy

    College student confused about headphone choices

    I should start off by saying I currently have a pair of Bose noise canceling headphones (I know what you're going to say). They were a gift from last christmas, and at the time I thought they'd be nice for studying and the sound wasn't bad. But now I've gotten more into audio equipment, and...
  15. GravityEyelids

    DAKMART - Anyone ordered from here?

    Just wanted to point out a not very well known site that i think is great for buying headphones. They have very good prices, especially on the refurbished phones. Refurbs are essentially new, but much cheaper. I got my HD428's for $24 and love them.   No, I'm not affiliated with them, I just...
  16. dakanao

    What's the difference between the Sennheiser HD 428 and the HD 429?

    In terms of comfort, sound quality and bass?
  17. eagleman11

    Any Good headphones to replace old ones (Under $25)

    Hello head-fi   I Started regretting buying the Skullcandy Agents(the things were small, it sounded like 1 speaker was louder than other, didnt go in ear fully, and they broke yesterday...I'm not even sad about it. also I knew that they would break). so I've been looking for better...
  18. Sputtid

    Sennheiser HD 4x8 and HD 4x9 - Who knows them better; Sennheiser or Headroom?

     I was looking for a cheap portable headphone I could pick up from an electronics store nearby. I decided on a pair of Senn's HD 428 mainly because I really liked the HD 448's sound, and according to Headroom's frequency response measurements the 428 and 448 are exactly the same, with the HD 438...
  19. gr4v1ty

    Some Dj Headphone with the quality

    Well yeah the title says it pretty much what I'm searching for!     I've looked around the forum and I've seen thes headphones that seemed interesting  Sony xb 700 M50 Shure 550DJ Gemini DJX-05 STEEZ 808 (Pioneer) Shure SRH750DJ Pioneer HDJ500 Behringer HPX6000  Ultrasone...
  20. silvernoy

    looking for comfortable overear headphones! budget < $70

    hey guys,    new to headfi. im looking for comfortable headphones with great bass for under 70. currently own the shure srh 240 but the bass too weak for my taste and its highs are quite piercing at times..   anyway, the important thing is good bass (quality and quantity) and wont...
  21. Areios

    Need help deciding between TF 10's or Budget Headphones

    I started out with sennheiser HD428's and really liked the signature of the headphones and the only complaint I had was that the bass wasn't as strong as I would like it to be. I decided that I would rather try in ear headphones so I got some RP-HJE 900's and loved them. I loved their balance it...
  22. markzi

    Unamped Sennheiser HD 598

    So I'm getting a new pair of sennheiser HD 598s soon but I cannot afford an amp. Will they still sound good? I currently own a pair of Philips SBC HP400. Will I notice a difference?  
  23. MosinNagantMan

    HD 598's?

    I want a headphone that will be good for classical, and like Beatles type music also movies primarly through my Dell XPS. Seeing that the 598s don't require an amp but would prefer one, I can use then before I get an amp. If there is any other headphones you would think are better, let me know...
  24. Audius

    Headphone question...

    So, turns out I never managed to order a pair of Usone 580's for xmas. While I am somewhat disappointed and have had to put $600 into a pc so that it could work for school, I am looking for a headphone that is comfortable, natural sounding, a large soundstage, and preferably... Flat. I guess it...
  25. chickenparm1223

    ATH M50: Questions Before I Buy

    I am entering into the world of nice headphones, and I am thinking I am going to buy a pair of ATH M50s.I just have a few very important questions: They have good but not overpowering bass with nice highs and lows, right? Will they be uncomfortable with glasses? (I know that the HD 428 is...