1. paulywalnutz

    Hd 428 problem

    My hd 428 stopped working they sometimes work when you twist the jack but it is scratchy and not clear and then stops after a few seconds   Is there any other cases of this problem
  2. battleponcho

    JVC m750 vs Sennheiser HD428

    Wondering which one to go for, currently own the m750, love the sound but not the comfort.   A pair im thinking of replacing them with is the sennheiser 428 wondering how they are in terms of sound, if they are as bassy as the jvc and similar comfort to the HD201's (which i found very...
  3. darknezx

    Washing sennheiser hd428 foam linings

    I just bought the Sennheiser HD 428, but after using I realized that once I go back to Singapore (which is a really hot and humid country), I'll definitely sweat alot and ended up dirtying it.   So, has any one managed to wash Sennheiser foam linings (seems stuck to the headphone) from time...
  4. JohnRichard

    Sennheiser Recable - Why is this inside my HD428?

      So I was recabling my HD428's, cause I'm real bored... and sick, and I was wondering:  Why do this?  Why put the extra expense of creating literally a useless PCB?   The only thing this PCB does is sum the ground cables.   Anyone have any ideas?   Mind you, this is going away. ...
  5. Audius

    Upgrade from Sennheiser HD428?

      Hi guys, I was just wondering what would be a viable upgrade from my HD 428s. Currently I cannot use open back headphones because it would get me kicked out of the library. I want more bass, but I also want to have the feeling of, "full sound" when I play classical music, lil wayne, len...
  6. rushofmusic

    [Sennheiser HD428 review] from the budget-minded (aka college student)

      Hello Head-Fi’ers   This is my first review of a pair of headphones. These reviews are meant for everyone but specially targets those looking for great bang-for-the-buck headphones (aka college student audiophiles). I would love suggestions on what to write about or elaborate on but I...
  7. Rezound Sound

    So I listened to Sennheiser Hd428 and Beats Studio HD today......

    And the Sennheiser's sounded WAY BETTER. I could tell that the beats were muddy, and unclear, and they sounded really bad. I am not an audiophile at all. But the difference was huge between these headphones. Wow. I never listened to beats or sennheiser's before today. The Sennheiser's sounded...
  8. fkase

    Fake Sennheiser HD428?

    Hi there! I`ve just received my sennheiser HD428, i bought it from a ebay seller (around $45) I used for like 3 hours (classical, some punchy funky and Eric Clapton). The mids and the highs are ok, not great, just ok... the lack of bass is already known by the users...   the problem: -...
  9. Adio3

    Should i buy some Audio Technica ATH-M30s, Sony MDR-XB500s, or Sennheiser HD428s?

    I have 45 dollars im willing to spend on some new headphones. I currently own the Sennheiser HD202s and love them, but im thinking about getting some new ones. Which of the 3 would suit me best? I listen to mainly only rock and metal and sometimes electronic type music. When I listen to music i...
  10. Climclam

    Is Audio-Technica ATH-M50 noticeably better than Sennheiser HD428 ?

    I'm simply wondering if it's worth the 160$ for the ATH-M50 going from Sennheiser HD 428. Would i hear a difference? I'm not an audiophile and not certainly not rich, but i don't like these headphones. The build quality is trash (from my experience) and i find them uncomfortable after just 30...
  11. aud3nz

    Recabling Hd 428

    I'm currently looking for a cable to recable my HD 428. I currently am looking at the canare L-4e6at. however, i don't know if it is a quality cable. If possible please answer the following:   Is the canare L-4e6at cable good? Is there a better cable for the price? Where can i buy the...
  12. Rex24-7

    Upgrading from HD428s

    My first pair of quality headphones, the Sennheiser HD428s have been well used. I wore them almost every day for 3 years, and it shows. The pads are cracked and shedding, while the wire has been bent and stepped on so many times, the copper is exposed. I'm ready to upgrade. A few concerns. I...
  13. dimcreed

    Sennheiser model close to 50$??? px100 or hd 428

    Hello i know i'm kinda a noob but i really need your help. I own a koss porta pros that i really like and i wanna buy something else ,i listen most Classic rock and grudge rock like Pearl jam and Creed which model you suggest for 50$    i saw the px 100------40$ hd 428 ------- 50$...
  14. Monk3yboy305

    Senn HD 428 SC vs Samson SR850?

    So I've been looking for $50 headphones that sound great and balanced and everyone kept saying get the samson SR850. But today I saw that Newegg has the Sennheiser HD 428 SC on sale for $60 which is in budget. and the normal asking price is $100. Which pair of headphones should I get?
  15. lastsd

    JVC HARX 700 vs Sennheiser HD 428 SC

    Hey guys,   I have already read the reviews on both head phones but I wanted to see if someone here who actually owned both of them could give me a comparison between JVC HARX 700 vs Sennheiser HD 428 SC.   Planning to use for home use. Don't care about how good sound isolation/leaking...
  16. VendettaRemix

    Sennheiser HD428 versus Panasonic RP-HTX7

    Which do you guys think is better for the price? $30 is my budget and i'd really like to set myself up with a decent pair of headphones. (Currently high school senior with no job)   The Sennheiser HD428's are on eBay for $27 (refurb) The RP-HTX7's are on Amazon for $30.   I've heard...
  17. will1258

    Why did the mt-21 sound great with a smartphone and the senn hd428 sound like crap?

    The only headphones I've had that sounded good on a smartphone was the ht-21. The other ones were all full sized and they sound way to low. Can someone tell me why is this? I'm bout to sell the hd428 and get something else I mostly use headphones with a smartphone.
  18. ipmaham

    Sennheiser EH 350 vs hd428

    Anybody ever try both of these? I have the opportunity to purchase both of them brand new for an excellent deal from a buddy. EH350 for $50 HD428 for $20   Any comfortability preference? Bass better on one? Do you recommned a portable amp?   I tend to listen to everything from...
  19. malove2play

    Sennheiser HD 428 Problem

    I just bought a pair of Sennheiser HD 428's, and the first thing I noticed is there is only sound coming out of the right ear. What is wrong, and is it easy to fix or should I send them back to the warehouse?
  20. burlak89

    New to quality headphones, tried HD428s, need something different (detailed description inside)

    Hi all,   Firstly, sorry for the wall of text, lol, I just kept writing and writing.   I'm very new to quality headphones, so please be gentle!  I've listened to music for far too long using cheapo earbuds that I've found here and there, never actually bought or spent time looking for a...
  21. b00mb0x

    Sennheiser HD428 Recabling

    Hi,   I basically don't know much about audio, but I have gotten a Hd428 refurbished for quite cheap. The cable is thin and quite cheap, I know that it will break soon. I have read on the forum about recabling and I thought it was be fun to try it. I have read now the forum about using Mogami...
  22. wje

    Sennheiser HD-428 / HD-428s Modding Guide - January 2013

    All,   Over the past 8 months, I've owned a pair of Sennheiser HD-428s, which I purchased off of Craigslist for $40.00.  It was a refurbished model that the seller was selling and was sealed in plastic bag, with a Sennheiser cardboard top which covered the opening of the bag and was marked...
  23. Anewills

    Sennheiser hd428 s vs stock apple earbuds

    I'm in no way an audiophile (very clear after you read this post), but wanting a decent pair of headphones I did a bunch of research for a couple days and completely overwhelmed myself being as it was the first time I heard any kind of "in depth" audio terms.  But anyways, I wasn't interested in...
  24. tagging55

    Traveling headphones

    I need some help and i'm new here so please excuse me if i label things wrong.  I am looking for a set of headphones that are to be worn on a charter bus and in hotel rooms.  I travel a great amount.  Must be comfortable for listening up to around 6 hours at a time. I will be using these with a...
  25. Ckc4043

    Questions about suggestions of good fiio or other Amps for Sennheniser HD428

    Questions about suggestions of good fiio or other Amps for Sennheniser HD428 Do you guys have any suggestions of Amps for this headphone? My budget is $40-$50 for the amplifiers. I only heard fiio amps are quite good. I am not familiar with other brands. I currently use my headphone to listen...