Need Help & Opinion ( of Owners & Users ) of the Sennheiser HD428 - HD438 and HD448 ..... Thanks in advance
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Jul 17, 2011
sup fellas, i want your professional help and opinion cause I’m a newbie to the headphones world I want to get a sennheiser headphone but don't know if i should go for the HD 428 or 438 or 448 ( now i have the skull candy hesh NBA)  I have read a lot of helpful review and analysis here, I need opinions and help from somebody that owns or tried on of them, here what I’m looking for:
- I listen to HipHop / Rap / R&B / Reggaton so I’m looking for a deep accurate tight bass (not overpowering or very heavy), I don’t want the bass to take over or hack the clarity.
- to block out outside noise perfectly.
after I read a couple of review it seem that the 438 is the way to go although there design is not great (it's not a big deal for me tho) and I noticed that that the ear pads are different type (but more comfy) so I’m a bit scared of the heat thing cause I’m living in a hot place.
I’ll use them on the nano ipod , I’m also thinking of adding the FiiO E5 Headphone Amplifier although  I don’t exactly know what’s the purpose of them or if I should bring them (does they improve the clarity?) but I noticed that a lot use them, also need the LOD cable for ipod so I can get the best audio quality I can get out, it'll be great if u can tell me about any other modification that I can do to get the best high quality sound I can.
I really appreciate any help or info that I could get from you guys cause you really know a lot about headphones and it would be great to get help and opinion from the pros here and from the people that already used one of these headphones, here in my country they don't know a lot about this stuff and there's not even a store that sell them, that's why my relative in the USA we'll order them for me.
So do you guys think the 438 is the way to go?
I appreciate your help and thanks in advance.
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Do not get a FiiO E5. You don't need it at all for the HD428/438/448. The HD438 has cloth pads, which is better for warm places to me, because the plastic pads will be sweaty and move around. The HD438 is colored more towards bass. I've tried these headphones, and really, the HD448 is great for acoustic and different things that take advantage of it's clear mid/treble. It's a nice sparkly detailed headphone for a sennheiser (weird, you never hear sparkly for senn's). I think you'll enjoy the HD438. It has practically the same sound as the HD448 but with more of an oumph in bass. Again, no amplifier at all is needed.
I would ask though, why the HD4xx series? Cost? They're actually cheap feeling light headphones. They don't isolate all that well. Their sound is good, no mistake there, but the quality of the build is lacking.
Do you have a budget?
Very best,

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