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HD 428 problems

  1. unclemofo
    Hi, I've got Sennheiser HD 428 headphones, last week they left hand side failed, followed by the right hand side a few hours later. I think I have isolated the problem to the jack, because when the cable is wiggled right next to the jack, sound returns intermittently. So to fix this I think I have 3 options. I could return the headphones to Sennheiser on warranty, but wheres the fun in that? I could cut the jack off and solder on a new one, or I could recable the headphones completely. I was leaning towards a full recable, but will the increase in sound quality be worth the effort? Your opinions please.
  2. unclemofo
  3. Zeische
    I had the same issue with my pair; the gold plating on the jack wore down and I gradually lost volume and eventually lost the right headphone signal. I recabled them myself, and it really isn't all that hard; there's a small circuit board inside of the left headphone which makes recabling a bit easier. Disassembly of the cup isn't hard, either; all in all, the recable would probably take an hour, max, of your time, and the increase in sound quality (depending on what new cable you use) is definitely quite worth it.

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