1. hgaara

    sennheiser Hd 335s???

    I can't really find any information or reviews on these. Has anyone tried them? What can I expect from these? I listen to a wide range of music, from rap, r&b, metal, dubstep, electronic and whatnot. I bought the Sennheiser HD428s and I haven't burned them in yet, but so far there clear and...
  2. orangetreeee

    Sennheiser HD 428 vs. Superlux HD 681 EVO

    I am currently debating between these two headphones: the Superlux HD-681 EVO and the Sennheiser HD428. As far as build quality goes, it seems that the Superlux is superior, but I am primarily concerned with sound quality of the two headphones. Reviews seem to indicate that the Superlux is also...
  3. jonnyp11

    ~$60 In Ears

    The deals thread itself isn't really the place for the details of this discussion so bringing it here. I'm looking for a quality in ear around $60 (if it's a huge difference I might squeeze a little more). I missed it but might be able to convince amazon support to give me the Aurvana IE3 for...
  4. AirForceTeacher

    HD428s neutral enough for monitoring?

    Ok, as some of you may know from other posts, I'm looking for lower-priced monitoring headphones for my son for music school. I say lower-priced because between the headphones and the Marshall stack, he'd rather have the stack, so most of his birthday/Christmas money is going toward that. As...
  5. JJBug

    Shure 440 or Sennheiser 428

    Shure 440 or Sennheiser 428?   Player: iPod Touch 2G Amp: E7 Music: Rock   Have MS1s (which I love) but need something closed as my wife complains about my music when we sit together. The above are my two choices (limited choice - gift card).   Just need one word answer please...
  6. Soaa-

    Sennheiser HD 428 vs. HD 448

    Has anyone done any serious testing of the two? Judging from HeadRoom's graphs, the two headphones seem to be exactly the same cans in different housings. I'm curious to know what makes the HD 448 worth $30 more, apart from profit margins. :P Is it just me or is this a classical case of price...
  7. orlyandico

    Replacements for HD495, under $150

    Hi all,   I have a really old (10-year old) HD495 which I've been pretty happy with, haven't even gotten around to amping it. But it has lost all of its padding.  Given that I'll mostly be listening to VBR MP3 from an ipod touch, what would be a suitable replacement/upgrade in a similar...
  8. getzy57

    Senn HD 280 vs HD 428

    Hey everyone, I just purchased the HD 428 a couple of days ago, but am still not sold on them, so I thought I would keep looking around. I would like to stay around the 100-125$ mark, and I listen to a variety of music, though I would prefer headphones that cater more towards classical music, or...
  9. tingeys

    Cheap Closed Headphones

    So I'm leaving for college in a couple weeks and I'm looking to buy a pair of closed headphones so I don't annoy my roommates with my music. I listen to a lot of hip hop but also a pretty large variety of genres. I've got about $60 to spend and I'm hoping for some cans with good bass. Right now...
  10. Chinadoll10

    Battle Royal, Expert Advice Needed

    Hi guys, and girls if theres any out there, im new here so please be nice. im in the market for some headphones but i cant decide since i have no idea how most of the headphones im considering sound. the headphones im considering are:   1. Solo HDs by Monster (RED) 2. Phiaton MS 300s 3...
  11. Willzyx

    Looking for around-the-ear headphones below 100€

    Hey there,   I'm looking for new headphones I'd mainly use at home for gaming (all kinds of things and genres) and music (mostly rock and electronic stuff). I really only want around-the-ear headphones because I'm used to them and they're so comfortable to wear during longer sessions of use...
  12. BlackSushi222

    Torn between Senn 428 and JVC HA-S700 for winter.

    Hey guys. As of now, I am stuck between some Sennheiser 428s and the JVC HA-S700.   I have read both sound great, and probably HA-S700 isolate better, but main point is... I need the best one to use during German winters. My ears are very sensitive to the cold, so I thought maybe a headphone...
  13. Stop2Listen

    Help with replacement for Sennheiser HD428

    I'm am very new to the audiophile world and am requesting some advice. I am and have always been a huge music nut, but am now just starting to get into hearing music in really good quality. Some background info on the genres of music that I prefer are mainly hiphop and rap (all kinds from modern...
  14. gbaby779

    my new sennheisers

    i recently got the sennheiser hd 428s. i want to know if they were the right buy for what i listen to. i like rush, mgmt, muse, death cab for cutie, system of a down, nine inch nails, etc. im pretty young, so i don't care that much. i just want to know what you guys think.
  15. tribestros

    The new Sennheiser...HD428 Review

    Sennheiser HD428 Review First Impressions: The only Sennheiser I had ever heard before were some low-line HD models, and after the Best Buy I work at started offering a wide selection of Sennheiser (even the prestigious Audiophile line), I decided to take the dive into the world of...
  16. bluejamesbond

    tell me about the Sennheiser hd428

    Wats up everybody...I am new to this forum   First off, I am not a hardcore audiophile. So I am looking for a decent set of headphones with noticeable bass (not vibrating) with all-range clear sound. Slight sound isolation would be good.   I am not willing to buy headphones online.  ...
  17. Sennheiser HD 428 Headphones

    Sennheiser HD 428 Headphones

    The HD 428 is part of a series of boldly designed headphones designed to be an extension of consumers lifestyles.