Recently purchased the Sennheiser HD428s - Budding Audiophile on a Budget
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Apr 28, 2011
So, I like music.  I upgraded to FLAC audio files and am still learning about that whole business.  I love, when I can get an album that is cut up properly.  I scoured the internet about a month ago because I wanted nice cans.  (Ha.)  I came across these forums and used them in my research and eventually selected the Sennheisers due to the reviews I read and the price on Amazon which was amazing.
They are awesome headphones, and my first real pair.  I read somewhere that someone recabled theirs, I don't know anything about this, but I understand why.  The cable is spaghetti thin.  And apparently as tasty as, seeing as how a cat who never chewed anything at all, in a house full of wires, decided that it was time to chew.  My father, who is more engineeringly (?) geared than I am soldered the very thin cable and they pass for now.
I don't know anything about recabling, I will probably need this done to these eventually.
Two things:  One, an amateur review of the headphones.
Two, I need help picking another pair for the outside world.
First thing, my review:
The sennheisers, for the low price I spent on them, are astounding in clarity.  They are supposed to be "neutral" and I believe that they are.  The music has a lot of clarity and has a lot of room if I understand the concept correctly.  After about five minutes of listening to them, when I first got them, a part of my mind melted.  I was hooked.  I listened to some professional recordings I had done in a studio and it was awesome.  I was actually able to tell the difference in *mixes*... largely intuitively, but I'm telling you, it was there.
They're great.  No complaints aside from the ridiculously gentle wire.  They are not bassy (as advertised), and I like that.  That's what others have said.  They are not "punchy" either, meaning they don't boom or blast in your ear.  Take this for what it is.  If you're wanting to put on headphones and have them punch you in the face, they don't do it.  If you're wanting to spend much less than a 100 on a pair of headphones that give you what the heck you are looking for, and that being crisp and clear sound that melts your soul, you got em.
The downside...  *my* complaint.  They're huge.  Not *that* huge, but.. well, they're pretty big..  I figured they might be, but I'm still self-conscious wearing these in public and can't get by it.  They stick out and are noticeable.  Not at home.  They're great at home, but going out I feel like a self-pleasuring narcissist with my own personal stereo gadget wrapped around my skull.  Lol.  They're nice looking, they are indeed attractive, but bulky.  I know I'm being vain, but it effects what I buy and I'm honest enough to admit it.
That being said... point two.
I know nothing about IEMs and quite frankly I'm scared to put something in my ear.  I'd like to hear some arguments for this.  I'd, honestly, being as vain as I am, like small slim decent looking on-ear or over ear headphones.  Something comparable to the HD428s and in the same price range, but maybe a tad smaller or slimmer, less obtrusive.
What am I willing to sacrifice? .....  I'd pay slightly more then I did for the HD428s if it really came down to it.  What I'm looking for is 18-22k and "neutral".  I know nothing about impedance, and amperage, and jiggawatts, but I imagine some day I might.
I'm not against IEMs, but I know nothing about them.  Am I better off going with in-ears in the price range?  Or are they're slimmer, more "mod" cans I can wear without looking like I'm about go flag down local aircraft.
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If you want some IEM that look fairly nice and sound very good for the price, you could go for the RE0 or RE-ZERO.  They're known to be somewhat cold and analytical without much bass response, but they are a very good deal for their price.

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